Shepherdess May’s pen awaits the Tory Faithful

As Mrs May’s ‘Brexit means Remain’ was given to Mrs May by Fuhrerin Merkel for presentation to the British Cabinet, talk of the EU rejecting it is a diversionary tactic to steer British attention away from what the EU really wants; an annual external membership fee either equal or, as a concession, 10% less than what we were paying before as a full voting member.

There have been a few helpless bleats in the Daily Telegraph letters page but Tory High Command knows its man. The vast majority of Tory sheep will not even bleat as they go into Shepherdess May’s pen. They are far more worried at the prospect of Boris Johnson coming to the rescue of British sovereignty; though which they fear most, Boris Johnson or independence, is difficult to judge.

It should go on record that it was not May, Barnier, Corbyn or Frau Merkel who led us into bondage but the silent Tory rank and file.[pullquote]

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8 Comments on Shepherdess May’s pen awaits the Tory Faithful

  1. Myles: I beg your pardon. Perhaps I was a little harsh as I am not a regular reader (my earnings not being sufficient to be able to afford even good-value subscriptions any longer). TSR does indeed do a splendid job of articulating well the problems of our age, including membership of the EU, a political union (not just the “common market” that the British people were led to believe the UK was joining) and a corrupt, undemocratic cartel that has created numerous basket-case economies in the heart of Western Europe.

    But you are right to focus on the removal of Mrs May, although the poor quality of most politicians (venal, self-serving toadies or sociopaths, many of them not even elected) means that there will be few credible alternatives.

    I am very glad to hear that TSR circulation is rising as the “enemies of conservatism” (and “moderatism”) are indeed closer to home than generally realized. As I don’t subscribe to the BBC either (to paraphrase Malcolm Muggeridge, I’ve “had my antenna removed”), I was unaware until reading Prof. Mary Beard’s book “Civilizations” of what a subversive influence it has had on British intellectual life. Beard is a first-rate Classics scholar (though only one among many in that field), as a result of which she has been given far too much air time as she is an intellectual pygmy in all other fields who has been completely taken in by cultural relativist and radical feminist ideology.

    Perhaps the best way to refute her relativist narrative, which appears to have the entire Humanities faculties of universities in the West in its grip, is to point out that the rise of Western civilization was about much more than just artistic achievement, unique in world history and unparalleled though that was. Its most outstanding characteristics are actually the rule of law and the scientific revolution (which Beard and her acolytes would probably claim is merely an illusion of progress and a power play by the ruling elite!).

  2. Sheilagh: We repeatedly rehearse the themes you mention both in our paper magazine and on our blog site. I am uncertain how you could have missed them if you are a reader. At present we face a more immediate crisis, a Prime Minister who has tried to smuggle a treaty conceding our sovereignty past the electorate onto the statue book.This has distressed a lot of Tory voters, who for the first time have been forced to realise that the enemies of conservatism are much closer to home than they may have imagined. Many do not want to make a public fuss, (bickering) its not a conservative thing to do, and would prefer to talk about slavery or raising our circulation, I am pleased to tell you the latter (not slavery!) is steadily rising, but if Mrs May is not removed from office, we will become slowly, imperceptibly, but certainly, an administrative territory of Brussels.

  3. Myles,
    You and your readers need to stop bickering amongst yourselves and get TSR more widely read. Jane and Theodore and the team are doing a magnificent job in the face of advancing darkness – I fear that a new Dark Ages will soon be upon us if Western Civilization does not fight back – it would be a pity if it all fell on deaf ears, or if you end up just preaching to the converted.

    Focus on delivering a few powerful counter-arguments and getting the word out. Here are some suggestions:
    1. White racism – refute this calumny propagated by the white Left. The truth is that most British and US white people couldn’t give a fig for the color of someone’s skin, or for their ethnic background. What DOES bother them is cultural incompatibility, especially the wholesale importation of pre-scientific beliefs and superstitions, and hostility to the host culture;
    2. Liberals – call them out every time on their biases: e.g. their virtue-signaling and cherry-picking, and refusal to take an equal stand against misogyny, racism etc. in other cultures too – white liberals, most of whom don’t speak any foreign languages nor have ever lived in any other culture, seem to think that only whites are capable of racism/misogyny;
    3. Mass immigration – is a Ponzi scheme. It’s a con engineered by economists, who treat humans in their simplistic models as completely fungible (like widgets), who have a cloth ear for formidable linguistic and cultural barriers, and who focus only on short-term labor shortages but neglect to acknowledge that immigrants get old in their turn and need pensions and medical care, so the net gains to the host country are highly dubious; it will lead to the complete destruction of an advanced civilization which is unique in human history. As an immigrant myself, I am also amazed at how British people do not realize that many immigrants themselves do not want mass immigration because they are fleeing from persecution in their home countries – mass immigration means that the very people we are trying to avoid arrive on the doorstep too.
    4. Britishness: the Left often use the argument that white people are privileged simply because of the “accident of birth”, but the same argument can be used of recent immigrants: they often have virtually nothing in common with almost all UK citizens, and are only “British” because of the accident of having been born in the UK and having British passports. Something more is surely required, such as a shared history, or love of the host culture, or paying into the system for a number of years, as I have been doing, before “membership” can be granted;
    5. Slavery – this evil system was not “invented” by the West, but was almost universal in the pre-modern world e.g. “White Gold”, Zanzibar, the Crimean Khanate as the conduit for millions of white slaves kidnapped from the Steppes and transported to the fleshpots of the Ottoman Empire, and the Left should be reminded time and time again that the British were the ones to bring its long history to an end – let’s hear it for Wilberforce, and the huge sacrifices of The Preventive Squadron.

    • Sheilagh If you look at our web site you will see the digital version (which is exactly the same as the paper version but with the added value of being indexed, tap on a title and you are taken to the article) is available for about the cost of three cups of coffee $12 US, a year. You are also welcome to a gratis copy if you apply via e mail to our office, quoting this message. Editor

  4. Mr Openshaw. Have you written to your MP asking for Mrs May to be shown the door? Or do you think it will all be alright on the Tory night. ‘Wink Wink, you can trust a Tory, you know old boy, sound common sense and all that sort of thing. Yes the country may have 5 million foreigners living here, but I would not worry old chap. Tory Central Office knows what it is doing. Cheers!’

  5. Good morning, Percy. There was a country doctor in my neck of the woods, now deceased, named Perley Outhouse. Not sure why his name comes to mind when I read your gems. Cheers anyway!

  6. More despairing rubbish. When will you stop moaning and offer a solution, eh? And to characterise the protests in the Telegraph as bleats is tendentious beyond belief. You actually want things to go wrong, don’t you? All that marvellous rancour and bitterness – what could you do without it?