Manchester Police Shock: Mancunians said twice as many horrid things to Muslims than last week.

"Any sign of Islamophobia and we’ll run you in!"

It's me can't you see

It’s reassuring to know that Manchester police are on top of their job. They have announced that, since last Monday’s slaughter, the daily tally of “hate crimes” has doubled from 28 to 56.

Excuse my ignorance, but I am baffled. What is a “hate crime” and how does it differ from say a “love crime” or an “I’m-not-your-friend-any-more” crime? The police have published details of these heinous offences against local Muslims. 

A school received a bomb threat after some students were asked if they were Muslim. (It was a hoax and there was no bomb) 

A pupil was followed and racially abused by a man carrying a metal bar. (The pupil was not struck with the metal bar) 

A Muslim bank clerk was called a “terrorist” and blamed for the Manchester Arena attack by a person trying to open an account. (I tried for weeks to open a bank account for our church in the City of London and I can witness that many bank clerks do indeed operate a form of terrorism and threaten innocent customers with lorry loads of paperwork and form filling. You don’t have to be a Muslim before you can get a bank job doing this.) 

A Muslim was approached in a supermarket and told “Shame on you for what you did last night!” (There have also been savage incidents of white indigenous Mancunians sticking out their tongues and jeering at Muslims with blood-curdling chants of “Ner-ner- ner-ner-ner”) 

A woman at a supermarket was told she should not be wearing her niqab – a face veil – in public. (Quite right. She shouldn’t be wearing the veil in public. For when she does, she is no longer in public – because she can’t be identified.  

Racist graffiti daubed outside a Muslim’s house in north Manchester. (Is there a square yard of our squalid townscapes which is not daubed with graffiti?)

No mosques have been burned down or bombed. No Muslim has been beheaded in the street, as Lee Rigby was. No lorries have been driven into halal butchers’ shops. No white indigenous Manchester City supporter (or even Manchester United supporter) has exploded his suicide vest in any one of the many Muslim ghettoes in the Greater Manchester area.

I commend Mancunians for their superhuman powers of self-restraint

Also yesterday, the police reported that 23,000 known and named terrorists suspects are on the loose. They can’t round them up though, because clearly they are occupied twenty-four hours a day prosecuting enraged Mancunians heard shouting “Towel head!” at passing Muslims.

So the message from the police throughout the land is clear this Bank Holiday weekend:

“Go out and enjoy yourself. And remember, our Muslim neighbours are our friends. – all 3,000,000 of them. Official statistics report that only 20% of these think suicide bombing is a good thing: that’s a mere 600,000 Muslims in Britain would like to see you dead.. So watch how you go. Any sign of Islamophobia and we’ll run you in!”

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4 Comments on Manchester Police Shock: Mancunians said twice as many horrid things to Muslims than last week.

  1. Great article. For God`s sake-how bad does it have to get before Muslims get the idea that SOME of us-at least-aren`t just “pretending that we didn`t see what it is they`re doing”. Every nine days throughout the E.U apparently.
    Islam must think that we`re all dead from the head down…and the liberal idiots and BBC who seem entitled to “monitor those of us who DON`T join in with “Imagine” at the white piano, as we scrape up what remains of our spouses, our kids and all hope that Islam will get dealt with in the UK and in 2017.
    Clearly-no Bible, no knowledge of the Old Testament-and we end with this.
    And no effort to even CHECK what and why these nutjobs do what they do to a craven cringing Godless elite( and thereby WE get the funerals, the BBC get their images and free concerts)-as evidenced all too literally in their Koran-is OUR failing,
    For Gods sake do read what and why they do all this-and refuse to accept it, let you have to learn Arabic prayers to save yourselves.

  2. One wonders how long events like this (for they will surely continue) will even continue to shock and horrify. While the sacrosanct pillars of modern English society (reality TV, 24-hour drinking, unbridled access to gambling) remain untouched, does anyone expect the people of the country to demand more? To demand better?

    The English national character–tradition, tolerance, stoicism, respect for the law, a sense of fair play–has all but been eradicated in the wake of the second World War. Something had to fill that vacuum, and unfortunately that was vacuous entertainment, negligence and self-indulgence to the extreme.

    How much really would be lost if England was to become but another ghetto as part of the de facto Caliphate? Anything to have been cherished about England as she once was has likely already been consigned to dust.

  3. These monstrous acts of terrorism – even the most primitive ones – are quickly shown to have been premeditated. Yet whenever a new one occurs there is always some useful idiot who routinely refers to this ‘random’ act.

  4. In a lengthy interview in Manchester with a woman medical student who described herself as British Libyan, Channel 4’s news presenter seriously intoned that ‘hate crimes were on the rise since the attack’.

    While no one should have to suffer verbal abuse, especially that contrary to law, this pair didn’t acknowledge that the atrocity itself was THE hate crime. After all, we’re constantly told by figures in authority that ‘they’ hate our way of life.

    To subtly infer that the suffering caused by verbal abuse is on the same level as that caused by a bomb explosion is insolent, and insensitive to the bereaved.

    One other tack that the MSM usually promote during their coverage of these atrocities is the multicultural nature of the victims. This was denied them in this instance.