Donald Trump; Despised by our vile political class, hugely popular among the voiceless

The spectacle this evening in the great courtyard of Blenheim Palace, its honey-coloured stone glowing in the evening light, where a nervous looking British prime minister hosted the American president for dinner, was indeed magnificent. The president must have been impressed, and no doubt moved by the sound of the solitary piper.

The birthplace of Winston Churchill, half American, champion of the English-speaking peoples, was a fitting choice. Yet how glaringly absurd that the presidential helicopter should have touched ground in the shadow of the Column of Victory erected in honour of John Churchill, first Duke of Marlborough and ancestor of Winston Churchill, the great general who three hundred years ago projected British power across the seas, and by winning a great series of victories against the armies of Louis XIV, culminating in Blenheim by the Danube, saved all Europe from the hegemony of France, its dominant power … only to be met by Mrs May, the petty bureaucrat, whose ‘Brexit vision’ consists of reducing Britain to a vassal state of the EU, and whose negotiating tactics consist of conceding every demand made of her.

The BBC reporter outside the gates drooled over the anti-Trump protestors. They had, he informed viewers, succeeded in bringing off a protest that was peaceful and constructive, helpfully reminding us that Trump was racist, sexist, misogynist (etc), and that he was not welcome in this country. The drooling BBC reporters inside the courtyard helpfully reminded us that the pageantry was to honour not Trump himself (a deeply controversial figure, whose presence was provoking demonstrators around the country … for being racist, sexist, misogynist (etc)) but the office of the president and the special relationship. Earlier, the ghastly Owen Jones popped up outside the American ambassador’s residence to protest that Trump was ‘racist, sexist, misogynist (etc)’ – and deeply intolerant of those of other ethnicities and religions. He did not represent the values of us in Britain.

But a radio phone-in earlier in the evening told a different story. To the horror of the host, caller after caller phoned in to support Trump. They liked him because he put America first. They liked him because he got things done. If only we had a prime minister like that in Britain.

I would go further. I suspect that many more of us warm to Trump because he is ‘a racist’ (i.e. he wants an end to immigration and to preserve American culture), because he is an Islamophobe (i.e. he opposes Muslim immigration because the values of Islam are not compatible with those of the West), because he is sexist and alpha-male (i.e. he took advantage of his wealth and position to sleep with women who are attracted by wealthy powerful men – why the hell not!) – though we had better not say this publicly, even light heartedly, especially not light heartedly, given the current climate of ‘hate’ fear.

The sanctimonious androgynous prigs who would destroy our civilization in the name of a new-age totalitarian utopia in which none are offended do not represent us, contrary to what the BBC would have us believe. When Trump broke all protocols earlier today and announced that Brexit was about immigration, and strongly implied the will of the people was being betrayed, he shocked the establishment media. But he spoke for the ordinary people of Britain.

God Bless the President!

God Bless America![pullquote]

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8 Comments on Donald Trump; Despised by our vile political class, hugely popular among the voiceless

  1. While Trump’s candor and willingness to listen to “conservative” opinion when it becomes loud enough (although the clickservative punditry in the States is generally terrified to dare say a thing against him, unless it aligns with the default Leftist position), it still isn’t sunshine and rainbows for those on the Right in the States.

    I imagine Trump will willingly acquiesce to whatever horrendous spending bill crosses his desk this week, and the US is still ruled by a judicial oligarchy with the executive utterly spineless in the face of their fascism.

  2. Rumour has it that despite her best efforts and her “Grab ME by the Pussy!” t-shirt, The Donald still prefers Macron.

    Not all relationships are equal or special.

  3. Now the visit is over perhaps we can draw a few conclusions:
    There will be no BREXIT; the reaction of President Trump to PM May’s proposals to the EU make that absolutely clear.
    If, after BREXIT, the UK still cannot conclude a nation to nation trade deal with the US, then how is that BREXIT?
    Prince Charles is an utter disgrace. For him to leave his 92-year-old Mother to meet President trump alone shows him to be a narcissistic coward who has no idea whatsoever of his duties.
    The anti-Trump demonstrations show conclusively that PM May and the Tories generally are on their way out. The bitter mob can mobilize, and intimidate, the cancellation of the pro-Trump rally proves that beyond any doubt. The weakness of the British political system in the face of mob rule, be it union based, communists and fellow travelers or militant islam, is plain to see. The “authorities” have lost all authority.
    There will be a reckoning and it will not be long in coming. The people of Britain are going to come up against a profound truth; everybody needs to earn a living. The halcyon days of piling up debt, of borrowing against tomorrow in order to live easy today, are almost over.
    This is not going to be pretty.

  4. If you look at the photos from Blenheim Palace, Trump and Melania stand straight, solid, looking magnificent. The other two are bent, misshapen and grimacing. Like a doctor and his nurse taking two seniors out for a walk in the garden.

  5. And this is how the media should be, positive, fair and truthful.
    Perhaps the BBC could learn a thing or two from this type of journalism
    Oh, and agreed wholeheartedly, Trump is a great president, a good politician, but certainly not always a diplomat and that is what drives the left wing establishment and their supporters crazy!

  6. I cheer the fighting spirit of this article. The Left is not yet on the ropes, much less knocked out, but it is badly winded. Let’s keep those blows raining down on its ugly head.

  7. A SPLENDID article. Agreed with every word. Best of all, it is HOPEFUL. It points out that the left is at last finding itself opposed – oh, at the edges to be sure. It’s still in charge; but we might be at that 42 / 43 moment when the apparently invincible tyranny is showing its cracks and divisions; when the squashed people begin to coordinate their efforts to be rid of it; when freedom looks possible again.