Put May over the side

How bad do you have to be to get scuppered by Jeremy Corbyn? You have to be very bad indeed – as bad as Theresa May, in fact. There was no need for her to call this general election, as she had a working majority with three years to run. She called it because she regarded Corbyn as utterly unelectable, which he probably is – unless the alternative is Theresa May. She claimed she called it because she “had the balls.” And now she has made a balls of it.

How can a decent, middle class Tory lady, a daughter of the vicarage, be out thought and outperformed by a lunatic leftie and – under that “I’m your favourite granddad” persona – a nasty piece of work, seething with hatred for everything that is decent about our country? Corbyn is an enemy of Britain and supporter of terrorist groups such as the IRA, Hamas and Hezbollah? She can achieve this astonishing feat only by being astonishingly incompetent. She was seriously incompetent in her long occupancy of the home office, and she has been doubly incompetent as prime minister.

Her first tactical masterstroke as leader was to alienate her own core support: the home-owning aspirant classes. Her arrogance and vision of her own worth are transcendental. In her fancy pants and shoes, she presents herself as megalomaniac-chic, albeit somewhat past the zenith of such freshness as she ever possessed. A combination of Imelda Marcos and any one of the Macbeth witches. This was demonstrated in the way she ran her campaign. No one else featured in this campaign.  There were no competent colleagues by her side. She made sure she had no competent colleagues for she knew that these would show up her spectacular incompetence.

She began her campaign by saying to the people: “Look at me. Focus your entire attention on me. You like me, don’t you?”

And the people said, “No – we can’t bloody well stand you!”

But is is the people who will pay the price. Whatever is fudged and cobbled together out of the present shambles, there will be in it a large measure of socialism. And socialism always impoverishes the people. The consequences of her scuppering almost certainly mean that Brexit will be scuppered too. I suspect that this was her agenda all along: for we recall she voted Remain.

The old story of hubris and nemesis.

And the weather forecast this morning: “Waste and void, waste and void; and darkness over the face of the deep.”

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8 Comments on Put May over the side

  1. lets not allow lefty dregs like the remoaners stop us reclaiming our birthright which is self determination forget the EU it may not last long britishconstitutiongroup.com

  2. What a balls-up. Along with the items mentioned in the link, Mrs M also managed to threaten elderly house owners with confiscation on death of most of their property if they have turned ga-ga in the closing years of their miserable lives. The idea being to deprive children and grandchildren of the means to own their own residential accommodation on mortgage at a time when to buy anything tolerable within 100 miles of London implies an income of over £100K – as though the wicked pensioners needed their off-spring punishing for the population rising by at least 4 million since 1997, to drive up house prices so as to turn us into pretend millionaires.

    Such monumental stupidity. No wonder, what with the university fees offer, that bearded loon did so well. Let’s hope we can get some Northern Ireland style benefits through the DUP. The English have paid enough.

  3. Dear me Roger in Florida , you don’t read the newspapers do you. Labour offered our youth free university education, worth £11 billion and they actually got out of bed to to vote. Average UK university fees now are £9000 a year for three years, of course they are not really universities more like the primary schools that call themselves universities in America (as distinct from Ivy League which are first class). The degrees are worthless but we slavishly copy the States in all useless things. Very few of our youth would know what Brexit was and could not care less.

    • Mr. Harris; don’t be such an old curmudgeon. That youth got out to vote at all is excellent news and you should be glad of it. My conclusion that this was referendum round 2 is based on my observations of my dozen or so nephews/nieces in England, all around 40 and who felt betrayed and cheated by BREXIT.
      Your ignorance of the USA is on display again unfortunately; the term “Ivy League” refers to a sports league of 8 universities in the Northeast US. of the 10 best universities in the world by this ranking:
      Of the 5 US universities in the top 10 only 1, Harvard, is “Ivy League”. although all are top quality institutions.
      The US education system, from pre-K to Phd, is excellent and offers boundless opportunities to members of all social classes in the US to excel to their full potential. Perhaps having concern for all citizens regardless of their social status is one of the “useless things” that Britain should copy.
      Whatever the result of this current chaos, does it really matter? The beautiful entity that was England was slain long ago.

  4. Hmm.. methinks that Labour (under J.C) has reached its high-water mark. If there’s another election soon I don’t think they can squeeze any more votes out of Scotland, Wales and the kids..but to capitalise on this, obviously the Tories will have to ditch ghastly May and field someone at least semi-competent and that should see off old Joe Stalin

  5. This election was round 2 of the EU referendum. 72% of 18-24 year olds voted, overwhelmingly for Labour, the objective was to scupper BREXIT and in that they have succeeded. In the referendum, most young people never dreamed that enough idiots would be stupid enough to vote leave that BREXIT would occur. It is impossible now as there is not a credible negotiation team available to actually get any kind of deal. If BREXIT occurs it will be because France and Germany have decided to kick your worthless backstabbing asses out, not an unlikely scenario.
    For most young people, under mid forties, the prospect of England being split into four regions and ruled from Brussels via the EU Parliament is not an unattractive option. It would mean the end of Westminster, the Monarchy, and the ruling class of course, but that is a good feature, not a bug.
    Why wouldn’t they feel like this? Considering the last century and a half of gross incompetence and malign intent on the part of the British political elite, professional management of society and a free united Europe are to be welcomed.

  6. Theresa May called the Conservatives ‘The Nasty Party’- one of the choicest bits of propaganda the Socialists have ever been given.
    Boy, how those chickens have come home to roost….