Auf Wiedersehen, Deutschland

Amongst the under-fives, 40 per cent of Germans are already of non-European heritage

The Spectator magazine published an article recently by liberal journalist Alex Massie, in which he said horrible right-wing xenophobes only pretended to love their country, when in actual fact they loathed everything ‘progressive’ about it. There is much to dislike about our modern, dumbed down, propagandised culture but I think Mr Massie is quite wrong about the purported hatred of country.

The young have little knowledge of Britain and British culture in those halcyon days before Political Correctness, the worship of the other and the hatred of one’s own, became the national religion. Most older people however, remember a much nicer country filled with much nicer people whose lives were beneficially moulded by many hundreds of years of Judeo-Christian, Graeco-Roman evolution.

But where Massie gets things magisterially wrong is his belief that the ghastly Little Englanders who feel unhappy about modern society base their pessimism purely on how things are at the moment, rather than how they can only inevitably be in the future. Many Western countries now find themselves in the same position as progressive, go-ahead Britain, fractured politically, socially, racially and religiously, and all with very precarious futures if the current political and cultural establishments continue on their suicidal course.

Germany stands out in particular, ruled by a woman who seems to think that by accepting millions of refugees from foreign fields she can finally lay to rest the dark history of racially supremacist Germany. But Frau Merkel has made a catastrophic mistake which will have equally catastrophic consequences not only for Germany but the entire Western world. When Germany shudders, the tremors are felt across Europe, and Germany is in for an awful lot of shuddering between now and 2050 because Merkel is effectively replacing the declining native demographic with an ever-expanding Muslim population. When Mark Steyn stated ‘The future belongs to those who can be bothered to turn up for it,’ he surely had Germany squarely in his sights.

One of the greatest lies disseminated by the Left is that mass immigration to the West is a necessary pre-condition to the well being of the future elderly and the current welfare state. But this is not true. Many leftists view ill-educated migrants as revolutionary pawns to be utilised in the creation of social unrest and the tearing down of political/social establishments within countries run along democratic and free market economic ideals. The further Left these politicians veer, the more they seem to worship the importation of implacably hostile peoples who clearly bring no present or future economic/social benefits to the West.

There are two astonishing videos emanating from Germany, which suggest this is so. The first shows Green Party politician Dr Stefanie von Berg proudly declaring:

Mrs President, ladies and gentlemen, our society will change. Our city will change rapidly. I hold that in twenty or thirty years there will no longer be German majorities in our cities! That is also what female and male migration researchers say! We will live in a city that thrives on having many different ethnicities! That we have plenty of people and live in a super-cultural society! This is what we will have in the future and I want to make it very clear, especially to those right-wingers, (aggressive finger pointing) that this is a good thing!

In the second video, this one even more shocking, German politicians openly state that wishing to preserve the native German people was redolent of Nazism and racism. I have always maintained the Far-Left think this about all Europeans in general, but I have never heard such nakedly genocidal intentions openly stated before. In response, Stefan Köster, state chairman of the Nationalist Party of Germany (NPD) made a heart-rending case about the importance of families and reiterated the point that German natives were rapidly set to become a minority in their own land. During his speech he was heckled, mocked and abused.

A rebuttal to Mr Köster’s plea for national survival was given by a Miss Drese, member of the Social Democrats, who said to much table thumping and applause ‘The proposal to ensure the biological continuation of the German people will be, by the democratic parties for whom I shall speak today, rejected with the greatest insistence and condemned utterly. This proposal is racist and inhuman.’

With such perverted and suicidal political ideology, we cannot be surprised by what has happened since these statements were made. In 2015 an estimated one-million plus migrants entered Germany. In 2016 close to half a million. By 2020 German authorities expect the numbers to total somewhere between three to four million which when added to the existing five million Muslim population will put the Islamic demographic of Germany at approximately 10 per cent.

This percentage doesn’t sound catastrophic, but it fails to recognise the true demographic picture. Most native Germans are old. Most Muslim migrants are young, 75 per cent of those entering Germany in 2015/16 were males aged eighteen to thirty five. The total number of native German males in that age group number only six million and their demographic is rapidly declining as native females forego families in favour of careers. A full 30 per cent of these feminist Fräuleins are childless rising to 40 per cent of those educated to degree level. The imported people replacing them are ferociously fecund and their population will grow exponentially. Amongst the under-fives, 40 per cent of Germans are already of non-European heritage.

By 2020-2025 young Muslim males could demographically match the number of young native German males. The Muslim birth rate will then start to outstrip the native birth rate courtesy of imported wives and multiple children. The native demographic is shrinking by some 30 per cent per generation whilst the Muslim demographic doubles. Push this forward another generation and young native Germans will be a minority in 2030 and an even smaller minority by 2050, a mere thirty-three years away.

This has tremendous implications with regard to social stability or indeed outright religious civil war, but what will come long before such a violent scenario is played out is the inevitable economic ruin of Germany. In financial terms it would be foolish to allow in millions of people whose lack of skills clearly act as a drain on the economy. Migrant engineers and doctors won’t do this, but semi-literate welfare dependants certainly will. So just who is Germany allowing in, engineers or future welfare claimants?

According to Germany’s Federal Employment Agency, 81 per cent of the 2015 influx were totally unskilled, a mere 8 per cent were in possession of only the most rudimentary form of academic qualifications and almost half a million would become welfare dependent. Reuters stated the German government would spend 94 billion Euros on migrants by 2020, which means Germany is effectively paying to be colonised. The more children Muslim migrant families have, the more money they receive from the surreally generous state. A family with five children can receive, in various benefits, 7,000 Euros per month. This is the equivalent of a monthly gross wage for a working family of 11,000 Euros which is clearly beyond the dreams of normal native German families. In one admittedly unrepresentative case, an enormous amount of money is being paid out to just one Syrian migrant, his four wives and twenty-two children, amounting to 360,000 Euros per annum.

Over the next ten to twenty years the old Germans will die off. The next generation down will retire and stop paying tax. Germany will then find itself bankrupt as the post-war economic miracle smashes against the rocks of economic reality where the imported tax-eaters gradually outnumber the native tax-providers. Added to this will be the simmering tensions between the natives and the incomers. There are plenty of angry ‘right-wingers’ in Germany today, but when open-border liberals find themselves having to make the choice between celebrating diversity or putting food on the table there is only going to be one winner.

Germany is doomed. The agents of destruction are as yet unborn or too young to facilitate the destruction, but the clock of reality, the clock of birth and death, the clock of inevitability is slowly yet metronomically ticking… counting down the final years, months and days of a country that had such a monumental impact on the 20th century and now looks set to make an equally monumental impact on the 21st. Demographics are destiny and Germany’s tragic destiny, if nothing is done to halt it, is inevitably Islamic.

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6 Comments on Auf Wiedersehen, Deutschland

  1. Auf wiedersehen Deutschaland and good riddance. No one will cry when you’re finally gone. Without your Europe will become more peaceful place than it has ever been.

  2. What amazes me, is that feminists – of all people! – fight for islamisation of Germany. This is the best example of useful idiots you can find in the world history.

    If you need a proof that feminism is a mental disease, you can hardly find a better one.

  3. The secondary problem with people like Dr Stephanie von Berg is that they actually believe in their rhetoric. The primary problem is that they are destroying the German nation-state. Anybody care to wager that, like Merkel, von Berg has no children?