Orders from Berlin

Mrs Merkel sacked Dominic Raab three days after her newly appointed Minister for Brexit announced we would not pay £39 billion to the EU if they tried to stage an economic shoot out with Britain at the Brussels corral at midnight on the 29th of March next year. 

Mrs May probably tried to save him, but orders from Berlin are orders, as the corporal used to scream and we now know where she get hers from. Raab has not been sacked so much as stood aside, a bit like Rommel taking gardening leave. It can only be a matter of time before he wakes up on the back benches. 

If we do not get rid of this disaster of a Prime Minister in the next few weeks, we may as well stay in the EU and start applying to join the Euro. You can be sure that flocks of accountants will be on hand  in a couple of years to advise us on how to fill in an EU Federal Income tax form, they will probably have to be filed at your local regional EU Commissioner’s Office; there will be around ten of these all powerful worthies governing the various administrative districts of the EU in Britain. They will be in charge of inward cheap labour movements as well, which Mrs May is going to concede. Possibly of riot control when the working class gets wind of what is about to happen.[pullquote]

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3 Comments on Orders from Berlin

  1. OK, so now President Trump has agreed a free trade agreement with the EU, with negotiations proceeding to zero tariffs. But the UK is excluded from this agreement because you are (supposedly) in the process of leaving the EU, but the agreement proposed by PM May precludes the UK from entering into bi-lateral trade agreements because the UK will be tied into EU policy but without being an EU member!
    However you will have the foul buttocks of the English elite astride your political face ( in other words you will have regained your sovereignty)!
    If you lot had actually meant to do the worst possible thing you could hardly have succeeded better.
    What a bunch of bloody morons!

  2. “Mrs Merkel sacked Dominic Raab three days after…”

    Brother Harris: should you not change the first 2 words of your post (“Mrs Merkel”) unless you’re speaking sarcastically, which you often do and which I can understand? What I can’t understand is why our Merkel liebchen still uses the “Merkel” handle. She’s been divorced from Herr Merkel since 1982 and has been long married to another kraut named “Sauer”.