What should we do with the Islamist Army now encamped in Britain?

Send them to Libya, Syria or Afghanistan where they will be happy

Arab Government

Nobody is interested in enquiries into the security services. The sort of people who hold enquiries are the sort of people who led us into this mess in the first place. The only enquiry we need is how to sack most of the top officials in the Home Office and Foreign Office.

People want to know instead how the authorities plan, quickly, to remove the 25,000 Islamists from Britain who wish us harm.

As the latter are plainly not satisfied with living here, we ought to offer them an alternative more to their tastes. In this way we can preserve their human rights and offer them an improved standard of living according to their tastes, where homosexuals are thrown off high buildings, women are raped, slaves kept, and prisoners of war beheaded.

Every month, of those detained for planning or advocating violence, we should take the most virulent, load them into a Hercules and with a fighter escort and a small number of troops fly them to one of many of the remote deserted air strips to be found all over the Middle East in countries where ISIS rules or holds territory. Countries such as Libya, parts of Syria or failing that, Taliban held Afghanistan. There, having offloaded the detainees, we notify the authorities – such as there are, of their whereabouts and leave.

Nobody could complain we were sending them to other than their dream of a Islamic state.

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2 Comments on What should we do with the Islamist Army now encamped in Britain?

  1. It is because he was so perfectly right that nobody mentions Enoch Powell. The time for being right and doing right seems to have passed.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. We all know, however, that it’s never going to happen though, don’t we? Our governments, and I include the present government and its successor, are far more concerned with not infringing the human rights of those who would blow up our children than looking after British citizens. Strange how all this was predicted in 1968 and yet nobody mentions J Enoch Powell.