For God’s sake Go!

"Good work!" Theresa May as Home Secretary

The fate which befell the writing on the wall behind Theresa May as she made her speech yesterday contained a message. (He that hath ears to hear, let him hear). One of the letters fell off the wall. “It was the “F” that was off.

It is a measure of the intellectual feebleness and moral frailty of the Tory hierarchy that they could allow May – a woman of stupendous incompetence and sublime ineptness – to ascend to a position of high office. She should never have got further than the back corridor where she might have performed the useful function of keeping the party’s electoral roll up to date. That task might – just – have been within her abilities. I certainly wouldn’t trust her to make the tea.

During her campaign for the leadership, Mrs May asked us to “Judge me on my record.” Happily, there is a lot of record on which to judge her, as she was the longest-serving home secretary since 1945. Her tenure was a conspicuous catalogue of errors and incompetence. Remember 2014 and the chaos caused by the delay in the issue of passports? May claimed this was owing to “a surge in applications,” but it turned out she had been warned the year before that her policy of closing overseas processing offices had resulted in a backlog of 360,000 applications and weeks of delay.

She complained that the Human Rights Act permitted suspected terrorists to continue living in this country under the clause that speaks of their right “to a family life.” She cited the case of one such suspect who was not deported “because he had a pet cat.” Then – trademark May – after so complaining, she did nothing to get the Act amended. As home secretary, she was in charge of the police. She cut their numbers and their budget during a long period in which the terrorist threat was at its highest. She sat back and did nothing for years while in Rotherham, Leicester, Bradford, Rochdale and a dozen other towns and cities the police failed to stop the wholesale rape and sexual abuse of under-age white girls by Muslims. She was slow and indecisive in her pathetic attempt to intervene in the infiltration of schools in Birmingham by Islamic extremists. She described sharia courts as “beneficial” and allowed them to operate in parallel with British law – and this in spite of the fact that such courts are complicit in the mistreatment of Muslim women by their menfolk.

The list of her sins, negligences and ignorances, her half-baked and deranged actions and inactions, is almost endless. But the worst of her many failures was her record on immigration. As home secretary, she was charged to put into practice Cameron’s declared aim of reducing the number of immigrants from over half a million every year to “the tens of thousands.” In fact, during her tenure net immigration increased from a million to three million. But here is the truly laughable bit – were it not so catastrophic for our country: May claimed she was powerless to reduce immigration “because of Shengen, the EU’s open borders rule.” And then she voted for Remain! How’s that for joined-up thinking?

She began her term her term as prime minister by announcing economic and social policies that you might think belonged exclusively to Jeremy Corbyn. She wants to curb executive pay. Apart from the fact that this could be achieved only by the adoption of the most draconian and demagogic policies, it would also drive the best talent into the arms of our competitors. Her plans to ensure more women are appointed to company boards is yet another example of her liking for social engineering, while her other ambitions for tighter regulation of the City and a more socialistic approach to industrial relations will lead, give it time, to the sort of sclerosis which paralyses the economy in France. The sole criteria for the selection and appointment to senior jobs in commerce and industry should be competence, and when competence is jeopardised the results are always inefficiency and mediocrity. Besides, decisions about whom to appoint to senior management are the prerogative of the companies concerned and are no business of the government – especially a Conservative government. May is leading the party so far to the left that I’m tempted to say Britain is unique among the nations: not only do we have a socialist opposition, we have a socialist government as well.

Like all weak leaders, she has appointed wets and yes-men. After the Referendum vote, what Britain needed most was the announcement of vigorous Tory economic policies. Taxes should have been cut drastically and a bonfire made of the sheaves of regulations which strangle the life out of the City. Instead, May appointed a chancellor of the exchequer who gave us an autumn statement so anodyne it put me to sleep. Talking of sleep, the new home secretary, Amber Rudd, is clearly not up to the job and, like May herself when she occupied that office, she refuses to tackle the problem that threatens to sink our country altogether: mass immigration, now at a record level.

Her rhetorical insistence that “Brexit means Brexit” is a lie and a sham. A lie because she is a declared Remainer. A sham because her negotiations with the EU amount to capitulation. She has accepted “a period of transition” which guarantees we shall have no momentum out for four years – and probably forever. This is exactly what May wants. She has promised to go on paying exorbitant sums to the EU for the foreseeable future.

The woman is a disastrous shambles.

Even in today’s etiolated Tory party, surely there are enough “suits” who will fall in behind the Chairman of the 1922 Committee, stroll across to Number Ten and tell her it’s time to go?

If she lingers, the future for the country is Corbyn, the renowned fan of Chavez and Maduro and the Venezuela where people are scavenging in dustbins for food and stealing zoo animals to provide their next meal.

May has sat here too long for any good she might have done. She should go. And for all our sakes, she should go quickly.


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8 Comments on For God’s sake Go!

  1. Harry,
    At least 30,000 people marched in London this last weekend as the “Football Lads Alliance”. They were protesting against islamic extremism and the govt’s. weak, well actually non existent, response to it, and no doubt to the other abuses that have resulted from the importation into Britain of millions of third world scum.
    I would be interested to know if any Salisbury Review readers and commenters attended. I suspect not.

  2. May and the ‘establishment ‘behind her cannot be trusted.We are being ‘played’and lied to.They still think they are safe in the knowledge that the great mass of the people of this country are now safely conditioned by the leftwing brainwashing that has been underway these past thirty years or more can still be manipulated to accept whatever is ‘presented’to them.Fortunately there is a large swell of people who (at last) the penny has dropped.With Brexit there can be no turning back.They know that it has to be delivered or else the whole democratic system here will collapse.We must keep their feet close to the fire.Britain First.

  3. Are there enough parliamentary suits with the courage to force Madame May’s departure?

    This is a similar question with a similar answer to the one about the whereabouts of a really good messiah.

    The better question, one more aligned with the understandings of the role and purpose of ordinary human beings in Life-on-Earth, as offered by Western Civ, is this:

    What must a few volunteers with little to no experience of the task at hand -who are willing to sacrifice all- do to mobilize yet more of their peers -who eventually also must be willing to sacrifice all- to get in the face of persons who influence the Tory party at grass roots levels, all across the land.

    The lads who walked and ran at machine guns, and whose families they left behind to fend for themselves in their awful grief, and whose young officers, who choked on their vomit produced by their fear of not having the courage to lead the lads into the gunfire, these are the examples of whom we must emulate.

    • Harry,
      At least 30,000 people marched in London this last weekend as the “Football Lads Alliance”. They were protesting against islamic extremism and the govt’s. weak, well actually non existent, response to it, and no doubt to the other abuses that have resulted from the importation into Britain of millions of third world scum.
      I would be interested to know if any Salisbury Review readers and commenters attended. I suspect not.

  4. We are now well into Autumn and it is the season in which traditional emboldens ghosts and ghouls of times past.
    The Conservative party conference was a fitting precursor to the season of long dead spirits returning to haunt the living.
    The Conservative party itself died long ago and we are left to survey, incredulously, the shuffling, slithering succubus that, having long discarded its own principles, searches for its ideas and policies amongst the discarded contents of the Soviet litter bin that is now the Labour Party.
    Your property; that is your money and house, are already taxed and subject to confiscation to fund the preservation of the political elite, whether Conservative or Labour. Purloining your cadaver for spare parts, like a car breaker removing a still-serviceable alternator, is merely an extension of that seizure of whatever is required to maintain the body politic at the ignored expense of personal privacy and dignity.
    The only surprise we should have is the belief that the cadaver of conservatism can be revived by the zombies which stalk Westminster present.
    It can and will get worse.
    Our liberties are under attack on all fronts. At what point will Mrs May (or her acolyte Amber Rudd), revive the demand for biometric identity cards or chips? After the next atrocity? Or at next year’s conference?
    Our organs, after all, are merely the first step. It’s really possession of our souls that the Mephestophilians want.
    And Theresa May, playing the role of Faustus to perfection, will send us all to Perdition in this season of the Dead.