NHS Tourism; Take a deep breath and say, ‘my HMRC tax account number is…..’

Stealing Grandma's health insurance

The Nocturnal Appearance of M Barnier

Health Tourism is stealing from the the sick of this country. Although it has been going on for years why has it not been put a stop to ?

Following a court case over five years ago involving Nigerian plaintiffs, the Department of Health circulated doctors with specific instructions not in any way, even a twitch of the clinical eyebrow, to distinguish between obvious health tourists and legitimate NHS patients. In particular doctors and receptionists were forbidden to ask for any form of identification from patients whether newly arrived or having lived here all their lives. The circular was phrased in such a way that should Al Capone himself parachute through the surgery roof, no questions were to be asked.

Why? Hospital managers are extremely reluctant to find out which foreign patients are cheating the system because if the latter vanish without paying, the loss is deducted from the hospital budget and not refunded by the Treasury. The more cheats you find, the less money you get to run your hospital. Is this the reason NHS numbers, which can be had no questions asked from your local health authority, are not linked to your tax records or, if you are a new arrival, to your immigration status? Could it be we don’t want to make it too easy for hospitals to chase up non payers?

Doctors leaders, most of whom are deeply socialist, and therefore like many socialist leaders, enjoy huge incomes, and want to appear terribly compassionate and caring with your money, claim that it is not a GP’s job to check a patient’s credentials. How would doctors know the meaning of the various immigration stamps in a passport?

There is a very simple answer. All patients need to be asked to do is to produce their HMRC account number, it does not matter if the patient has paid his taxes, nor how much he or she pays or is in arrears or not, it will show that he or she is part of the NHS insurance scheme, just as if you make a claim on your motor insurance you have to state the name of your insurance company.

It is a proposal that sends shivers through Whitehall. The one thing the mandarins don’t want the public to know is the extent and size of the shadow nation that lives in Britain.

We are now told there are about to be reforms. Pigs might fly….or in this case patients leaving their bills behind.©







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2 Comments on NHS Tourism; Take a deep breath and say, ‘my HMRC tax account number is…..’

  1. A huge proportion of NHS funding is spent/wasted on Socialist totems like:
    -the compensation culture
    -third-world immigrants
    -health tourism
    -layers of bureaucracy

  2. The NHS is riddled with paper-pushing, form-filling bureaucrats.

    It’s surely not beyond their capabilities to check a ‘patient’s credentials’ before treatment is administered … or is it?