Editorial Summer Edition 2017

Not Amber Rudd

Editorial. June Magazine 2017

Amber Rudd the Home Secretary should resign. In the last nine months she has had powers using temporary exclusion orders to keep many of the most dangerous jihadists out of Britain. She could have issued thousands of such orders, she issued one. Instead she allowed herself to be overruled by Home Office Officials who hold the safety of ordinary British people in contempt. Thanks to them tens of thousands of extremely dangerous people have been let into the country (….)


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2 Comments on Editorial Summer Edition 2017

  1. She is awful, and I hope she gets a tight majority at the election so the Tories can throw her and replace her with somebody less anal. The alternative nice Mr Corbyn with his vegetable allotment is far worse, he absolutely refuses to countenance any form of control orders on terrorists his side kick Danne Abbot wants to close MI5 down, she supported the IRA ,see a previous blog while his chancellor McDonald is an out and out Maoist. The phenomena of radical Marxism maybe be hard to understand from a US perspective but here in Europe it is alive and flourishing