We will fight them with our floral tributes

The Department of Health consults its usual sources

As a result of last Sunday’s elections, the AFD, the third largest party in Germany, has declared that Muslims are not welcome in that country. Meanwhile in Holland, the second largest party has said the same. Even the most cursory examination of social trends in the European nations helps explain this antipathy.

Brussels  has become the jihadist capital of Europe, a city where more than half of the continent’s terrorist atrocities are planned and co-ordinated. It contains the highest per capita number of fighters in Europe. The Molenbeck suburb is a no go area, a ghetto, with twenty-two mosques. 6% of the population of Belgium as a whole are Muslim.

Malmo in Sweden is a hell-hole of violent crime organised and perpetrated by Muslim immigrants. In this formerly eirenic and ultra-tolerant country there are now so many sex crimes that it has been described as the rape capital of the world – worse even than South Africa

Hungary’s prime minster has stated, “We don’t want any more Muslims here.” There are now two razor wire fences to keep them out. Foreign minister Peter Szijarto says the fences have been built as a defence “against migration pressure.”

The rule of political correctness is absolute in Germany where Andre Schulz, head of the Criminal Police Association complains, “Only 10% of rapes and other sex crimes are reported.”And the police have asked the media not to show photographs of suspects for fear that this would reveal them as Muslims. In the first nine months of 2016 – the latest period for which figures are available – there were 2790 sex offences – that’s about ten each day.

Italy is suffering more than most countries as it is the arrival point of choice for African immigrants – 59,000 of them this year so far.

In Spain the immigration numbers are three times what they were last year and there is widespread violence as the incomers attempt to storm the barriers erected to keep them out .

According to an American journalist working in Greece, “It is as though the population has simply been replaced by Muslims and the country’s institutions by those of Islam.”

I wonder, in the light of these catastrophic events, will there ever come a tipping point when Europeans say to hell with political correctness and accusations of “Islamophobia”: enough is enough?

Allow me a personal anecdote. On 9/11 I was at a conference in Oxford. After the attacks on  New York and Washington, I returned quickly to my family and to the church where I was rector in the City of London. On the crowded train, travellers were sombre and subdued. I noticed the Daily Telegraph’s front page headline AMERICA AT WAR. I was moved with a sensation very far from happiness but something like the first stirrings of a sense of relief. I said, almost aloud to myself, “Well at least these attacks mean the end of political correctness. Now at last the West will wake up.”

But we didn’t. If the deaths of 3000 innocent people going about their daily business would not provoke us to take decisive action, whatever in the world would?

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5 Comments on We will fight them with our floral tributes

  1. Here’s my angle. On the one side you have an overgrown mass spewing out bits rapacious and itching for gain, on the other side you have a rich jelly that has beguiled itself free of natural defences. You tell me what happens next. Oh, and the rich jelly, it hardly remembers anything about what made its stuff so fine and compelling. How much will that meal be regretted? Not by the eater to be sure, but by the rest of us … immeasurably.

  2. Not sure about Roger in Florida’s belief in the “population explosion”. There is plenty of room in Africa.

    I hope the principle of free speech will permit this but I put the blame for the mass exodus squarely on backwardness and general incompetence of third world societies on that continent. Since the end of oppression and exploitation by the white colonialists they have had decades to build on what was left behind. Where are the free and successful societies they were going to create? Why is Africa not experiencing a flood of ethnic African peoples struggling to escape the “white supremacist racism” of Europe?

    I can’t help but think that if the flow of peoples were in the opposite direction (ie. white Europeans into Africa) they would make a success of that continent.

  3. Yes well, Peter Mullen and FL Roger tell it as it is, and next steps:

    1. Immediate internment of suspected bad guys, their supporters and trailing families now in Europe, in which I include UK. Probably interned in Siberia, but perhaps a corner in Germany. Remember that after 1945, some explained that the best location for the Jewish State would be in Germany -would have served the Germans right, and avoided various problems in ME.

    2. Turn ’em back across MENA -oh yes, major casualties, but there’s no way to regain, maintain, maintain civilization without a cost in ruthless brutality.

    3. Devise and implement a deal whereby China “does things” across black Africa to lift employment and living standards. Good luck, because Chinese investors are already pulling out of Africa -too hard- and Chinese managers and workers there say it’s darn difficult to get anything done with the locals).

    4. Devise and implement a scheme whereby Israeli ingenuity and Saudi Arabian money combine to “do something useful” in ME. Good luck with that one too.

    Time to get smart and ruthless, pay high costs, and a bit of Divine Providence will follow, as it typically does.

  4. https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/11044/europe-white-death

    Europe: The Great White Death?
    by Drieu Godefridi
    September 24, 2017 at 5:00 am

    Excerpt :

    It will take only 30 to 40 years for the Muslim population to become the majority in Europe. — Charles Gave, French financier, website of the Institut des Libertés.

    That uttering this truth causes such mayhem and furious condemnations in the media reveals that in Europe, not only is the “native” population dying, but free speech as well

  5. The fundamental cause of all this chaos is the population explosion in the 3rd world, particularly ME/North Africa, basically all of Africa; East, West and sub Saharan, and on the Indian sub continent. There are insufficient resources, both human and natural, to provide even the most basic living, these places are miserable. But they see on their smart phones and in the internet cafes and hear by word of mouth how wonderful life is in Europe, Australia and North America. Not surprisingly millions of them already and billions more to come want their piece of this easy living, especially as there are western politicians eager to tell them that all the wealth was stolen from them in the first place, through ruthless colonialism, imperialism and white supremacy.
    This mass movement needs to be stopped and reversed, otherwise “dark age” will not even begin to describe the hell that awaits our grandchildren.