Transgendered baptism was not in the minds of the three assassins of London Bridge

What was in the minds of the three Islamic assassins as they drove their hired van toward London Bridge on Saturday evening? They were probably praying that if they did their duty, killing the kuffir, within the hour they would pass out of mortal time into eternity, and washed with the blood of the unclean they were about to kill, they would be pleasing to Allah who would accept them into Paradise. The assassins would have thought and prayed for a long time over their target. It had to be something, especially hateful in the sight of Allah. At the Borough market there would be women in a state of semi undress, the sexes would be mixing together for the purpose of later intercourse, homosexuals would be seeking other homosexuals, there would be drugs, alcohol and music. As the Prophet said. ‘A journey undertaken for jihad in the morning or the evening merits a reward better than the world and all that is in it.’

The London Bridge slayings came about because left wing intellectuals, who presently hold the commanding heights of our culture, scoff at religion which they think simple to debunk. Just as colonial Englishmen thought foreigners could understand English if you shouted loud enough, intellectuals think that if you stuff enough western ideas down Muslim throats, they will see things the same way as they do. Muslims will learn that science – by which is meant Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection – long ago disproved such notions as God, miraculous creation, or revelation.[pullquote]. “…  those who respond to your call, (to convert to Islam) accept it from them, but those who refuse must pay the poll tax out of humiliation and lowliness. If they refuse this, it is the sword without leniency. Fear God with regard to what you have been entrusted.”Caliph Umar on the Prophet’s triple choice. AD 636[/pullquote]

This is easy enough with a joke institution like the Church of England, whose bishops gave up believing in God years ago in favour of secular fads, (the latest is transgender baptism. The BBC ran an item on it the morning after London Bridge ) nor is it a problem with Hindus and Buddhists who are perfectly reconciled to modern science and their Gods.

Islam however is different. It believes it is the only true faith and has God’s mandate, if necessary, to forcibly convert the world.

Left wing intellectuals would have little difficulty in combating such a monstrous idea, running TV programmes attacking Islam, holding university courses undermining its theology, reminding children of its dangers as they do of Nazism, were not most Muslims brown. Brown people enjoy a specially protected status in our society, as they automatically suffer from racism. There is nothing worse than racism. Anti racism is the west’s religion.

Consequently all criticisms of Islam were suppressed. Homosexuals might be thrown off high buildings in the name of Allah, adulterers stoned to death, apostates burnt in cages, Coptic Christians beheaded if they did not convert, yet the left remained silent. Nothing was worse than racism.The only thing western secular intellectuals could do was to ‘spin’ Islam as a modern, forward looking religion. The BBC relentlessly promoted images of women doctors in headscarfs, Islamic policewomen, authors and artists, while intellectual programmes insisted that Islam was the basis of modern science.

The word ‘Islamist’ was coined, separating the true, peaceful Islam from a murderous perverted version.

Western intellectuals on the left ignored the fact that Islam is not a secular religion like the Church of England, but a religion based on a belief in the strict unyielding interpretation of the Koran, that it is the directly written down word of God, a God who while instructing his followers to be kind and compassionate to all, has also told them that if they slay the unbeliever and die carrying out his word they will go instantly to Paradise. The Bible in contrast is not the direct word of God, only his reported words or actions.[pullquote]A Canadian woman killed in the London Bridge terror attack died in her fiance’s arms after she was struck by a speeding van as the couple walked through the capital. Christine Archibald, a 30-year-old worker at a homeless shelter, would have had ‘no understanding of the callous cruelty that caused her death’, her family have said. Mail Online[/pullquote]

If the Koran is God’s direct proven word, then awful as it might seem, we have to accept the absolutely lunatic premise that it was God’s will and Saturday’s nights massacre was justified even if we do not understand it. If the Koran is not God’s word but the ravings of a desert tribal leader whose existence is doubted by many scholars, or what is more likely, an accretion of tribal sayings and law, then Borough Market was a horrendous crime – which of course it was.

We can recruit thousands more anti terrorist police, put a camera in every room in every Muslim house, pattern bomb the Middle East, use our drones to kill every Islamist leader, ban all Muslims from entering Britain, but unless we tackle the central pillar of Islam, by proving that the Koran is not the word of God, then we are wasting our time and these attacks will continue. In order to do that secular western intellectuals have to enter a world they have long neglected, the spiritual.














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17 Comments on Transgendered baptism was not in the minds of the three assassins of London Bridge

  1. The test of science is whether a theory is falsifiable. For example is the statement ‘Roger lives in Florida’ falsifiable? Yes it is as you can go there to see if he does – he doesn’t actually. He lives in Buckingham Palace as the second Queen’s equerry and wears a braid uniform and a cocked hat. ‘Jesus Christ reigns in heaven with God’ is not falsifiable, as we have no means of going to heaven to find out if he does or not. We can go to Buckingham palace to look for Roger taking tea with the Queen….

        • I’m not frightened of dying. I have been born to a sure and certain hope of eternal life through the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a far, far better place I will be going to than I am in now. No more tears, no weeping, no pain.

  2. You skypilots are the ones claiming divinity, it is you who make outrageous and nonsensical claims, I merely say that your beliefs are idiotic. I think it is you who needs to justify your fantastic assertions.

  3. It is absolutely ridiculous to say “The London Bridge slayings came about because left wing intellectuals, who presently hold the commanding heights of our culture, scoff at religion which they think simple to debunk”. The simple reason for these atrocities is that some people believe in a particularly bloody and bonkers ideology for no reason other than that was culture of the community they grew up in. As long as we promote faith and superstition above evidence as paths to truth the problem will continue.

    • Which comment means that you have, logically, to believe in absolute and inerrant truth. What is truth then?

      • The truth is that we are not smart enough to know or understand the “truth”.
        I can however identify for you some untruths:
        A rabble rousing Jewish radical of 2,000 years ago is the son of god; that is an untruth.
        This “son of god” came about as a result of a virgin birth; that is an untruth.
        This “son of god” rose from the dead; that is an untruth.

  4. I think Myles is wrong about the association of Islam and brown skin being the reason it’s so favoured by the left.

    The left are attracted to Islam in a way that they simply aren’t to other brown skin-associated faiths like Hinduism, Sikhism or Zoroastrianism – and for a reason that’s the exact mirror image of why conservatives tend to esteem those latter religions vastly more than Islam.

    That reason is simply that, whereas those others have shown themselves able to live relatively peacefully alongside other faiths – and alongside Christianity in the west especially, where Hindus and Sikhs have generally integrated well and contributed to their adopted homes – Islam on the other hand remains in the same permanent state of war with the rest of the world that it has been in for 1500 years.

    Like everywhere else outside the Islamic world, the west is part of the dar al-harb, the domain of war, and therefore the target of jihad until we too submit.

    That alone is essentially why it is so esteemed by the left: Islam is simply the latest, and historically always has been the greatest, threat to western civilisation, hatred of which is the essence of contemporary leftism and accounts for their deep-seated irrationality and masochism.

  5. The only way to ‘prove’ that the Koran is not God’s Word is to preach the truth of Christ, and then pray that the Holy Spirit will enlighten the hearts of those who are affected by the evil message of the Koranic religion.

    • If we don’t have our own empire we will be part of someone else’s. We don’t have the British Empire, so we are part of the EU empire.

      As illustrated by the Gospel account of the house that was swept and garnished, if it’s intended occupant did not take up residence, then something else would. Or as it would be put today, nature abhors a vacuum.

      Now that the cultural Marxists have all but succeeded in sweeping Christianity out of society in Britain, something else has come to fill the void.

      Islam has tenaciously held onto the societies it has permeated. No Christian preacher has stood at the gates of Mecca and preached Christianity. It is an ideal entity to ensure that Christianity does not return.

      The good Editor thinks that Christianity is just as mistaken as Islam. The problem with God is understanding clearly what he wants human beings to do. But if the Editor wanted to deconstruct Islam he could use the very successful strategy that the left has used against Christianity.

      However, Christianity was undermined in the 19th century but what was called the Higher Criticism. This subjected the Bible to historical and literary analysis. This cast doubt on the authenticity of the religion’s source material. Islam has never, and would presumably never allow, a similar treatment of the Koran.

      I once worked with a Muslim family man who was devout. He was the most conservative – in the general sense of the term – person you could meet, as conservative as any other British person might have been sixty years ago.

      • Paragraph one is a non-sequitur. For many years this country was neither part of someone else’s empire, nor did it have an empire any greater than our current lordship over Jersey, Guernsey, Gibraltar, the Falklands, St Helena, and a variety of other places almost too numerous to mention.

        Paragraph two and three ‘might’ be correct, except there is no evidence yet that the UK has been overtaken by Islam. These bombs prove the opposite in fact, that they desire and want to overtake us, but have not done so yet.

        Paragraph four simply denies the power of the Holy Spirit and of Christ. Do you actually know as a fact that no-one has preached the Gospel in Mecca, and not returned? I know as a fact that Imams from Saudi ‘have’ come to a saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. God has power, and while he may allow such evil to thrive, he does not give it permission to completely dominate.

        Paragraphs five and six are answered simply. Twisting and perverting what the Bible says, no longer allowing God’s Word to judge men, but deciding in our utter arrogance and folly to place our judgement on it, does not remove or change its truth – it is merely a way to explain away something that those who do that don’t like, don’t believe, and wish to reject. What is more, that could easily be done, and has been done, to the Koran – and given that the Islamic faith holds as part of its inspired teachings the first 5 books of the Bible, the Pentateuch, is so far as anyone thinks they have ‘higher critiqued’ them out of existence, then they have done the same harm to Islam as they believe they have done to Christianity.

        Final paragraph. So what? Of course a person who follows Islam sincerely is conservative, its what the Koran says. But that makes not a jot of difference to their eternal salvation, and it is the most conservative of muslims who are currently in the process of bombing and attacking the West, because we are *not* Islamic, nor do we bow the knee to it. So I cannot understand how this comment is of any use in your thread.

      • You are right, to a great extent, when you write: “Islam has tenaciously held onto the societies it has permeated.”

        Still, let us not exaggerate. There are quite a lot of converts to Christianity from Islam. For example, in Russia, the number of Tartars with Muslim background who have become Orthodox Christians is amazing. In Georgia, there have been lots of conversions from Islam to Orthodox Christianity. There are ex-Muslims in Christian communities in the US and Europe. If there are not many of them, it shows not so much the strength of Islam, as the weakness of many modern confessions who have the impudence to call themselves ‘Christian’. For example, the head of the Swedish Lutheran Church publicly recognises that Christianity is not in any way superior to Islam. The same line is taken by many progressive Protestant communities.

        And I believe that these progressive communities who believe in human rights, multiculturalism and things of that kind much more than they do in God, are not better than Islam. In fact, they are worse, as they present a ridiculous parody of Christianity to the world.

        Of course, another thing is that Muslims are likely to use violence on those who convert to other religions and even kill them. A Christian preacher at the gates of Mecca would not live long to preach a single sermon. But still, Christian communities somehow manage to survive in countries like Pakistan and Indonesia. They are modern-day confessors and martyrs, the real Christians of our times, so different from the tepid ‘Anglicans’ and ‘Evangelicals’ of the Western world.