Jeremy Corbyn; £1 = €0.34c

The greatest run on pound since the South Sea Bubble

Open letter to the Chairman of the Conservative Party…

Dear Sir Patrick,

Because the life of our nation is now plunged into a greater danger than any we have experienced since the end of the Second World War, I call upon you urgently to summon an extraordinary conference of the party to deal with the undoubted emergency with which we are faced.

The lamentable incompetence of the prime minister has made it more than likely that, within a very short time, she will be succeeded in the highest office by a man who is best described as an enemy of the state. I am aware that this is a most serious charge, so I will now justify it.

In 1984, Jeremy Corbyn invited convicted members of the IRA to the House of Commons a mere three weeks after their Brighten bomb which was intended to wipe out the then prime minister and most of her cabinet. Corbyn has since praised IRA terrorists and “…anyone who is in favour of a united Ireland.” His fondness for terrorism extends beyond our islands: he campaigned for the acquittal of Javad Bulmeh and Samar Alami for their bombing of the Israeli embassy; he has referred to Hamas and Hezbollah as “our friends” while condemning the democratic state of Israel for “its policy of Apartheid.” He is an admirer of the politics and economics of Venezuela and he claims that its former president Hugo Chavez “made massive contributions to Venezuela and a very wide world.” As a direct result of Chavez’s policies, the Venezuelan people now live on what they can scavenge from dustbins and their bankrupt country is in a state of violent anarchy. Corbyn is also an admirer of Fidel Castro, the former dictator of Cuba, whose rule impoverished his people and whose appalling abuses of human rights – imprisonment without trial, dozens of political assassinations and widespread torture – are matters of public knowledge. Corbyn’s other achievements include his own television show in the pariah state of Iran. Back home, he gushed, “The Morning Star is the most precious and only voice we have in the mass media.” And he campaigned for the international Marxist Tariq Ali to become a member of the Labour Party. The British armed forces are specially singled out for his disapproval and he is opposed to our nuclear deterrent and he has informed our enemies that he would never use it. He called the Falklands War of 1982 “a Tory plot.”

Corbyn’s economic policies would reduce Britain to the state of his admired Venezuela in a matter of months. He promises a huge rise in taxation and the re-nationalisation of the railways and the public utilities. A resurgent and militant trades’ union movement are huge supporters of Corbyn, not least because he has declared he will repeal the laws passed by Mrs Thatcher’s government to ban unofficial strikes and secondary picketing. He and his cronies have called for a “march of a million” and co-ordinated strikes throughout the summer, to culminate in a “Red October” – in the centenary year of the Bolshevik revolution – to bring down the elected government and put Corbyn in Number Ten. Thanks to his predecessor Ed Miliband’s largesse, Corbyn has been allowed to enrol 300,000 new supporters, with the right to vote, at £3 per head – his personal rentamob. There isn’t enough money in the world to pay for Corbyn’s economic policies, and his social policies promise class war and threaten civil war. There have already been outbreaks of criminal violence: when Angela Eagle stood against Corbyn in a leadership election, her office was trashed. Corbyn’s policies are so wildly impractical that 170 Labour MPs voted no confidence in him.

There are reasons for Corbyn’s great (and rising) popularity across the country. First, he has promised massively to increase the standard of living of the greater part of the population: this by the most stupendous series of fantastical bribes to all his supporters. Secondly, younger people are among his most fervent fans – because he has promised to enrich them and also because they are too young to remember the shambles of the last left wing Labour government which was brought down in the winter of discontent of 1979 when rubbish piled up in the streets and the dead went unburied. Thirdly – and this, in my view, is the main reason for Corbyn’s ascent – the Conservatives under Theresa May’s spectacularly awful leadership are so loathed that something approaching a national mood has emerged which says, “Anything but the Tories!”

When Mrs May foolishly called the general election – foolish because she had a working majority in the House of Commons – all the opinion polls gave her a lead of around 25%. The political commentators were agreed that the Labour Party was about to be killed off forever. In the six weeks campaign, that lead was wiped out and Labour made its greatest gains since its landslide in 1945. May faced an open goal but she chose to turn around and side-foot the ball into the back of her own net. How bad do you have to be to make people prefer Corbyn? Theresa May is the answer to that question. It was she who began the election campaign by alienating her core supporters in the party and the country.

Having made this catalogue of woes, I should like to end by saying that the dire situation is redeemable. To effect this redemption, the Conservative Party must turn once again to Conservative policies.

Cut taxes and business regulations.

Strictly limit all non-EU immigration.

Scrap the foreign aid budget.

Devise some policies which will encourage house-building.

But the first and most necessary step is to find a new leader to replace the malfunctioning automaton who has brought us to the edge of doom. Appoint – and very quickly – a leader who can communicate with the public, who speaks the truth plainly in a language we can all understand and who displays at least some of the characteristics of a rounded human being.

We are running out of time.

Please, Sir Patrick, for all our sakes, get a move on!

Peter Mullen



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4 Comments on Jeremy Corbyn; £1 = €0.34c

  1. From my own point of view, £1 = E0.34 would be brilliant as I am paid in foreign currency. However, not only is there the state of the nation to consider but Corbyn and McDonnell will deprive me of most of what I get.

    If the worst comes to the worst, the Army will get rid of Corbyn, or rather McDonnell, but only after five years when the country has reached a Venezuela-like state and McDonnell brings out an Enabling Act to perpetuate his power.

    (I think the Armed Forces and the police will still be sound after five years. But for longer, who knows? I watched the film London has Fallen last night, and while I thought it utterly implausible in the mass infiltration it assumes, it had a deeper plausibility, since, especially if present policies are maintained, the forces could well become practically indistinguishable in their composition from their ostensible enemies, as happened in the fifth century in the Roman Empire, and with similar consequences.)

    One option for the present might be a temporary realignment with Corbyn to get Brexit through. Brexit is of absolutely paramount importance because it gives us a chance of escaping and withstanding the Islamic tide which will engulf Europe. I think Corbyn can be manipulated by playing on a feature of his character not sufficiently noted, his colossal vanity.

    If the right-minded do not wish this road, then the policies you outline are the right ones but I would add reform of the justice and education systems. This is what will win the working class vote. If you really want to out-Corbyn the left, you can grant all publicly-owned housing to the occupiers. This would give you a permanent voting bloc of people afraid that the other party would give their property back.

    May was taking the Tory party to the left to win the middlde ground when nobody, at least for the moment, is interested in the middle ground. She is the most left-wing Tory leader since Edward Heath, without his excuse of living in a world of fantasy.

  2. Mr Mullen’s anger and frustration is easily understandable, however calling for the Conservative Party to produce a leader capable of leading England out of it’s current predicament is straw clutching of the most desperate kind. It was largely the Conservative Party that created this mess in the first place.
    I say England rather than Britain because Scotland still has time to save itself, which it will do as the economic consequences of the current insanity take effect.
    The truth is that there is no road back, England is now facing ruin. The sad truth is that it is all self inflicted.

  3. You had me worried there Peter. You sent me to Google to look up the exchange rate. One Euro is worth 88 pence. Phew!
    It’s a good letter, have you sent it?