Islamophobia how about Christianophobia?

An irrational fear of white civilisation

Should ‘Islamophobia’ be added to the diagnostic handbook of the American College of Psychiatrists? Words ending in the syllables ‘phobia’ or ‘phobic’ indicate an irrational fear over which patients have no control. This of course is how an increasingly radicalised BBC wishes the population to view anybody who objects to mass Islamic immigration. Medicalising political dissent however can lead to terrible consequences.  Prominent dissidents were shut up in mental hospitals in the Soviet Union and treated by psychiatrists under such diagnoses as; ‘Philosophical intoxication’ or ‘Delusions of Reformism.’ Victims were forcibly injected with drugs often causing permanent brain damage.

It is unlikely that we would stoop to such extreme methods. Ours will be a more British approach. In the next few weeks it is likely that the government will publish emergency regulations to prevent civil disorder. Magistrates faced with dissidents under such regulations would have powers to sentence people to compulsory ‘Islam Awareness’ courses, or in extreme cases long sessions of counselling and restrictions on their movements. For example not to enter premises where Muslims are to be found.

But what about the other side? There is no equivalent diagnosis for Muslims holding dangerously radical opinions about white western society.

May I suggest ‘Christianophobia’ ? An irrational fear of white civilisation ?


 Reference :Psychiatric Hegemony: A Marxist Theory of Mental Illness







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3 Comments on Islamophobia how about Christianophobia?

  1. Christianophobia is a disorder more widespread among European politicians than among Muslims. Take for example M.Macron who has suggested abolishing all Christian holidays as he believes that ‘France is no longer Christian’.

    • That’s right: in fact, Christianophobia is so widespread among the West’s intelligentsia that they are virtually forbidden NOT to suffer from it.