It’s not supposed to have a mind of its own.

Why are we negotiating with the EU over Brexit? It’s obvious they are going to turn all our proposals down, and it is obvious that Mrs May – the worst prime Minster we have had for decades – hasn’t got the bottle to pull off a hard Brexit. Instead she will call for a parliamentary vote knowing she will lose. The consequences will be appalling. The EU will see us as a vassal state, force us into the Euro, impose federal taxes over and above what we already pay to HMRC, and take control of our foreign policy. We will also be obliged to take a large number of Angela Merkel’s young Muslim men whom she imported to boost Germany’s dangerously low birth rate. The Germans have always been into human stud farms. Of course she won’t need quotas after three years as most of her million migrants will be by then entitled to a German/EU passport.

It’s not too late for the Tories to force Mrs May to step down. They won’t because the present Tory party is encouraging what Labour is frightened to oppose. Boosting capital profits by importing cheap foreign labour. Jeremy Corbyn can bleat all he likes about any agreement with the EU having to have safeguards on wages and conditions, but it is exactly the reverse of what the EU intends, which is to increase profits for the multinationals and lower the wages of the proles.  If you don’t believe it go to Greece, where you will be able to see for yourself the punishment that awaits us if we do not obey Berlin. Just like old times when Speer ran the show.

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  1. Sadly for all of us, the editor writes the truth. We had our vote, we told them clearly what we wanted, but by havering and swithering our ‘leaders’ (an inappropriate word, but that is what they should be, even if that is not what they are)have allowed what Charles Moore accurately calls ‘the few’ to regain control over the many, having won this fight ‘the few’ will not easily loosen their grip.