‘Pilate saith unto him, What is truth?’ John 18.38

Litvinenko, Syria,Downed Malaysian Airliner MH17, Ukraine

Malaysian Flight MH 17 July 2014
Recent speech by Putin criticising the west for abandoning Christian roots.



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2 Comments on ‘Pilate saith unto him, What is truth?’ John 18.38

  1. Putin would know all about this.

    The KGB played a significant role in the psychological warfare that the Soviet Union engaged in for decades to create moral and societal decay in the West.

    One only needs to read the accounts of high level defectors like Stanislav Lunev, Oleg Kalugin, & Yuri Bezmanov.

    Their work in the Peace Movements of the 1960s were particularly effective – many of those protesting hippies became professors of major universities whose legacies we see even today.

    Putin knows what this rot does and doesn’t want it in Russia. He is hardly the nicest chap around but at least he is not trying to exterminate his people and culture like most of the Western leaders today.