The Fulminating Niceness of Canada

27th August 2017 7

Recently invited to Canada to give a paper at a conference, I had to apply for a travel document on-line. When it came to gender (not sex, of course), I was given a choice of three possibilities: male, female or unspecified. I was outraged. Only three? Surely, if there is one thing we have learned in the last few months, … [Read on]

Mrs May. Britain’s Socialist Prime Minister

27th August 2017 6

“A creeping sense of hostility to business” has taken hold in the Conservative party, says George Freeman, former head of Downing Street’s policy unit. This hostility is not “creeping,” George; under Mrs May it is galloping. Last Saturday the prime minister denounced “the unacceptable face of capitalism.” I suppose her statement was a follow-up to her disastrous election manifesto which … [Read on]

Britain’s Potemkin Education system continues to fail

24th August 2017 3

All shall run and all shall win prizes, and even those who don’t run shall receive prizes. That’s how it is in the UK’s state education system. You think I’m just a nasty elitist being sarcastic? Well, don’t listen to me. Listen to Sally Collier, chief regulator of examinations at OFQUAL: “All our kids are brilliant.” That is a remark of outstanding idiocy … [Read on]

Whisky in the Jar; Ireland’s Coming Smuggling Boom

23rd August 2017 1

An enormous economic opportunity might soon peacefully enrich millions of Irish people, if a certain couple of organisations don’t gobble up most of it instead.  Right now we are hearing absurd claims that potential EU problems with the Northern-Irish / Republic-of-Ireland border are somehow the responsibility of Britain’s “foolish and irresponsible” decision to leave the pact. This is completely wrong: … [Read on]

‘When beggars die there are no comets seen’

21st August 2017 2

The USA is about to be plunged into the darkness of a total solar eclipse. Might this physical darkness be an outward and visible sign of a political darkness descending on that nation? Ironically – weirdly – the last time a total eclipse occurred exclusively in the USA was in 1776, the year of the Declaration of Independence. Is the belief in signs … [Read on]

He who will prepare a table for us in the presence of our enemies

19th August 2017 9

Why is Jacob Rees-Mogg so mocked and derided? Theresa May said she “giggled” when it was suggested he might be a candidate for the Tory leadership. “Giggled”? That’s nothing: I wept when the stupendously incompetent and inept Theresa May was promoted to high office. In fact Rees-Mogg is by no means universally mocked. That still considerable number of sensible and informed people, … [Read on]

The Religion of Peace

18th August 2017 1

The front pages are full of it with headlines: “Massacre….Terrorism…Evil strikes again…Holiday horror…” The always enterprising Sun sports “BASTARDS!” Why will none of these editors tell the true story? We know who the “Terrorists” are. We know who are inflicting “Massacre” and the “Horror.”  In every case they are Muslims. “Muslim” is the most accurate description of the perpetrators. Some may be … [Read on]

Back to the future with Corbynomics

12th August 2017 8

In 2013 Jeremy Corbyn tweeted ‘Thank Hugo Chavez for showing the poor matter and that wealth can be shared. He has made massive contributions to Venezuela and a very wide world.’ In July 2017 as Venezuela, having followed a strict socialist path, descended into poverty and violence with people scavenging for food and over one hundred dead due to rioting, … [Read on]

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