Britain is being waterboarded by EU negotiators

Mrs May has lost everything to Brussels

Brussels has absolutely no intention of letting Britain leave the EU. Negotiating with their officials is pointless, because without a substantial majority in parliament Theresa May has no negotiating position. This was demonstrated by the cool reaction by European leaders to her generous proposals on the rights of EU citizens in Britain. Only complete capitulation on the absolute right of every EU citizen to enter and settle in the UK under the jurisdiction of the European courts is acceptable, anything less will not to be contemplated.

This bears out the prophecy of Yanis Varoufakis the former Greek finance minister who described the EU’s negotiating position as one of ‘no negotiations’. Brussels does not intent to negotiate, only dictate, as it did when it bankrupted Greece and drove many of its poorest people onto the streets.

Theresa May has lost. She should go.

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3 Comments on Britain is being waterboarded by EU negotiators

  1. The country I love best after my own and the USA is England (not the UK, although I’m fond of it too) but so glad not to live there now. Prisoners – that’s what you are.