A Muslim State within Britain?

Britain's Gaza Strip

Paying the Jizya. Tribute to the Muslim Conquerors

Now that advanced units of the Muslim Army (ISIS) have successfully probed our defences, there will be more attacks until we offer them territory in the form of land. Some Labour politicians have already suggested we should open back channels to ISIS, (not for land at present) and indeed with the Jihadist’s large standing army in Europe, and its history of increasing military success, as well as the weakness of our leaders, we may be obliged to sue on terms we would never have thought possible. Like Japanese kamikaze pilots in world war two, the suicide bomber will always get through. There is only so much our economy can absorb without us being forced to resort to internment and mass deportations, both of which would lead to further violence.

Any land would be in the form of a concession, probably a county, in an area where there is already is a large concentration of Muslims. And after all what is mere land when we can have peace? We will be assured the concession will not be a ‘real’ nation with frontiers, just an agreed area where British Law steps aside for Sharia.

ISIS would be only too willing to accept this. Unbelievers as long as they pay the jizya, (unbeliever’s tax) will be able to live in the concession or continue living there alongside their Muslim neighbours or avoid paying it by converting to Islam. Non Muslim visitors from Britain will be able to come and go freely, so things will appear pretty much the same as they were before, but more ‘regular’.

In return the Muslim Army (ISIS) will guarantee a cessation of attacks on our civilian population.

There will be substantial support from the left, especially if there is a Corbyn government, with much enthusiastic talk on the BBC about reparations for colonialism and racism, giving Muslims a place to develop a modern forward looking Sharia etc. There will be enthusiastic reports in the Guardian and on the BBC about how happy Muslims are in the new concession with cheesy stories of intermarriage and English brides rejoicing in their burkas. The Archbishop of Canterbury will be invited to bless the new frontier line.

We will however be living in a false paradise. There will be peace, perhaps for a couple of years, but then will come reports of atrocities within the concession.  As free movement via Britain’s airports and ports will be allowed to and from the concession, fighters and fanatics will arrive from overseas. The nastier forms of Sharia will be enacted and drug smuggling and human trafficking will make their appearance. Population pressures will begin. Due to the importation of large numbers of teenage brides from the rest of the Muslim world birth rates within the concession will be high, five or six children per family. There will be pressure to expand and link with other areas where there are large densities of Muslims.

Frontier incidents will occur and where previously there were only frontier posts there will be watch towers and barbed wire. The bombers will return to our streets. Britain will have its own Gaza Strip.


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1 Comment on A Muslim State within Britain?

  1. Western politicians and media often call islamist terrorists ‘cowards’. But whatever else they may be, they are not cowards. It takes a lot of physical courage to do a suicide attack.

    Sadly enough, the real cowards are those who rule the West and who set the tone of its political and cultural life. Mainstream politicians, mainstream media, bureaucrats, NGO workers, the Church of England (what remains of it), pop singers, actors, officially approved ‘thinkers’, etc. are so much afraid of reality that they choose to ignore it and to live in a fool’s paradise. That is why their response to real world challenges is grotesquely inadequate.

    The difference between a modern-day post-Christian Westerner and an Islamic extremist is that the latter has something to die for, while the former does not. When all is said and done, an average Westerner has no higher value than his (physical and psychological) comfort. To die for it would be absurd. An Islamist has something that he values more than his life. Thus, he is in a stronger position.

    A comfort-loving Westerner would go to no end of compromises to preserve his comfort and to make his earthly life last longer at least by one hour. He would gladly pay jizya for it, he would say he admires Muhammad and memorise Koranic verses, if necessary. If pressed hard, he would even convert to Islam (though, of course, he will never be a valuable acquisition for the Umma).

    While the West remained, at least, to some extent Christian, it defeated Muslims on the battlefield and imposed its culture on them. But now that the spirit of Christianity has almost evaporated from it, the tide has turned. Even such a false and primitive religion as Islam gives its adepts enough strength to rout a hedonistic and materialistic enemy.

    It is too late to save Britain. Those Britons who do not want to live under Muslim rule would be wise to emigrate to Hungary or Poland.