Donald and Liz should ride down the Mall in an Open Carriage

Oh what an orgy of Americanophobia we heard today in Britain! Until I heard the media storm engulfing President Trump I did not realise he was behind the attack on the Twin Towers, that it was American soldiers not ISIS fanatics who threw homosexuals off tall buildings in Iraq,that it was an American right wing fanatic who slew teenagers at a pop concert in Manchester, not a home grown Islamist, and despite the peaceful pleadings of Kim Jong Un, it is Trump not the Dictator of North Korea who plans to attack any country he doesn’t approve of with nuclear weapons.

Goodness! You mean medieval Islamic fanatics did these things? Not Trump? He was only warning us about the dangers Britain faces from further attacks if we do not limit Islamists creeping into our country intent on murder?

But the BBC tells us Trump is far more dangerous than ISIS, and if he goes on tweeting the British government to protect its citizens it will only provoke the Muslim world to hate us even more. It is not Islamist fanatics, declared the preening British left today, who are our worst enemy, but the buffoon with the bouffant hairstyle. Sky News even suggested the North Korean crisis was of Trump’s making.

Trump is everything left wing intellectuals despise, outspoken, populist and close to the working man. Of course he should come to Britain on a state visit.




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4 Comments on Donald and Liz should ride down the Mall in an Open Carriage

  1. When this news first broke, I was inspired to think about joining Britain First, but then I did some research. The leaders of Britain First seem to me to be both stupid and nasty – which makes them no better than the leaders of the political parties that are represented in parliament.

    Nevertheless, the notoriously “retweeted” videos seem to be genuine. Mr Trump’s only mistake is to imply that they were filmed in the UK. On the contrary, the point is that what has been done in Egypt, Syria and Holland will be done here if we continue down the path we’re treading.

    Facts are facts, even if it’s nasty, stupid people who draw our attention to them.

  2. The sanctimony of the left and large parts of the media is frankly ridiculous and reaching a level of absurdity that highlights how they couldn’t really give a fig about the real issues in their country and the world at large, but rather seek only to be applauded for their virtue signalling against a man they know will not create trouble for them.

    They are cowards, who will happily apologise for the crimes of soviet communism, Castro, Chavez, Guevara, and China, and pretend that the barbarians within are not really all that bad, they are just victims of poverty and white colonialism.

    Trump is undoubtedly a crass, vulgar man in many respects. But to attempt to deny him a state visit is the height of pomposity.

    This incident has been useful to further highlight just how many of our leaders and institutions care only about image and are fully paid up members of the club of social justice warriors.