Labour Manifesto on Immigration – what it really means.

There will be no curbs on immigration either from the EU or from outside of it. Jeremy Corbyn (voting record) has stated that the only solution to immigration is the economic improvement of the countries migrants come from and he is therefore unsympathetic to migration controls.

All migrants who ask will be given houses which have their rents and tenancies fixed and from which it is impossible to be evicted.

Landlords who were unlucky enough to be landlords when Labour was in government in the sixties learnt this to their cost. Their tenants could not be evicted even if they never paid rent, never went to work, sublet, or vandalised the property.

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1 Comment on Labour Manifesto on Immigration – what it really means.

  1. So, notwithstanding the population density of England at 420 persons/, number 5 in the world; of places with a population of 10,000,000 or more, and the most densely populated country in Europe, Corbyn won’t impose any restrictions of further immigration. We understand that this is because the Labour party is the party of “one race-human race”, has a Marxist view of society, wants to hold hands and believe we are all the same (under our differences). We know that the Labour Party is the party of naïve, mendacious, resentful, envious n’er do wells who believe their unhappiness is directly related to others being overly happy, or alternatively of delusional Christian socialist BS merchants.
    But what excuse does the “Conservative” Party have? In the 67 years since 1950, the “Conservative” Party has been in power for approximately 42 years and Labour approximately 25 years. Did anyone notice a diminution in the number of brown skinned invaders during periods of Tory power? Anyone?
    As for EU immigrants; the ire of the ignorant seems to be directed at the Polish population, how ironic: Though I wasn’t alive at the time I believe there was a significant Polish population in Britain in 1940, and further that 10% of the fighter pilots who fought the Battle of Britain were Poles and that that 10% accounted for some 20% of the losses suffered by the Germans in that campaign.
    Then, as now, jam rolls doing the jobs that British men couldn’t or wouldn’t do.
    Perhaps we can hazard a guess at why the “Conservative” Party has encouraged this invasion and will continue to do so in the future.
    My first guess is that the upper class public school Oxbridge PPE twerps who run Britain need to polish their globalist and internationalist credentials in order to persuade the world community that Britain should retain its UN, P5 permanent seat on the Security Council; the jewel in the crown of Whitehall poseurs.
    A second guess may be that the English upper class has decided to replace the working class they have with a new one. Perhaps they were disappointed that, in WW2, the working class declined to fight enthusiastically enough to maintain the wealth and privilege enjoyed by the upper class. The exhortation to fight for “King and Country” was interpreted by many men in Britain as an invitation to fight for “slum, unemployment and hunger”.
    Either way England is set to receive more immigration; so more crowding, more crime and more misery; enjoy!