The Prophet’s Bankers

One wonders what future historians will write about Saudi Arabia. Will there even be a future historians, or at least Western historians? Saudi Arabia has already changed the world enormously and will continue to do so – perhaps it might even oversee the downfall of Christian civilisation. There are recent signs Saudi might be moderating, but this may be simple tactics considering the proposed $2 trillion flotation of oil giant ARAMCO on London and New York markets.

The desert kingdom, once the home of roaming Bedou, now exerts enormous political and ideological power over the West, and does so through an extraordinary combination of circumstances and luck. Hundreds of millions of years ago, trillions of tiny marine animals sank to the bottom of shallow Arabian seas and quietly decomposed, patiently awaiting the birth of Gottlieb Daimler and the internal combustion engine. One thousand four hundred years ago, Mohammed established a social, religious, military and political blueprint for global domination, which we know as Islam. In the 20th century, this duality of untold petro-dollar wealth and a fanatical devotion to a supremacist ideology coincided with the demise of Western confidence at precisely the time the West needed both oil and manpower. Added to this was a biblical cocktail of Holy Land war and a proxy war between the Soviet Union and America.

In 1973, on Yom Kippur, the Soviet Russia-backed armies of Egypt and Syria invaded American-backed Israel in an attempt to win back territory lost in the 1967 Six-Day War. But Israel and the West won. Islam and Communism lost. This made Islam and Saudi Arabia very angry indeed, and so they played their unbeatable hand: cheap oil for Western concessions. In order to maximise their leverage, the Organisation of (Arab) Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) proclaimed an oil embargo targeting Western countries, which supported Israel, and then quadrupled the price of a barrel of oil from three dollars to twelve dollars between October 1973 and March 1974. This became known as the First Oil Crisis.

In an attempt to solve this impasse, French President George Pompidou initiated the Euro Arab Dialogue which led to talks between the European Economic Community (EEC) and the Arab League, of which Saudi Arabia was a key negotiator. Egyptian born Bat Ye’or has written a book about this called Eurabia – The Euro-Arab Axis in which she suggests European politicians tacitly accepted the future Islamification of Europe in exchange for greasing the wheels of our oil guzzling industries. British historian Martin Gilbert was a firm supporter of Bat Ye’or and believes the central thrust of Eurabia to be totally accurate, ditto Niall Ferguson and Middle East expert Daniel Pipes.

In order to understand Saudi Arabia’s power play, we need be aware of two main organisations: 1) The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) which consists of the fifty-seven global Islamic states, and 2) The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) made up of fifty-two Islamic states.

The OIC is incredibly powerful, and its most powerful member is Saudi Arabia. The combined fifty-seven member bloc vote exercised by the OIC commands significant electoral sway within the United Nations (UN) – ergo, the UN is unduly influenced by Saudi Arabia. The OIC also has a permanent delegation to the European Union… but perhaps its greatest coup d’état was the establishment of ISESCO in 1979, with a remit to exert Islamic power and culture within the West. The Director General of ISESCO in 2017 is Saudi-born Dr Abdulaziz Othman Altwaijri. For those of you who wondered why the West started describing its society as ‘multicultural’ in the 1980s, you can look to ISESCO for your answer. Amongst the Western concessions demanded by Saudi Arabia, two were very explicit: allow Muslims into the West but do NOT make them assimilate into Western culture. Instead, actively promote a country of many cultures, including Islam. The following quote from ISESCO relates to their thoughts on the West:

‘Such (Western) media content is full of corrupt thoughts and ideas that propagate the culture of violence, libertinism and delinquency. This favours the spread of western social and cultural principles and ways of conduct among young Muslim generations as a result of imitation and simulation. The western cultural model being imposed on Muslim children outside the Islamic world due to the media invasion requires a complete and exhaustive planning to immunize Muslims in western countries…’

‘To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise.’ Saudi Arabia has already committed some ninety billion petrodollars ($90,000,000,000) into the West over the last few decades, and Saudi Arabia appreciates that that amount of money buys huge political influence. Anyone paying even the remotest attention to Western society today knows only too well who or what we cannot criticise – Islam and Saudi Arabia. Perhaps the best example of this is what happened following the 9/11 Islamic terrorist attacks on America. Osama bin-Laden was a Saudi, fifteen of the nineteen hijackers were Saudis, but we invaded Afghanistan instead.

Saudi Arabia seems untouchable. The British government under David Cameron commissioned a report into Saudi funding of Islamic terrorism in Britain which has, shockingly, been withheld from publication by both Cameron and Theresa May, presumably because Saudi is indeed funding terrorism but is also partially responsible for the continued existence of Britain’s arms manufacturers. In an unusual moment of starkly honest expression, Hillary Clinton opined that Saudi Arabia was the biggest global funder of Islamic extremism, which doesn’t just mean terrorist activity, it means extremism generally, a great deal of which takes place in European mosques and madrassahs where hard line Wahhabist/ Salafist ideology is rammed down the throats of impressionable young Muslim males.

Saudi money is also poured into Western universities. Harvard and Yale have been granted tens of millions of dollars. Between 1995 and 2008, eight universities: Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, University College London, the LSE, Exeter, Dundee and City accepted more than £235 million from Saudi Arabia and other oil-rich Islamic countries. A large chunk of Magdalen College’s recreation ground is now home to the seventy-five million pound Oxford Centre for Islamic studies. Cambridge received eight million pounds to build The Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Centre of Islamic Studies.

There are 2,000 madrassas around the country attended by some 80 per cent of Muslim schoolchildren outside school hours. The madrassas teach the Koran in Arabic, along with the usual hateful Islamic propaganda about ‘wicked’ Western society and Jews.

By the time Muslim children enter university, they have already been taught to hate their host culture with a passion, so it should come as no surprise that a study of five years of lectures on politics at the Middle Eastern Centre at St Antony’s College, Oxford, found 70 per cent were ‘implacably hostile’ to the West and Israel. Nor is it a surprise that 30 per cent of people convicted for al-Qaeda associated terrorist offences in the UK had attended a British university or institution of higher education.

In 2008 a YouGov poll found 33 per cent of Muslim students in Britain believed killing someone in the name of Islam to be justifiable. This was exhibited recently at a conference held by the Atheism, Secularism and Humanism Society at Queen Mary University in London, when a follower of the Religion of Peace threatened to kill various debaters if they dared to mention Mohammed.

Let us suppose for one moment, that our politicians have indeed sold Europe to Islam for short term industrial gain. How would such a betrayal manifest itself? Let us look at the European Union, which makes no mention of Christianity in its founding documents but is keen to portray Islam as a benign and historical influence for good within Europe. Let us pause to consider why the EU is blackmailing and threatening the stalwart and realistic governments of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia simply because they refuse to accept myriads of mainly Muslim males who are clearly not refugees. Let us consider the reasons behind the early 2000s EU report on anti-Semitic violence in France which was pulled when it transpired the Jew haters were not native Frenchmen but migratory Muslims instead. Sharia finance, sharia courts and halal food in public institutions are also signs of submission and appeasement.

The higher you look, the more this appeasement becomes apparent. Saudi Arabia, despite its barbaric treatment of women, has been appointed by the UN to sit on its Commission on the Status of Women which is described as ‘exclusively dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women’ which goes much further than any bad joke I have ever heard before.

And why is Saudi Arabia allowed anywhere near the forty-seven nation state UN Human Rights Council? Saudi, in conjunction with the OIC has made it perfectly clear that Islam’s definition of human rights, called the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights takes precedence over the UN version should it come into conflict with sharia law. So the floggings of adulteresses, the beheadings, the torture and murder of homosexuals will continue unabated within a country sitting on the UN Human Rights Council.

The only way to make any sense of the insanity currently gripping Europe (but not Eastern Europe) is to accept the obvious fact that we are offering no resistance at all to a war which has clearly been declared against us. The enemy is comprised of belligerents and collaborators and is spearheaded by Saudi Arabia, followed by the OIC, the UN, ISESCO, the EU, the Conservative and Labour parties, the police, the media, the National Union of Journalists, the Crown Prosecution Service, the universities, the National Union of Teachers etc.

I suppose we can hardly blame our appeasing Quisling Class. British politicians are presented with an unenviable scenario; a rapidly declining, ageing, native demographic which believes in very little other than guilt, passivity and decadence, as opposed to a rapidly expanding, youthful, fanatically religious Islamic demographic which believes in total domination and is quite prepared to use violence and terror to achieve it.

Saudi Arabia is the single most important country in the world in war against Western civilisation. We cower defenceless before it. We allow such enormous Saudi influence in Britain as to already amount to submission, which the term ‘Islam’ literally means. Could Saudi Arabia afford to buy one thousand top politicians and media types? Of course it could. And as we allow Saudi Arabia to profoundly influence so many of our institutions, woe betide an Englishman or woman caught with a bible or a cross in Saudi Arabia. Such a mammoth double standard is rarely seen outside of countries beaten and shattered by military might.

Paul Weston is founder and chairman of Liberty GB.

This article first appeared in the Winter 2017 edition of The Salisbury Review. (Subscriptions from as little as £10 a year)

Footnote. I encourage readers to google The strategy for Islamic cultural action outside the Islamic world which will take you to a 112 page ISESCO document (PDF) outlining Islam’s modus operandi in the West.


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13 Comments on The Prophet’s Bankers

  1. Thank you.
    A magnificent article that digs down deep into the murky well of SA funding of the spread of Islamic control and command throughout the world. It is a global policy that they have adopted, and the human cost to others is irrelevant in their pursuit of their objective which is to rid the world of all opposing models for society. It is difficult knowledge to access, and the fact that it has been compiled in one short essay is invaluable. TY

  2. I have often wondered just how and why Islam seems to be so powerful in the West, and why our political and media class seem so reluctant to talk about it honestly – let alone confront it. Mr Weston explains it very well here. I have also started to watch and listen to him on Youtube. He is a great man, possessed not only with huge dollops of wisdom but also with the bravery to publicly say things our ruling elites would rather be left unsaid. Much more of Mr Weston please Salisbury Review!

  3. When I met my MP (Conservative) and railed against the malign influence of Islam on our country he replied, “The people in our local mosque are people like you and me.” I am circulating this post to many of my friends complacently observing the threat posed by Saudi Arabia, and that includes my MP.

    • Perhaps your ignorant MP does not realise that every single day, in every mosque, Muslims assemble to publicly and collectively denounce Jews and Christians. Should they fail to include this denunciation, their prayers are invalid. You might think this would fall foul of the UK’s “hate speech” laws.

      Can you imagine the fury if the Vatican and the General Synod gave clergy across the world orders that they must denounce Muslims at every mass? But the laws that apply to the rest of us do not apply to Muslims. How else did the Muslim grooming gangs escape punishment, when there are provably cases going back to 1975? What happened in Rotherham is but the tip of a very large iceberg. And all indications are that it was only because of those “English Defence League thugs” marching up and down England that any notice at all has been taken of the grooming gangs. If there had been no EDL then the establishment would still be insisting that there’s no evidence these gangs exist, and no-one would have any idea that Rotherham was anything other than a dull town. I wrote the book on the grooming gang cover-up. The title of the book quotes Jack Straw’s characterisation of the girls as “Easy Meat”.

      During the Labour Party’s multi-year, multi-parliament attempts to pass blasphemy laws to protect Islam, Muslims visited the Home Office before the laws were passed seeking guarantees that their daily hate speech in mosques would never be considered hate speech. Labour gave these Muslim leaders the assurance that the hate speech laws would not apply to them.

      • Dear Mr. McLoughlin, Is the last paragraph in your comment in your book? I haven’t read your book yet, but thank you with all of my heart for writing it! You are a true Englishman! I’m also deeply grateful to my heroes, the EDL, for protesting for years for our girls. The EDL have been despicably and wrongly demonised by some of those who say they’re on the side of the girls. I hope one day that they’ll ask for forgiveness. It appears the comment I made on here a couple of day ago will not be published. Apparently, my comment is regarded as unacceptable!

        Mr. McLoughlin, may God bless you, Mr. Weston, and the EDL, all of your lives, with His many Wonderful blessings!

      • Mr. McLoughlin: Thank you for doing something, for standing up for those victims. Now we know that Rotherham was just the tip of the iceberg; Oxford, Bristol, Newcastle, Aylesbury (!!), now Thanet! And many other places. And the huge silence from the Metropolitan police (are muslims in London better behaved?).
        I would buy the book but it would sicken me, if you have a website or need some financial support I can give some, not much, but some.
        You probably already have had the Tommy Robinson treatment: No knock police raids at 4.00am, tracking device on your car, endless harassment, trumped up criminal charges, set up for murder whilst in prison, and so on. If you haven’t experienced this already I have no doubt you are going to get it, just like Tommy.
        This is England.
        Good luck and health to you.

      • Mr. McLoughlin, I’d like to quote that last paragraph, if I may. Its content is so utterly repugnant I’m at a loss for words. It expresses both an admission of guilt on the part of the petitioners and a staggering betrayal of Britain on the part of your “Home Office.” Not even rolling the Trojan Horse blindly through the gates of Troy was as revolting as giving these civilization-killers a free pass to chant such barbaric sentiments. Some mantra!

  4. Mr. Weston understands many things and is obviously a clear thinker and speaker. It is a pity that, given the corrupt and decadent political system of Britain, centered on the Westminster/Whitehall clique, he has no chance whatsoever of gaining any significant political power, no matter how much he represents the views of the citizenry.
    I remember that in 1973, when the oil embargo was declared, Sir David Barron (the Chairman of the Royal Dutch Shell group) urged a military response. Some hope of that!
    There is little doubt that islam will come to dominate much of Europe, including alas, Britain. But the prize will turn into the dust of a new dark age as the ignorance, stupidity and blind bigotry of islam takes control.
    By 2100 China will be the dominant world power, dominant in industry, technology, finance and trade. They have nothing but contempt for SA and it’s insane state religion. Any attempt to supplant Chinese rule in China or in any areas deemed essential to Chinese interests will be met with ruthless violence.

  5. This contents of article might prove to be the most influential info to affect my future thinking/doing -in several decades.
    Thank you Mr Weston. Thank you, Editor Harris.