The Tory Party’s People Trafficking Scheme

The Chancellor today issued an invitation to anybody who can can get to this country to buy a house with the assistance of the British taxpayer. Houses valued under £300,00 will not be liable to stamp duty. As no serious attempt has been made to control mass immigration and those who arrive, whether legally or illegally, have exactly the same rights as British residents, in fact more rights, Chancellor Hammond’s plan is a replacement scheme, not a housing subsidy. Similarly, but even more so, in the rental section the more houses we build the more people will come. Replacement of one nation by a multitude of nations. The same applies to the NHS. Uncontrolled immigration is not compatible with a ‘free’ health service. The more hospital beds we create, the more doctors and nurses we employ, the more patients will arrive especially from the poor parts of the world. In twenty years this Ponzi scheme will collapse in public squalor, a massively devalued pound and a wrecked economy. Get out now while the going is good!

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6 Comments on The Tory Party’s People Trafficking Scheme

  1. Can you imagine the shock , surprise and horror when the day arrives that these so called progressicves suddenly realise that they and their children are now the minority and will be replaced.

  2. The thing is such talk, or even alluding to it, will lead to automatic cries of racism, often from the Left who with no evidence whatsoever are convinced of the altruistic nature of the new migrants. I am a non-EU national, and I can tell you that free education and healthcare is exactly what they have in mind when they set sail to Britain. Remove that and the flow stops.

  3. Ah, those ‘majick munee trees’ are so beneficent. Why, oh why, has humanity toiled for so many centuries when it has always been there just for the asking!

  4. Is any British politician willing to admit the simple fact that our problem is not a housing shortage but a population surplus? Even off the record? Even in private? Even when drunk? Not too few houses, but too many people.

    If the truth isn’t admitted pretty soon we’re going to be confronted with a simple choice: do we start by building outwards, abolishing the countryside, or by building upwards, forcing almost almost everybody to live in Grenfellesque tenements and rookeries. Whichever of the two we start with, we’ll have to do the other one next.

    You’d think that even the immigrants who are already here would want to preserve their own quality of life, but it seems that neither they nor anybody else (present company respectfully excepted) has even identified the real problem.