Does the term ‘Far Right’ mean a return to the gas chambers?

The Zombie who can only remain buried if we surrender our culture

As I understand it, ‘Far Right’ means Nazi. So why do the media, especially the BBC, refer to any party that opposes unlimited immigration as ‘Far Right’? Huge numbers of the German population voted for Alternative for Germany. Does this mean they were voting for the re-opening of the concentration camps, gas chambers, the looting and burning of Jewish shops, the invasion of Poland and Russia?

No. They were voting to limit immigration of economic refugees from the Middle East and Africa who have no reason to be in Germany. Indeed one can be sure, knowing the Germans, that most Alternative for Germany voters are not against accepting genuine refugees. Why should they be as the numbers of the latter are so small ?

However such is the grip of PC censorship that the term ‘Far Right’ is now used to describe anybody who is against mass migration. Mass migration has little to do with accepting refugees who are fleeing death and persecution. It is a dream of bogus equality, a dream we saw on those eager European faces waving flags of welcome at German railway stations as  nearly a million foreigners arrived in 2015. It is also a dream of the far left who see in refugees a hammer with which to smash our culture. The term has become the bogeyman of European society, the zombie with a Hitler moustache who will return if we do not throw open our doors to anybody who knocks. 

Well rehearsed in guilt by the left, those railway station faces were saying; ‘Please forgive us for, for our crime free streets, our fabulous schools, air conditioned factories, super punctual trains, Mercedes, autobahns and world class hospitals. We want you to come and and share them with us.’

Did they really think there would be no consequences to their actions? Are they children ?

Beware. If you offer to share your favourite toys with total strangers, soon they will want to take them off you. There will be fights on the nursery floor, more and more strangers on hearing about this fabulous capitalist nursery will start coming, until the floor is strewn with wrecked and splintered toys: The broken toys of law and order, free speech, prosperity, religious and sexual equality.



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  1. In the last thirty or so years, the whole political spectrum as defined by the media and political elite has shifted significantly to the left on many issues, including on immigration. So what in the mid-1980s was a moderate and acceptable view held by most because it was seen as reasonable (i.e. low immigration, accepting only genuine refugees, and having real border controls) is now viewed as right-wing or far right. A new orthodoxy has been imposed on the public by government and media, heavily influenced by academia.

  2. Once upon a time people had a lively sense of how they dangle, and how they would fall into the abyss of the state of nature but for the rope of civilization (tied up top to the good, the noble, and the true) that they hold on to. Naturally they protected the golden rope that kept life safe & good. Now people think man is born on solid ground, and that the tree of civilizational goods needs no tending & will of itself make an infinite fruit for absolutely everyone to enjoy for ever, no love of tree needed.

  3. How ‘far’ is ‘far,? That depends on where one is looking from, doesn’t it ?

    If one is well to the left, a position to the right may well be far away.

    The question is complicated by the fact that the centre has been shifted well to the left, at least for the political classes. Thus a reasonable conservative position, once unexceptional, might well now be thought of as far right by those who consider themselves mainstream Left Liberals.

    The Conservative Party would be thought if as left wing in the USA.

  4. ….As I understand it, ‘Far Right’ means Nazi…

    You are out of date. ‘Far Right’ now means ‘any position that the Guardian/BBC disagrees with’…

  5. Thank you, Myles, for offering such a clear headed corrective to the fuzzy brained, muddle minded clap trap that is contemporary BBC/mainstream media commentary on Europe’s (much denied) suicide.

  6. Dear Folk who sincerely believe that the BBC is destructive of good things,

    It would be useful if you lobby your MP to start discussions among colleagues aimed at splitting the BBC budget into a Left (as it is) portion and a non-Left portion.

    Create two separate entities.

    There is no way to re-educate existing BBC people away from their reflexive Left silliness, and they cannot be banished.

    So let ’em be.

    But ensure that 50% of taxpayer BBC funding goes into non-Left media.

  7. How far is the far in far right? And who decides?

    After the defeat of France in 1940, which took even the Germans by surprise, Goebbels declared that no one knew what the future of Europe would be. Now we know.

  8. ‘Did they really think there would be no consequences to their actions? Are they children?’ Yes they are. They are completely naïve, born yesterday.

  9. The Left’s indoctrination of the masses, leading them into thinking that the Nazi party was Right-wing, as opposed to their actual socialist ideology and practices, is one of their most outstanding achievements.