Comrade Theresa

Someone must have bought Paul Dacre a new alarm clock – one that works. For this morning the Daily Mail is reporting the deputy Labour leader John McDonnell’s call for an insurrection. The word “insurrection” means a violent uprising.

But, sometime during Mr Dacre’s protracted sleep, McDonnell had called for the insurrection a long time ago: in fact he issued his bloodcurdling cry back in May 2013. He repeated this call for an uprising just after this year’s  general election. The plan was for “a co-ordinated series of public sector strikes culminating in a Red October” which would sweep Jeremy Corbyn into Number Ten

The Red October bit is an historical reference to the Bolshevik revolution which happened exactly one hundred years ago.

Whether McDonnell’s planned uprising will succeed makes no difference. The country faces imminent chaos in any event.

On one side there is the fire-breathing 300,000 horde of Corbynistas, Labour’s storm-troopers recruited into party membership at the reduced rate of thirty bob a time. They are ready to take to she streets as soon as Jeremy waves the red flag. In fact they can hardly wait. These militants can count on the support of the million or so infantilised “young people,” snowflakes, the drones who buzz around in their I LOVE JEREMY CORBYN t-shirts. And of course they enjoy the sympathy of the lumpen intelligentsia on The Guardian, The Independent and in the BBC, as well as the useful idiots who “read” the Daily Mirror

We were warned. A few weeks ago I noted on this website Corbyn’s admiration for Chavez and Maduro and the economics of Venezuela.

We may not have long to wait. Just think – you too could be grovelling in a dustbin for your food very soon.

But surely, I hear a strangled cry, the great majority of the people of our country are not so stupid. They will not be taken in by the promise of the Marxist utopia. And you are quite right: the majority will not be so seduced. But the history of revolutions tells us that there doesn’t need to be a majority in order for the insurrectionists to succeed. All it needs is a committed and energised mob of fanatics motivated by slogans threatening the capitalists with the fires of hell and promising heaven on earth for the mob.

Now of course, if we had a strong government, that is a government with moral and political commitment and determination led by a competent prime minister – let us say after the manner of Margaret Thatcher – then we could hope to repel the red menace; indeed, as she repelled it when it was led by Corbyn’s hero Arthur Scargill.

But we don’t have Margaret Thatcher. We have Theresa May.

That last sentence by itself is enough to make you tremble.

For Mrs May is the most incompetent and sublimely inept prime minister in at least the last hundred years. She is so bad, in fact, that she couldn’t even see off the apparatchik Jeremy Corbyn. If she had not been so foolish as to call a general election when she had a perfectly workable majority, Corbyn by now would be toast: despatched by the members of the parliamentary Labour party. As things stand, Corbyn is the hero of the left who denied May an overall majority.

Still, things might not be so dire if May were to show some intelligence, some purposeful policy. But she can’t, owing to that great burden of personal incompetence and ineptitude, to which qualities must be added her supremely misplaced self-confidence. Instead of a firm stand against the revolutionaries, she is tacking – no, making that lurching – to their side. In that June election campaign, a commentator remarked that she had just taken Ed Miliband’s manifesto and moved it to the left.

She has abandoned the pay cap on the public service workers and she is throwing money around all over the place. More for the NHS. More for schools. More for everyone. More government involvement in industry and commerce. More of everything – except sound sense, except conservatism.

Thus Corbyn finds himself and his gang – chief henchman the sickening John McDonnell – unopposed.

We no longer have an effective Conservative government. We have a Marxist government in waiting and a socialist government in office.

Gosh, whatever shall we do?

Buy in lots of tinned food ahead of the co-ordinated strikes –  and say your prayers.

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4 Comments on Comrade Theresa

  1. But Martin, history shows that the high-minded formula set out in your fourth sentence only ever produces only chaos, cruelty and corruption. That is why nobody is a Socialist and why Socialism’s Brave New World never arrives.

  2. No way is Theresa may a socialist! Good grief! Abandoning the pay cap on public sector workers & throwing money all over the place does not constitute socialism, it requires to be a lot more organised than that. I used to be a socialist & to us of that persuasion it meant public ownership of the means of production controlled by a common plan supposedly democratically worked out & controlled by the workers based on human need. Also it meant the distribution of the wealth produced by the means of production on the basis of human need. Does our present Tory government do this? No. All we have had from Tory & Labour governments since Margaret Thatcher is privatisation & yet more privatisation of publicly owned organisations. One can call the Tory party Cultural Marxists certainly, because this ideology, e.g. political correctness, gay marriage, gender politics, women’s rights, bowing to Islam etc is within their remit, but they are never going to give up their positions of wealth & privilege for the benefit of the socialist revolution!

  3. Come on Peter!
    You`ve long been held in the highest regard as a rock sold man of God, and quite a prophetic voice.
    There`s plenty biblical references and parallels about the pathetic Tories and the malevolent Socialists-anti Semitic, godless scum-yet let`s assume that they`re somehow in Gods image. Gods anger is to be understood, and even IS reveal an aspect if we look carefully.
    God backs Israel-loves Trump and rejoices at Brexit. Does anybody think that years of evil is so easily overturned by two close votes last year? The evil principalities and powers are not so easily bucked after half a century and more. But “booked” they will be. Have faith, God Bless and keep you encouraged.


    What is Conservatism Anyways?
    Russell Kirk 20 March , 2013
    Excerpt :
    ” Being neither a religion nor an ideology, the body of opinion termed conservatism possesses no Holy Writ and no Das Kapital to provide dogmata. So far as it is possible to determine what conservatives believe, the first principles of the conservative persuasion are derived from what leading conservative writers and public men have professed during the past two centuries. After some introductory remarks on this general theme, I will proceed to list ten such conservative principles.

    Perhaps it would be well, most of the time, to use this word “conservative” as an adjective chiefly. For there exists no Model Conservative, and conservatism is the negation of ideology: it is a state of mind, a type of character, a way of looking at the civil social order. “