Mrs May; Easing the jihadists’ job ?

"Good work!" Theresa May as Home Secretary

Following the London Bridge atrocity, Theresa May has declared “Enough is enough.” She went on to blame social media for making the jihadists’ job easier for them.

Might it not have been the home secretary who made their work easier?

Mrs May was the longest-serving home secretary since the Second World War. During her term of office, she did nothing to prevent the wholesale rape of underage girls in a score of our towns and cities by Muslim men.[pullquote]Jeremy Corbyn; As bad or worse? Campaigned against ‘Prevent’ anti-radicalisation programme. Supported ‘Cage’ which praised ISIS executioner Jihadi John. Will not criticise Putin. Votes against nearly all anti-terror legislation. Close to IRA during bombing campaign.Plans four fold increase in Council Taxes even for the little people[/pullquote]

The same political correctness – and fear of being accused of the fantasy offence “Islamophobia” – meant she refused to intervene when it was revealed that schools in Birmingham were being infiltrated by Muslim fundamentalists who doubled as terrorist sympathisers.

She did nothing to curb the radical Islamification of prisoners in our jails.

Her response to frequent terrorist atrocities was to cut the police force by 20,000.

When Michael Gove identified militant Islam as the main cause of terrorist outrages in Britain and proposed specific measures to crack down on Islamic militants, she rejected his proposals

Now Gove is in the wilderness, May is in Number Ten and we’re all in the cart.

Now she tells us that Muslim terrorism is only “a perversion of Islam.” It is nothing of the sort: it is the purest form of Islam: there are more than 300 verses in the Koran which command Muslims to kill infidels, Jews and Christians wherever they are found.

She makes a bold speech and says, “Enough is enough.” I should like to know what measures she intends to take against this vile menace in our midst – apart from ordering more candles for the vigils and ensuring a continuous supply of floral tributes and teddy bears?

May proved she was not fit to be home secretary and she has shown that she is not fit to be prime minister either.

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5 Comments on Mrs May; Easing the jihadists’ job ?

  1. 23:22 on Thursday 8 June. If the exit poles are correct a very substantial part of the British electorate are voting for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party who look as though they will do even less to combat Islamic terrorism that Teresa May. Unless, that is, you equate appeasement with putting up a fight.

    Perhaps the British people just don’t care enough about the Islamic threat to their way of life. Perhaps, guided by pacifying “experts” in the media, they don’t perceive a threat at all – just a few crazed jihadis who would stop attacking us and be our friends if we would only stop being so warlike and show a little kindness and understanding.

  2. Not enough is done or said to refute the utter lie that Muslim terrorism is caused by western intervention in the Middle-East.

  3. Mrs May is setting her sights higher than the office of prime minister. In this general election she is promoting herself as a president. What were Tory Party candidates are now ‘her candidates’.

  4. May is dreadful, and the frequent comparisons to Thatcher (beyond their shared sex and party) are incomprehensible.

    Only an avowed Marxist like Corbyn could drive so many who consider themselves conservative (with a small “c”) to vote for her this coming election.