Jacob Rees Mogg; Crown Prince or stalking horse for Boris?

Brexit is bust. Britain will not be offered a deal by the EU. The so called “transition period” will drag on forever. Of course, some form of words will eventually be produced to say that Brexit has been achieved; but the deal struck will be so diluted that our being out will be indistinguishable from our being in. Last year’s Referendum vote panicked the political establishment in this country and throughout the EU bureaucracy, right up to Frauenführer Merkel herself. But the establishment has recovered from its shock and is about to defeat Brexit utterly. Michael Bloomberg, the plutocrat ex Mayor of New York, is the latest to join this bloodsport, saying, “Brexit is the single most stupid act any government has ever done.” Eurocrats, Europhiles, EU subsidised “universities,” trades unions, big business and Whitehall big cheeses are joined in their efforts to keep us in the wretched EU. Left and Right have buried their – in any case largely pretend – differences and united in their determination to reverse the decision of our Referendum. This is total war.

Their motivation is derived from their ideology: to abolish European nation states and to establish a totalitarian bureaucracy with absolute political power, its leaders the unelected commissioners – commissars – unaccountable and irremovable. In other words, their aim is to set up something in the West resembling the former USSR in the east. In fact this project has already been pretty much achieved. British laws are subordinated to transnational diktats which are derivations from the secular, atheistic hegemony intended by the French Revolution: equality, diversity and the abstractions of universal rights.

The enormity of this catastrophe is evidenced by the fact that last year more people voted Leave than have ever voted for anything in Britain. The will of the people is being denied. This forebodes deep trouble – because the people will not submit to this putsch quietly. When Hitler was twenty-one miles away across the Channel in 1940, no one gave us a chance in hell. We have even less chance today. But history is a funny thing. It was often rewritten by communist dictatorships, but it cannot be prewritten by anyone. What patriotic Britons hope for – and what just might happen if the age of political miracles is not quite dead – is perhaps something like this…

Theresa May, the most useless home secretary and the most incompetent prime minister we’ve had since Methuselah was a boy, is at the end of her tether. She is fragile and histrionic. She cried on election night when it was borne in on her that she is so pathetic she couldn’t even see off Jeremy Corbyn. Now in the Brexit negotiations she appears schizoid and frantic. She talks tough for ten minutes, then weeps and pleads. Naturally, her tormentors the apparatchiks Juncker and Barnier – and of course Monsieur le-vanity-case Macron and Frauenführer Merkel – play on May’s mood to perfection. They kiss, cuddle, flatter and cajole her, then they threaten and shout. How they must be enjoying her tortured hopelessness!

I think Theresa May cannot take much more. She will break down and retire ill.

Then what? After a period of uncertainty so confused and shambolic that it will make our present scene look almost like political resolution, there will be a general election and the coronation of Jeremy Corbyn. But before that, there will have to be a leadership contest in the Conservative party.

Winston Churchill came to the rescue in 1940. Might Jacob Rees-Mogg be our saviour today?

Let us pray…

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17 Comments on Jacob Rees Mogg; Crown Prince or stalking horse for Boris?

  1. No Messiah is coming.
    Will not happen.
    This is The Age Of The People.
    Best thing we can do:
    Get 2, better 5, million new members of Tory local branches.
    Have them pester, push and persuade their local member or candidate, and the branch to straighten up.

  2. Disparaging and offensive remarks True Blue? Let’s start with “a referendum usually starts with a triumph of the ignorant, and did so last year”. Like most ‘remoaners’ you are instinctively deprecating and utterly lacking in self-awareness.

  3. I Suppose that with your superior education and great intelligence you imagine you have the right to make disparaging and offensive remarks about those who just happen not to agree with. I bet you’e also a great Christian.

  4. Well Reverend, that was quite a rant. It is worth pointing out that considerably fewer than 50% of those entitled to vote, voted to Leave, and of those who did I have not met one who realised what they have now come to understand would be involved. I echo Dr Dawkins who said, ‘I voted Remain, but I know nothing about it and shouldn’t have been asked.’ A Referendum usually means the triumph of the ignorant, and did so last year. We have no leaders. We are in real trouble. We are a seriously divided people.

    • It is also worth pointing out that the majority of those entitled to vote in the Referendum, who actually used their vote, favoured Brexit. Being entitled to vote and not voting is tantamount to pledging support to whatever the majority of those who do vote decide upon. I don’t recall the same level of concern being voiced about the views of non-voters being taken into account, when Kennedy was elected by a minority of U.S. citizens entitled to vote in 1960, or when Blair was elected by a minority of U.K. citizens entitled to vote in 1997. Furthermore: We have clearly not met, since I voted Leave and did so fully aware of the potential emergent consequences, but then, like very many other Leave voters, I am highly intelligent, highly educated, and politically active. If only the same could be said of Bremoaners, who vainly only imagine themselves to possess such qualities.

  5. Given the current economic and social state of Britain, do you really think a change of occupant at No. 10 is going to make any difference? You need to get used to the fact that Theresa May and her Cabinet are the “A” team.
    May or Rees-Mog, Corbyn or Khan, it makes no difference, the British ship of state has it’s course fixed with the wheel lashed, you are going over the falls, no matter who is on the bridge.

    • Another remainer living in hope that Brexit destroys his own country just so that he can say I told you so. What a SAD individual you are. I don’t know how long you have been in the States but maybe you have missed the fact that the UK is now in better shape than it’s been in for 15 years or so. Unemployment is now lower than it’s been in over 40 years. We have dozens of countries looking for trade deals with us,including the USA. Even BMW has just made a massive investment in manufacturing the new Hybrid Mini in the North of England! Really sorry to disappoint you Roger but truth be known most people are quite relaxed about a possible no deal with the failing EU Market and quite exited about re-joining the World Market!

  6. The most single stupid act Britain could make is to keep us ‘IN’ when we have now the opportunity and probably the only chance of leaving the dictatorship of the EU.

  7. “… “Brexit is the single most stupid act any government has ever done.” …”

    I always used to think that was invading Russia…

  8. …but I wholeheartedly support Rev Mullen’s evocation of Churchill, who in a departmental minute (1919) wrote regarding another non-Anglo community:

    “I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes…”