1940 and all that

It’s history now, remote and legendary

As Agincourt. The field of Mars was then

The embattled sky whereon the gallant few

Wrote their fame in vapour trails of glory

‘This is our finest hour’ so Churchill said,

That bulldog icon, waving his cigar.

But now it seems that victory was in vain

The sacrifice, the blood and sweat and tears,

For Adolph must be laughing in his grave

To see how his New Order is imposed

Posthumously, and England fallen prey

To foreign powers and foreign capital

Even her monarch now must abdicate

To citizens of Europe’s superstate.


Jim Morgan  (91)[pullquote]

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8 Comments on 1940 and all that

  1. Western civilisation is doomed by its success. Its children don’t know that totalitarianism is the norm in world history. There is an utter lack of appreciation for Western culture.

  2. Harry Black, you are right, there is hope, and that great electoral revolt of the 23rd of June 2016 so clearly demonstrates this. The majority of the United Kingdom rejected, the BBC, the self appointed ‘opinion formers’ and the smug globalists. We did it once, and we can repeat that victory.

  3. Let us agree that not with muskets and spears will we fight the necessary Civil War.
    It’s got to be done by way of the quite good political system our forebears have given to us.
    We see that up-start political parties do not work. And to say the obvious Labour and Lib Dems are part of the enemy.
    Just got to re-constitute the Tories, that’s all. Plus, we need a news/opinion media entity to make cases widely.
    The case of the MP cited by William Hosking generalises: Office-holders within regimes will sing and dance according to dictates of the regime.
    A new regime is therefore required. How to get one? Please, Dear Folk, add your suggestions to these:
    1. Get a critical mass of new members to join the local Tory branch. Have them push for better MP candidates and remedial policies; have them gain office within those branches
    2. Set an army to work at the shopping centres and other places where can be attracted the attention of plain citizens. Have members of the army engage with folk, and provide ’em with a sheet of paper which sets out “Five Strong Points”, or similar.
    3. Get the Govt to to split the budget of the BBC and use half to set up a non/anti-Left media entity.
    It could all be over by Christmas, with Victory ours.

    • Colonel Richard Kemp Im sure would offer bis servives if asked…We need to be able to rely on an army because this lot of ruffians in Momentum are going to have to be dealt with..within the law naturally,but with a certain amount of force

    • Harry; your faith in the English democratic system is quite touching. The Conservative Party exists to conserve privilege, the class system and the wealth and power of the 1% and their hangers on, if you think Tory Central Office gives a rats rear end about what the riding associations think you are being very naive.
      The only change that would improve the situation is for a system of proportional representation to be implemented, at least then there would be some pressure to satisfy the actual desires of the electorate. PR stands no chance however because the major parties, who would have to agree will never do that for the simple reason that they know that with the current system absolute power is only an election away. The English electorate typically votes against something, most often the incumbent. This is how BREXIT happened, enough of the population wanted to give the finger to the worthless toff Cameron, without any consideration of the incredible damage they would do by voting for BREXIT, so, as they say, eff-it.
      The 2015 election is instructive; SNP with 4.7% of the vote, wins 56 seats, UKIP with 12.7% hangs on to their only seat, brought to them by a Tory rebel. This is pure political pantomime, complete BS. The situation is now beyond dire, it is not recoverable in any meaningful sense. Even if there was the intellectual capability in England to run a modern state, there isn’t either the energy, the ambition or the work ethic.

  4. It seems to be beyond the Tories to produce a leader who can oppose Corbyn in a witty and informed language that resonates with the public.
    Banging on about his IRA, Hamas and Communist friends does not resonate much with voters under 40.

  5. Well, it’s 1940 all over again except that instead of being asked to save the French for the second time they are busy derailing us along with Tusk, Barnier and Juncker. The ingratitude is astonishing, and we even have (on the BBC) a forum composed of an Irishman, a German, and an African to debate our stand on Brexit. I have voiced my concerns – and to include the malign influence of Islam on our society – with my MP – a staunch Remainer and Islampophile to no effect. The suggestion to join the local Tory {arty is a good one, and I will do that, thouhh much of my time is spent in Jersey – not domiciled yet.

    The problem we have is that we have no-one to fight our cause effectively in the House. I like J R-M but he is not the Rottweiler we need. Where is the attack on Corbyn to shred his reputation? The Czech disclosure had no effect on his popularity. Why?

  6. Thank you Jim Morgan. Yes, it’s awful. Situation dire.

    Only thing I can see helping is if A New Few would get active at grass roots levels. Say 1% of the population who’d be willing to spend their lives -well, their time and their money to remedy the situation.

    They could join the local Tory branch and push for better candidates and better policies, and seek office in those branches, so to improve things.
    Then there’s emails and postcards to MPs and other folk who channel ideas and flows of funds.

    Of course, quite a bit of work could be done in rallying friends and acquaintances also to spend their time and money on saving Britain.
    And look, setting up information booths outside the butchers or bakers -that’d help too.

    Finally for now, thinking caps on: How to get the Govt to split the BBC budget in two, and use half to set up a non/anti-Left media entity.
    Of course, I reckon that same split of funding throughout the education system is also overdue, and now imperative.

    What proportion of the population served in uniform on front in the C20 Big Wars? Ten per cent? In this current War, just 1% would do alright.