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11 Comments on Jeremy’s titled friends

  1. Your argument turns on whether the invasion of Poland was a little local difficulty, not little to the Poles, especially Jewish Poles, (as well as the take over of Czechoslovakia, and the annexation of Austria) was just a rearrangement of Europe’s borders, it is just possible to think Britain should have stayed out of it. But Hitler was a murderous psychopath with genocidal intentions, and inevitably we would have had to face him alone after he had seized the whole of Europe. America would not have helped. She stole all our gold at the start of the war, and did not give a toss about Hitler. As for present day politics – if you think the large minorities in the US share English heritage values, do go ahead and whistle in the dark…..

    • I would let it go but you do say some rather irrational things. Whether the dispute between Germany and Poland was a minor affair or a major one is not relevant, Britain could do nothing about it either way.
      America did not “steal all your gold”. Britain had reneged on it’s First World War debts in the early 30s. The US then passed a law that all future purchases by Britain would have to be paid for in cash, a reasonable stance don’t you think? The US insisted in being paid in gold rather than sterling paper, again, a very reasonable stance, would you take an IOU from a man about to die?
      The values I refer to are American values not English ones. It is a fact that the US Constitution draws from English history, in particular Magna Carta and the Glorious Revolution of 1688, but the whole product is American, and yes many minorities hold it just as dearly as those who came on the Mayflower.

  2. Perhaps Roger from Florida can explain how Britain started the Second World War. I am a very keen fan of the United States, whose political system is far superior to any other country’s but it will not escape what is happening to us . America’s children too are deeply infected with political correctness which is not just a passing silliness but a post Marxist political movement that is gathering strength.

    As reported by UPI, by 2044 the number of white children living in America will be outnumbered by the number of non-white children. By 2060, researchers project the total population of non-Hispanic white Americans of all ages to drop from 62.6 percent of the nation’s population to 44 percent, and for the first time in U.S. history, no one race will account for the majority of the nation’s population. http://www.medicaldaily.com/us-census-predicts-future-race-america-2044-whites-become-minority-324788

    Roger has that special type of vision which only allows him to read facts supporting his case

    • I thought I already had but I will try again: Britain, in the person of the detestable and despicable Neville Chamberlain, had pursued a policy of accommodation and appeasement towards Germany in its many political issues in Central and Eastern Europe, all of which were local difficulties. In a fit of pique and righteous indignation he decided that Germany had been treating him like the complete ass he was, and he abruptly did a 180 and presented Germany with an ultimatum that he knew Germany would not comply with, and worse, that Britain could do nothing to enforce.
      Thus local difficulties in Eastern Europe, that were no business of Britain’s anyway, were used to force France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, and others, to declare war against Germany although none of those countries, with the exception of France, were in any danger from Germany. This is how a local dispute in Eastern Europe became WW2, and Britain initiated it. I describe the decision as reckless and irresponsible, which it clearly was, Britain was in no way fit militarily, industrially, economically, financially or socially, to take on Germany.
      Your figures about whites against minorities is typical of English narrow thinking. The US is a “proposition nation”, certainly founded and the proposition established by men of primarily English heritage and drawing heavily upon English history. However there are many people in the US of other ethnicity’s who value that proposition just as highly as most of the current white majority. For such people as Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Michele Malkin, Larry Elder, and countless thousands of others, belief in the values of America are held very dear.
      What will England look like in 2050? or Germany? France? Holland? Italy?

  3. PJR’s comment in Welcome to Oceania above this blog is as good an answer to Roger in Florida as any although it is only part of the picture. Like America which is already in decline, and will be a Spanish speaking banana republic by 2050, England is unrecognisable from what it was in the fifties. Most English people are socialist now in a way you would hardly believe. The Tory party is the government but it does not rule, it has not ruled since Thatcher and it did not rule before her until we get back to Churchill. The majority of our young people think frontiers are wicked, capitalism is evil., racism is a crime without forgiveness, Islam is a peaceful religion and America is the fount of all evil. These ideas began with the march from the institutions in the sixties….but it is a long story and not for those who think they have easy answers

    • “the Tory party is in power but it does not rule”: The reason for this is that for most Tories being in office is enough, they abdicated the power, it wasn’t seized from them. Truthfully the Tory party had no clue what to do, and even if they had had some principles or policies they had no clue as to how to implement them.
      Thatcherism can best be understood as an acknowledgment of the incompetence of the ruling elite and the subsequent decision to sell off assets (and therefore responsibility) but leave the political marionettes with their status.
      A more recent example of this is the Tory decision to sell off part of the English justice system to a French catering company, apparently believing (with some justification) that a French caterer is more competent to dispense justice than the professional civil servants of the Home office.
      America “will be a Spanish speaking banana republic by 2050”. This nonsensical statement reveals Mr. Harris’s deep resentment and jealousy of the USA. This is common among his generation as he witnessed the humiliation of Britain in WW2. When, after starting the war with the reckless and irresponsible declaration against Germany, Britain soon became aware that it’s very survival, not victory, but survival, was entirely dependent on American aid. The humiliation of the Suez crisis showed finally and forever that Britain could not sneeze without American permission.
      The tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire shows in stark relief the true nature of English society. The lack of organizational, managerial or administrative ability. The lack of technical knowledge or even of any interest in the technical issues by the political decision makers. The appallingly low standards of building codes, building design and construction methods. The complete and utter callousness of those who should have had an emergency response plan in place.
      England is very sick indeed, in fact the self destruct button was irretrievably pressed decades ago. Britain is now entering a recession from which it will never emerge. The future for England is a nightmare, and it was all self inflicted.

  4. This lady is passing herself off as a socialist when she is titled and very rich. The phenomena of titled very rich socialists in Labour governments calling for increased taxes on the middle class is well known. Labour with her enthusiastic support as one of its main spokesladies has called for a swinging land tax. Your ignorance of contemporary Britain is truly astonishing. Its almost 19th century. The idea of a shadowy upper class of rich Tories bankrupting the country is about as outdated as believing mammoths still roam the banks of the Thames. The new wreckers are rich socialists often married to hugely wealthy bankers, overseas land owning sharks, a whole train of ignorant greedy chancers.

    • so, oh Oracle of the Salisbury Review, enlighten me: In the 67 years since 1950, for how many years have your Tories been in power? Never mind, I will tell you, 42. Now according to you that fact means nothing, the Tories are not responsible in any way for the disastrous state of England, they bear no responsibility for the state of education, infrastructure, general civility, or, for the most important disaster of all; demographics.
      Apparently, you believe the real culprits are some class of socialist spivs who have magical powers of command and therefore do not need to be actually governing the country in order to implement their foul agenda.

      • from Roger in Florida:

        ‘the real culprits are some class of socialist spivs who have magical powers of command and therefore do not need to be actually governing the country in order to implement their foul agenda.’

        Ever heard of the Gramscian ‘long march through the institutions’? You should have, because it’s happened in your country too.

  5. So your point is that this lady is not entitled to purchase and use property according to her desires?
    Wow, I had the foolish idea that Salisbury Review supported private property rights.

    • No. Rather his point is that this Lady is a bitch who stands on her right to not respect an established custom that actually supports people in community.
      How long have you been reading the Salisbury Review?