MP’s ‘N’ word; Re-enactment of the stoning scene in the film Life of Brian


A Conservative MP rocked the nation by using the ‘N’ word in a speech to colleagues this afternoon, Tuesday the 10th of July 2017. Since then the airwaves have been filled with scenes and conversations reminiscent of the stoning of the man who uttered the forbidden word Yahweh in the film Life of Brian.



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3 Comments on MP’s ‘N’ word; Re-enactment of the stoning scene in the film Life of Brian

  1. Still, one would have thought that this MP would have been more clued-up on the PC requirements regarding the use of this sort of language. It is rather a matter of simple courtesy. I knew English people forty years ago who would have winced at hearing anyone using this word.

    At the same time there is the usual PC double-standard. I was once told by an earnest young black woman at a diversity awareness course that young blacks are ‘reclaiming’ this word and using it among themselves. Examples can be found in certain genres of music.

    As to shrines, the statue of Mary Seacole at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, depicting her as a colossus striding towards the seat of government, became something of a shrine, complete with the now-usual candles, flowers and soft toys, after the murder of a senior nurse in the Borough mass murders.

  2. Why should she have to apologise for such a trivial remark? Many more serious things happen & nothing is done. Lunacy.

  3. Unbelievable that her words of apology did not lessen the alleged ‘seriousness’ of the matter either…. this so called unforgivable ‘crime’! May it be a warning for all other ‘PC’ unbelievers!