The True Meaning of Parson’s Green

Is there any difference today?

Hitler’s left us no doubt of his intention to conquer Europe when he marched his troops into the Sudetenland in 1939. Similarly the Parson’s Green attack has left us in no doubt of the intention of Isis, to use remote controlled bombs carried by fanatics to bring the capital’s transport system down. Like Hitler, no appeals to conscience, no amount of kindness or sympathy will make a whit of difference to those out of the 3,000 like minded potential terrorists here in Britain prepared to carry out the attacks. If Hitler had been fostered in the kindest of homes, he would still have been the evil monster he grew up to be. To be that bad, to be totally incapable of envisaging the suffering of others, is not a remediable characteristic.

Psychopaths always have their liberal apologists. Just as in the nineteen thirties the BBC and Whitehall did everything they could to conceal the danger Britain was in from the Nazis, within hours of Parson’s Green the airwaves were thronged with apologists demanding the flow of migrants should continue. All they needed, they said, was better information on who the refugees were so dangerous ones could be identified and helped. The apologists are the very people who last year were pressing for ‘child’ refugees aged up to thirty years old, many bearded, to be allowed to come to Britain, and who were delighted to see the BBC black out such ‘children’s’ features so the public would not know their true ages. For liberals all migration, even if it will destroy our society, is a universal good, each migrant a lesson in the evils of colonialism, our part in it and why we must pay.

It is time to awake from the liberal dream. There are migrants in this country who wish us serious harm. It is time we deported the most dangerous of them. We know who they are.




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7 Comments on The True Meaning of Parson’s Green

  1. The trouble with using terms like ‘Psychopaths” is that it is a blanket description. The Jihadis may be bold, “disinhibited” and lacking empathy when it comes to non muslims. But the exact opposite in their own community. Psychology and psychiatry should keep out of it. This is Islamic fundamentalism. During the Lindt Cafe siege the psychiatrist exacerbated the situation. The Inquest refused to name him/her , so I assume they are still practicing.

  2. I agree that deportation should be enforced in a number of cases…it is obvious (although not seemingly to our leaders). However, a big problem we have is that in some cases, we DON’T actually know who these people are. As I understand it, one of the difficulties in identifying the real number of victims in the Grenfell tower block fire is that there were illegal immigrants living there who were totally unknown to the authorities.

    Imagine how many other folk are living in this country without paperwork.

    Add to this the fact that many of the Islamic terrorists past and present are British citizens (officially, although their allegiance is elsewhere), so we cannot actually deport them, and it is clear we have a much deeper and sinister problem.

    According to recent government figures there are 3,000 jihadis who pose a serious risk, and a further 23,000 who are borderline. Since these days the only thing conservative about the government are their figures, you can probably double that number, as well as consider all those possibly countless tens of thousands who may be “sympathetic” to the jihadi.

    Either way we are facing an army, whose numbers swell every day, aided and abetted by a liberal left who have spent the past 60 years trashing every aspect of western civilisation; from philosophy to religion to history and morality.

  3. Winds and whirlwinds immediately spring to mind. Unfortunately Hosea doesn’t go beyond whirlwinds which is what we need to be thinking about now!

  4. We have now reached the stage where many of the people working in the inward immigration industry are immigrants themselves or the sons and daughters of such. Why should they have any compunction about shipping more and more of their kinfolk into a country which to them is no more than a milch-cow?

  5. It’s interesting how the Bulgarians expelled all their Muslims in the 1980s. It is perhaps sad that it takes an authoritarian regime to take the necessary steps, our democratic one seems totally paralysed. Its own liberal values have turned into their opposite, from being a force for success to being a force for destruction.

  6. I accept your analysis and share your sense of frustration, but can’t see anything practical being done given the way in which our electoral politics plays out. It seems we really have become a self-liquidating culture.