We will buy your vote

The Tories are going to have to fight a new election sooner or later. Last time Labour increased it’s share with bribes, the Conservatives must do the same.

Suggested Tory Bribes.

  1. £10 billion for nurses.
  2. £10 billion for care workers.
  3. Income tax relief for new house buyers under 30.
  4. Stamp duty tax exemption for taxpayers over 60 downsizing to a smaller house.
  5. Except for the professions and/or STEM subjects, make it illegal to fail to hire somebody because they have not got a degree. This removes the necessity for wasting 3 years and £27,000 on a useless, soft degree.

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2 Comments on We will buy your vote

  1. 6. All Britons to input a HMRC Self Assessment to remind them how much tax they pay.
    7. Married couples to combine and share their Income Tax bands; supporting part-time and stay at home parents.
    8. Combine National Insurance and PAYE income tax.
    9. Lower VAT to 10%, to discourage the black/cash economy.
    10. VAT receipts to be returned to local government at the point of sale.
    11. Allow any school to become a Grammar or selective school, on any criteria. eg. academic, music, religion.
    12. Abolish death and inheritance tax.
    13. Abolish stamp duty for first/primary residential property.
    14. End the marriage-for-passport slave trade, with no foreign marriage visas for the under 21s.
    15. Family reunion visas to be assessed to the criteria of the (old) High Skilled Migrant visa.