In nine days time Theresa May will re-enact France’s surrender to Germany in the woods of Compiègne

In nine days time Theresa May will begin negotiations to leave the European Union. Any proposals she may have on the terms of our exit will be automatically rejected by Brussels. This will leave Mrs May no alternative but to propose a hard brexit (World Trade Organisation rules) a threat she will not be able to carry out as our Parliament will reject it out of hand.

She will then be obliged to return to Brussels empty handed to take down its instructions on the size of our large non negotiable exit fee, and even bigger annual tribute, larger than Norway’s, which we will have to pay if we want tariff free access to Europe.  In addition if Brussels knows its business we will be obliged to take a large quota of refugees each year, remain subject to the corrupt Court of Human Rights, as well as allowing free movement of EU nationals.

The agreement will be signed in time for our exit from the EU, which will not be an exit at all. We will just be in a far worse position than we were before the referendum.

Theresa May’s only alternative, and that of any Conservative administration (a minority government can only be called an administration), will be to call a second referendum.

It then depends on Brussels whether or not they will let us back in the EU. They want us for our custom, we buy a lot of goods, but they may decide that it would be more profitable to make an example of us as they have done with Greece. This might become necessary if, or rather when, the Italian banking system collapses.

This is the Second World War all over again but fought with tariffs not artillery, with the Germans taking an economic hostage, Greece, who they have now shot, as an example of what might happen to you if you disobey Berlin. The next hostage was to be Italy, but Mrs May has elbowed her aside, in order to deliver Britain into Germany’s hands. The Germans probably did not want us as a hostage, but we are a fat prize, and who can blame them if they take us.

Just as in the time of the Third Reich Germany has rigged the system so she gets fat while all her fellow European members (economic captive states) get thin. So far only countries south of the Alps have suffered, Britain will be first country in the north to do so.

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14 Comments on In nine days time Theresa May will re-enact France’s surrender to Germany in the woods of Compiègne

    • Mr. Harris: Take pleasure! I am 69 years old, I have watched while my beloved England has been ravished beyond any recognition. We had our problems, yes that is certainly true. The appalling truth is that we have been done in by those who were entrusted by their birth position and their social status with the trust that they do right. They have not, they have betrayed us, and their compatriots in all of Western Europe have been complicit in the greatest sell out and destruction of Western civilization, a treachery of incredible proportions.
      I feel that perhaps the greatest achievement of my life is that though I was born working class English in a dreary London suburb, my grandchildren are Americans.

      • And another thing Mr. Harris; we in the US have decided that we will not be enslaved by the globalist horde: All Hail President Trump!

        • I don’t think it was class or birth that ruined England rather our educational system which was ravished by post Marxist dogma and bogus multiculturalism mainly in the hands of middle class teachers and their leaders.Talk to a 19 or 20 year old student today and you will get a nasty shock.

          • Down here in Sydney, I went today to the cinema & saw the RSC’s latest “Julius Caesar”. There were less than a dozen in the audience, nearly all of whom were grey heads, like me. Readers of this magazine hardly need to be reminded of the Realpolitik which abounds in Shakespeare generally and this play in particular. Coincidentally, Cicero, who as we recall met his fate at the hands of Marc Antony, had warned us: “Not to know what happened before one is born is to remain forever a child.”

  1. PM May will go into these negotiations not just a lame duck, but a dead duck. The boot is now entirely on the EU foot and it will be applied very hard indeed.
    If there is BREXIT it will be in the form of a bitter divorce where all the cards are held by the EU. They can impose costs on Britain by applying tariffs on imported British goods and services and by imposing surcharges on EU exports to Britain. The City of London stands to lose a quarter million jobs. For how long do you think Airbus will have Bae wings and Rolls Royce engines?
    This is the worst pickle England has been in since 1940.

  2. How many people regard the EU as the equivalent of the Third Reich?

    It has been described as an Empire by one of its own, but it is not lead by evil people or lawless killers. Its government is managerial. A better comparison would be with Wilhelmina Germany and her strategy of creating an empire after the Great War using the concept of limited sovereignty devised by her foreign secretary, Richard von Kuhlmann.

    To think of the EU as the Third Reich sets the tone and channels thought in the same way that it was necessary for western politicians to cast Saddam Hussein as a Hitler in order to justify their own subsequent actions.

    To disentangle Britain from the EU will require deep technical knowledge and a technical approach. Politics and personalities will not work.

    If you walked around Westminster holding a lamp before you, looking for a person with such knowledge, you would only encounter a jovial and affable personality who would only bore Barnier to sleep by quoting long extracts from the Iliad in the original Greek.

    • Jolly: It is not the Third Reich, this is the Fourth Reich. From the very beginning, the European Coal and Steel Community, the German plan was to cooperate in the establishment of pan-European institutions in order to establish German hegemony over continental Europe. As the ECSC morphed into the EEC and then the EU, German power increased. The establishment of the Euro currency guaranteed that because the Euro as German currency was undervalued, but for every other European was overvalued, wealth (and therefore power) would inevitably accrue to Germany.
      The smaller nations of Europe recognized what was occurring and supported British membership, simply because Britain, historically, was not cowed by Germany and thus would provide a counterweight to German power.
      The depth of the betrayal felt now by these nations is profound. With BREXIT, Britain has literally served up all of Continental Europe, on a plate, to German hegemony. This is incidentally, entirely contrary to 500 years of British policy re: Europe.
      Whilst this does not at the moment present a military threat, things can change.
      Blame for this can be fairly laid at David Cameron’s feet, a man so stupid and incompetent that he embarrassed Britain on American TV by admitting that he did not know what the Latin words “Magna Carta” (Great Charter) meant. How is it possible that a graduate of Eton College and Oxford University would not know that?
      This is the depth of the rot of the English upper class and political elite, this is what makes the possibility of Jeremy Corbyn; Prime minister, entirely possible.

      • Brexit was being discussed as early as 1998. Plan B was already in progress when UKIP was formed about the same time. Cameron was more aware than anyone of the consequences. It was Cameron who was ultimately embarrassed in February 2015 when he publicly announced that he would meet with Merkel to negotiate changes in EU policies affecting the UK – he was for the umpteenth time – snubbed! The details of this can be found under The Bruges Group on Wikopedia.

  3. There is very likely to be another election in the next twelve months. The humiliation we receive at the hands of Brussels will make her position as PM untenable. She will have to be removed and soon. Her successor will need to move quickly to restore faith with the electorate and call a further general election. The situation is salvageable but only if the party can find a leader with the charm and charisma of a Cameron combined with the balls of a Thatcher-a tall order.

  4. As the nation of my forebears, Britain has the deepest sympathy of this Australian.
    “Vale Britannia, Britannia’s ruled by knaves!”, as Thomson & Arne might have had it today.