The Islamic assault on Britain: What a real government would do.

3000 potential Islamic bombers are under surveillance in the UK

MI5 announced (25.5.17) that they have 3000 potential Islamic bombers under surveillance in the UK.


Most are home grown or found among ‘refugees’  the vast majority being false claimants under UK asylum rules, while reinforcements arrive every day hidden in refugee boats. Financing of such groups is achieved via legitimate sources, charities or by money laundering.

  1. Seize the Libyan shoreline inland for two miles. Turn all refugees back from the shore.
  2. Supply them with food and water on the other side of a defensive perimeter two miles inland.
  3. Set up an air shuttle back to the Sub Saharan states the refugees departed from.
  4. All ships carrying refugees found in the Mediterranean to be seized and their passengers returned to North Africa.
  5. Ban all air and sea passenger traffic to Libya, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Saudi and Yemen.
  6. Cease arms exports to Saudi. Interdict all arms shipments to and from Saudi crossing British or British administered territory, including ships at sea, and those from the US.
  7. Institute a capital tax of 55% on all funds held by Middle East Nationals in the UK from midnight.
  8. Islamic schools in the UK to be obliged to teach Christian as well as Muslim theology and beliefs in equal measure.
  9. The BBC to set aside prime TV and Radio times to deconstruct Islamic history and beliefs. (existence of Muhammed etc)
  10. Mandatory life sentences for people smuggling or having any association with it.



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8 Comments on The Islamic assault on Britain: What a real government would do.

  1. Roger in Florida has been reading too many bodice rippers again. “Sir Wiseman , his coronet askew, stretched his junior secretary over the Minister’s desk.’ ‘Oh Sir Wiseman!’ she trilled……Poor Roger from Florida he clearly needs help with his obsessions with the British Aristocracy. Maybe he was let down over expectations of an MBE. Otherwise such a quaint delusion is hard to explain

    I went to a state school, I do not live in a leafy Tory shire, the corridors of Whitehall are unknown to me, my father worked on the railways, I was born in a tiny semi and I certainly cannot afford a club. The same applies to many of my writers and staff on the SR.

    The Art of the Deal’ Incredible products? Didn’t Trump, the golden haired oaf, file for bankruptcy six times? Bit tough on the shareholders. What worries me about him are his new shareholders the citizens of the US. I wonder what sort of mess this cringemaking American equivalent of a British upper class twit will leave Americans when he is booted out ? For Rotherham we have Jane Kelly’s excellent articles attacking child abuse among Muslim taxi drivers of Oxford and Rotherham to speak for themselves.

    The Salisbury Review came to prominence when in 1983 we published a defence of Muslim schoolgirls at Bradford Middle School who were being deprived of an education by Muslim hardliners. We were the first to air the subject of the middle and upper class manipulation of race in Britain to keep both classes in power. The left has hated us ever since. We remain one of the few magazines in the UK speaking up for genuine white working class interests.

    • From your facebook page:
      “Are you articulate, discriminating, intellectual reactionary, reactionary, right-wing, censorious, and elitist? Then the Salisbury Review might very well be for you.”
      Doesn’t sound much like a champion of the working class to me.

  2. You will find Myles Harris types throughout English society. In leafy cul de sacs of three bedroom houses, in Tory Riding Associations They infest the upper echelons of the civil service. They lurk in London clubs such as the Athenaeum, the East India, etc. They form most of the faculty and student body at Public Schools.
    They are the SNOBS.
    No rational argument can penetrate the cocoon of bigotry in which they exist. Social interactions for them are fawning obsequiousness to their “superiors” matched with contempt for and callous cruelty towards their “inferiors”. Superior and inferior are defined entirely by circumstances of birth.
    It is no accident that the plight of the unfortunate abused girls of Rotherham was ignored for so long; they were only working class sluts you see.
    How many similar cases do you people think the Met is sitting on? Thousands, hundreds of thousands?
    The US does have social problems, but a particular problem it does not have, which is vastly prevalent in England, is political apathy among the citizens. There are hundreds of politically active (thousands in my County) citizens who attend townhall meetings with the expectation that their voices will be heard and their concerns addressed, that is why we have President Trump.
    It is hugely amusing that Mr. Harris regards President Trump as a socially embarrassing head of state, Mr. Harris is shortly to be reigned over by Charles the Third. Honestly you couldn’t make this stuff up!
    Donald Trump did not just sell real estate, he developed some incredible projects. You should read “The Art of the Deal”, but then you would probably be wasting your time, without the ability to appreciate talent, ability and hard work, the book would be wasted on you.

  3. You often find ‘Rogers from Florida..California..Idaho…’ sitting next to you on aircraft in the US raging against British, French, German society, wherever they come come from. In reality the US has pretty well exactly the same problems as the rest of the the western world although America presently has a socially embarrassing head of state. Watching him elbowing aside the head of a minor Eastern European state at the NATO summit says it all. Would you really want to be seen with him in company? Here’s to President Pence the sooner he takes over and Trump returns to selling real estate the better.

  4. What a crock! None of those ideas would have helped in this situation and they are not remotely possible anyway.
    “Seize the Libyan shoreline”? With what? The Royal Navy of 2017 could not mount a punitive expedition up the Thames estuary. To set up any such zones in Africa would require the cooperation of European nations, you know, the ones you geniuses have just told to sod off.
    Do you really think that you could interdict US arms shipments? Just to get the hierarchy straight; the US President directs and the UK Prime Minister obeys, OK?
    This Abedi guy is as “British as fish and chips” according to Harris, just like Choudhary.
    The only policies that will do anything to stop these outrages are internal to the UK and will require guts and strength from the UK political elite (thereby guaranteeing that they will never be carried out).
    First; introduce internment without trial for all suspected of terrorist activities or sympathies. Unfortunately this would require some infrastructure to be built to house the swine, this obviously hasn’t been done and never will be.
    Second; introduce the death penalty for terrorist offences, anybody carrying out, planning or assisting terrorist activity to be strung up. This could usefully be extended to aggravated statutory rape. This would require some determination to defend the Country and the values of freedom and liberty supposedly held dear by the elites. The truth is of course that the British elites only care about themselves, so this also is a non-starter.
    The BBC to broadcast the truth; what a joke! There is no shortage of people who are telling the truth about islam but they are being ruthlessly suppressed by the establishment, ask Tommy Robinson what the consequences are from telling the truth about islam.
    The City would not like your suggestion 7, they make huge fees from laundering ME money, and from arms traders, slavers, and other worldwide criminal enterprises.
    I do like idea 10. I propose we start this by charging and imprisoning the culprits behind the trafficking/slave trading of hundreds of thousands of white British working class children to the Antipodes and Canada. A good place to start would be the arrest of Elizabeth the Useless, as head of the C of E she has colluded in this despicable trade, then get to the Archbishops, Cardinals and functionaries of such as Barnados, Salvation Army, Fairbridge, etc.
    None of this will ever be done and no effective action will be taken. England is not now a nation, it is just a space on the map, having no social homogeneity, identity or shared interest. Just an overcrowded space inhabited by a variety of chancers on the make.

  5. Are there any female Imams? You can imagine the response in the mosque if gay or female Christian clergy preached there.

    One female vicar I was acquainted with did her dutiful interfaith visit to a local mosque where she was presented with a copy of the Koran. In relating this visit to her own congregation she couldn’t conceal her anger when she recounted being told not to handle the Islamic scriptures when menstruating.

    An Imam is a prayer leader. A vicar is a manager; a role taken on in the mosque by its council. Furthermore an Imam may be disconcerted by the statues and illustrations of people that adorn the walls of churches.

    So perhaps the two religions are not quite on a par that you seem to think they are. That is, if I understand you, that both are mistaken and in the same way.

  6. I must agree with Simon, some good ideas, but I don’t like the idea of rotating preachers between mosques & churches. Don’t forget that they are also coming in at the other end of the Mediterranean from Turkey via the Greek islands as well. this end will have to be plugged also. It will probably take a huge military & naval operation to achieve this, certainly to get the smugglers as well. Also the allure of Europe needs to be addressed. Douglas Murray remarks in his book ‘ The Strange Death Of Europe’ that letting them in is perhaps the only thing a civilised people can do. Perhaps it’s time to get uncivilised. Bringing in all these people to Europe is no solution to the problem.

  7. “Mosques and churches to rotate preachers on a weekly basis.”

    With all due respect… get stuffed. I don’t wish to have our homily at Mass delivered by an imam every other week, thank you very much. I’d rather be sick.

    Some good ideas here, but don’t punish Christians for the grotesque and violent excesses of Islam. God knows they suffer enough at their hands already.