Corbyn’s Dream

A Britain without Borders

Jeremy Corbyn is a Marxist of the old school. He does not recognise the nation state, or national boundaries, only the world wide brotherhood and sisterhood of the proletariat. An exploited worker in a sweat shop in Bangladesh has the same right to live in Britain as a worker from Bradford has to move to London. One class that does not have that right is the bourgeois, middle classes who over the centuries have stolen the surplus value of the capital earned by the working class. Jeremy does not intend to deport the middle classes, he is not a nasty man, (Stalin and Mao on the other hand killed millions of them) but in accordance with his Marxist beliefs, he intends to take away their power and property, so they too become members of the proletariat, dependent on the state. Momentum, which backs Corbyn and was responsible for his rise to power, is fully signed up to this.

There are many ways in which the middle classes can be stripped of their power; by taxing their property and wealth, by taking their businesses into state ownership or by promoting large population movements into the UK, just as Stalin did in the thirties by shifting entire nations about Russia. If Corbyn is elected he will open our doors to unlimited immigration. The Tories have done a shameful deal with him during the election in agreeing not to point this out.

Corbyn has promised to scrap the income threshold for citizens bringing in foreign husbands or wives.At present if you wish to bring a wife or husband to join you you must earn a minimum of £18,600 a year, or if in the case of a spouse and children £22,000. This is to prevent the new arrivals becoming a burden on the taxpayer. As soon as this restriction is removed a huge market in spouses will re-open. You might compare it to a hotel guest having booked a room for himself then being allowed to bring as many guests as he likes to join him free of charge. We will pay the bill through Labour’s Land (Garden) tax which will double property owners’ council taxes.

At present some 17,800 a year spouses are prevented from coming under the Income Threshold rule, but that does not take account of the multiplying effect of the arrival of large families later as children grow up and young marriageable adults are ‘farmed’ for their passports. By that time the burden of social security both for migrants and the elderly, many of the latter coming themselves from migrant families, will become insupportable both in terms of the social security and the NHS.

Diane Abbott as Home Secretary (child at private school) will oversee these changes.

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4 Comments on Corbyn’s Dream

  1. OK: We get it, Corbyn is a disgraceful, traitorous, brain dead snake and the Labour party is a nest of naive malcontents who have stabbed Britain in the back.
    But at least they are honest enough to tell us what they think.
    What is Teresa May’s and the Tory party’s excuse? What is their rationale for the mass import of 3rd world invaders? They have been in power for 42 of the last 67 years, what have they done to protect the British people from the islamic threat? The answer is absolutely nothing!
    Here is what the greatest living Englishman thinks:
    This is going to boil over. If by some incredible chance Corbyn wins or comes close on Thursday you can expect a military coup within months.