Lying snug in bed while children drown

A Syrian migrant holds her frightened children as they arrive onshore.

Since the 1st of January just under a third of a million migrants have landed in Europe from Libya. Nearly a thousand have drowned.

It would be simple enough to stop this by picking the migrants up just off the coast and returning them to Libya to an onshore enclave defended by western troops. From there military transport aircraft would fly the returnees back to sub saharan Africa. The costs would be negligible compared with that spent on our forces deployed against ISIS in Syria.

The idea that this would breach Libyan sovereignty, an argument put about by the Foreign Office as an excuse for callous inaction, is revolting and cynical. Libya is no more a country than a bear pit.

It would take only a week or two for the message to spread that it was a waste of money and an unnecessary risk to one’s life to attempt the desert crossing.  In a month some 200 men women and children would be saved from drowning, in a year one thousand.

You cannot blame the charities for being lured into this trap, the flimsier the boats the people smugglers push off from shore the more rescue boats have to come and pick up those on board.

The blame lies with our politicians lying snug abed while children drown. Their lack of action is immoral, disgusting and inhuman





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5 Comments on Lying snug in bed while children drown

  1. Roger in Florida : Interesting that you spend so much time reading about a country that you believe does not function.

    What I proposed in my blog is not a camp but the relatively instant transfer of returned boat people to their countries of origin. It would require around five military transports, loading 300 passengers, operating from a defended air strip off the beach in Libya.Turn around would be about 48 hours per 300 batch. The aim would be ‘off the rescue ships and straight onto an aircraft’.

    The main problem would be bogus human rights claims, but as the entire European continent is threatened by an almost continuous tide of refugees, most of whom want our money not our legal system, and certainly not our tradition of tolerance, let us hope we can find some way to keep the lawyers at bay as the US did in Guantanomo.

    One way would be to exclude the appeals of all arrivals from safe countries such as those in sub Saharan Africa as well as Bangladesh, and those countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, who the so called ‘refugees’ helped to wreck either by commission or omission. In particular, anybody with a skill, engineer, doctor, nurse IT technician etc should be sent back.

    As far as military capability is concerned, you will recollect that a coalition of European air forces, led by Britain and France, as well as a small number of special forces on the ground, destroyed Gaddafi’s Libya in a month. It was not a wise thing to do, and a similar folly to the American and British invasion of Iraq, but at least we did not have to retreat from Libya as America did from Iraq, although since those days of absurd chest beating by the Americans they have seen sense and the value of training up local forces to beat Isis – with Russian help

  2. The only military with the capability to pull off such an operation and provide the essential infrastructure for what would surely become a refugee camp holding millions is the US military. Certainly some European nations can supply some assistance but this would inevitably turn into a combat mission.
    At this time there isn’t the slightest chance of such an operation being mounted as there is no political will, or courage, whatsoever in Europe to contain this “refugee” crisis. Which isn’t actually a refugee crisis as much as it is an invasion from dysfunctional, overpopulated countries that have nothing like the human capital required to solve their problems, so it is on the European welfare state to support these millions (soon to be billions).

    • The last thing anyone would want is the US military in Libya. The successful military power in the Middle East is Russia, not the US. The latter screwed up badly in Afghanistan and Iraq, with both countries reduced to mayhem and anarchy after the US invaded.

      “After Iraqi security forces took the lead in security operations on 30 June 2009, Iraq experienced a “dramatic reduction in war-related violence of all types …, with civilian and military deaths down by 80 to 90 percent compared with the same period in 2008.”[20] Wikipedia

      • As usual, you are out of your mind. Russia has no force projection capabilities whatsoever, although attacking the Bear would be a very difficult campaign indeed.
        Have you even begun to consider the ramifications of that which you propose?
        A safe area for 1 million “refugees” would require about 50,000 housing units if there were 20 to a unit. Another 5,000 units for toilets, cooking and clothes cleaning would be required. Then there would be the power station and electrical lines, the water purification plants, the sewage treatment plants, the justice building, the hospitals and clinics, the roads, a port, an airport. none of this could be supplied by the totally dysfunctional British state: You people have had to bribe the communist Chinese to build a nuclear power station for you. You are completely incompetent, lazy and stupid.
        Perhaps you just intend to deposit these unfortunate people on the beach and then leave them to die of starvation and thirst, how very Tory and Christian of you.
        If you want top extend the Crown writ to a foreign country I suggest you start with East London: Here is a short video of the Met dealing with the “English” population of that dump:
        If it were my decision I would just call out the Royal Fusiliers with live ammo and terminate the shitskin swine.
        We have the treat of James Hewitt’s son, AKA Prince Harry, telling us that the “Royal Family” (which is really just Doreen’s story with posh accents) “can’t be arsed” to assume the throne. This just confirms that the entire English society, from top to bottom, is just lazy, entitled crap.
        With not a shred of integrity, honour or attention to duty and obligation rather than rights of entitlement, you lot expect to become a global trading power. Delusion on a monumental scale!

  3. We had the same issue with people coming from many Muslim countries to Malaysia and Indonesia then doing the boat run to Ausralia. Some even tried coming all the way from Sri Lanka. We don’t know how many drowned.Once word got out that nobody coming by boat would be allowed onto Australian soil the boats and the drownings stopped.

    A by product was that we have more resources to bring in genuine refugees in a more orderly fashion.