Child passengers on the Transgender Titanic

It was reported in July that as many as 800 children, some as young as ten, are currently being prescribed puberty blockers in the UK.

As the gender juggernaut crashes onward, the delaying of puberty has become the next ‘life-saving’ treatment for children experiencing gender dysphoria. If the irreversible onset of adult sexual characteristics is delayed, the army of self-appointed gender experts tell us; the child will not have to go through the trauma of the ‘wrong puberty’.

The 41% suicide attempt rate of trans-teens is laid heavily on the conscience of parents by myriad of trans-websites and interactions with clinics, experts, and activists

‘It’s better to have a happy daughter than a dead son’ touts one trans-website. It’s little wonder parents become willing to acquire these hormones, even though the long terms effects are unknown. Lupron sales are through the roof.

I can’t help but be thankful I grew up before the trans movement filtered to the top of the oppression hierarchy. I would most certainly have been caught up in it and now that the word tomboy is obsolete, I would have declared myself a trans-boy.

It is frightening now, to think that adults, professionals even, could have told me my body was wrong and medicalised my naturally boyish behavior for if I had been led to believe I that science could transform me into a boy, I would have happily done so.

Lurid pink, I learned at an early age, was the colour of all things trite, cheap and boring. Dolls were just pieces of moulded plastic, I was only interested in seeing how their eyeballs worked. Boys were more fun. So were their transformers and Meccano sets. My teenage years only brought increasing awkwardness, as dresses, high heels and dancing were all anathema to me. I learned to accept I was a woman when I realized that whatever I do is simply an expression of what a woman can do, and it is the left who are forcing children into gender norms, with their insistence that girls who feel like boys need to show that by cutting their hair short, or that boys who like pink are in need of castration.

The hormones taken as puberty blockers have never been approved for such use. They were prescribed for old men with prostate cancer, not perfectly healthy children who are now nothing more than guinea pigs for these untested drugs, yet side effects have been reported for over a decade. Those who use puberty blockers appear to be at risk of conditions unusual in young people. – thinning of the bones, disks falling apart, unexplained fractures and chronic pain.

Yet the gender experts in their ivory towers show little interest in taking these issues seriously, the mantra of suicide risk is used sidestep all other concerns, regardless of the fact that gender surgery does nothing to alter the suicide statistics.

But these children will grow older and become adults regardless of the cocktail of hormones we give them, and when the lawsuits are eventually filed, I’ll be even more relieved I slipped through the net.© Salisbury Review

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8 Comments on Child passengers on the Transgender Titanic

  1. ‘Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality that guarantees all the others.’ – WSC
    Equally, cowardice is the worst vice, because it enables all the others. Ministers, MPs, journalsists, writers, and so on are frightened to call ‘insanity’ in the face of obvious derangement because the state broadcaster, the Civil Service, Department of Education, Local Authorities and so on will try to punish them for it. Honesty is fatal for teachers, doctors, policemen and other state apparatchiks.
    A fish rots from the head. Only a political revolution to depose the teedledum tweedledee politicians of the last generation will make a difference.
    Until then,the march of the lunatics through the institutions carries on.

  2. “…and when the lawsuits are eventually filed, I’ll be even more relieved…”

    I look forward to the day when the medical and pseudo-medical professions are held to account for their cravenness and greed. The legal profession as well. And the government too. There will be a movement for payment of massive reparations to chemically/surgically altered ex-boys/girls, and ironically – or not – that will be when almost all of the *transgendered* will slap themselves upside the head and say “Holy Cow! I was always a boy [remember -it’s almost always boys who become trannnies] until they stole my childhood from me. I want a million bucks!”
    There you go. Ca-ching! Next!

    • It’s an irony that at the same time as there’s a vigorous movement to go back in time and right all historical wrongs, there’s another movement that’s generating more human malformation & tragedy than has ever before been seen. These are our heady times, all fever and no knowledge.

  3. Mana makes a good point. ‘Brexit’ and the trauma of allowing the populace a voice in how they are governed may motivate the ruling Elites to close down our freedoms ever more ruthlessly.

    • It is already happening. After the Brexit referendum shocked journalists busied themselves writing pieces on the “disturbing” rise of something they called populism. TV news and current affairs regularly broadcast pieces demonstrating (to their satisfaction at least) that those who voted for exit from the EU are small minded, deluded and just plain old fashioned – the kind of people who would damage your status if you were known to associate with them. Referendums, we are told, are undemocratic and a form of mob rule.

      Politicians like to claim they are not influenced by the media and the media like to play down their influence over politicians but as soon as a story becomes a hot topic for the TV news channels the government rushes to show that it is ready to act. They constantly behave as though the media were the voice of the electorate.

  4. A question I keep asking is why does the “transgender juggernaut” keep crashing onward? Who is driving it and who are those who wave it through as though it had unquestionable right of way?

    A righteous moralising elite are succeeding in shaping the future of our society along lines that they find desirable. Democracy doesn’t count in matters like this because “the masses” are simply that the changes are going to take place and they had better get used to it.

    Our representatives in Parliament seem only too ready to submit to the moral bullying of pressure groups without considering the majority of people they are supposed to speak for. In fact Parliament has become so lax in its representation of the people that I am in favour of wider use of referundums. However, after the shock the 2016 EU referendum gave to MPs this is unlikely to happen.

  5. Must say, with a heavy and sad heart, that suicide by people, even children, who cannot see themselves fitting into society, might not be all bad.
    Oh, I know how awful that sounds, and I know that most religions and religious persons are dead against suicide in general.
    But well, Life-on-Earth is a tough proposition.

    • Exactly. These people look like candidates for a delayed Darwin Award – they have had children, but are trying very hard to stop their children procreating…