Buying coke in Yarmouth – but not for your stove

A recent delivery of the white powder

The Right Honourable Heather Wheeler, is our ‘Housing and Homelessness Minister.’ She recently spoke at an event for twenty minutes, discussing her role doing that job. On neither the issue of housing, nor homelessness, did she once mention immigration. When questioned about the rise of ‘Populism’, she proceeded to explain that Mrs May was a ‘very popular’ MP, in her constituency of Maidenhead. Right!

Likewise, Nadine Dorries, made a speech at a Brexit event.

She said that the government was not going to talk about absolute numbers of immigrants and seemed to imply, that it was not the number of immigrants entering the United Kingdom that was the problem, but just their skill sets. Not surprisingly , many in the audience were incredulous.

Both these Conservative MP’s are Brexiteers and both are considered, hard working, reasonably outspoken and decent members of parliament.

But still they spout these smooth talking, plasticy, pappy, speeches, as though we are all idiots and they were trying to sell us soap powder.

They don’t mention numbers. They don’t mention facts. They don’t mention policy solutions. The country faces massive, multiple and growing problems every day, but they talk as though everything is wonderful, the best it has ever been. Do they not have eyes? Do they not see roads full of rubbish or queues of traffic at 2.30am in the middle of London? Do they never see the slums of our squalid towns and cities? Do they never go to the areas that have been euphemistically called, ‘no go zones’ with all that that implies?

In General Election 2017, Brandon Lewis, now the Chair of the Conservative Party was the candidate for Great Yarmouth. He produced a promotional video. It is worth a watch, only 1.3 minutes long.

It started out with the ‘great attractions’ of Yarmouth’s decrepit, outdated seafront funfair and then went onto to talk about it’s great beaches, (that is true) and it’s great industry.

‘We’ve got a great brewery’ says Brandon in the film. Sure we have a great brewery and great drugs too. £50m worth of cocaine, washed up on the beach of a holiday camp recently. Drugs are openly traded day and night.

Sure we have great industry, including a massive and continual market in illegal cigarettes. Every few months, there is yet another raid and yet every day, the trade continues and these are just the ones they catch. Fronted by East Europe convenience stores, everyone knows where to buy these cigarettes. A majority of the gangs would appear to have Kurdish connections, that spread across British towns and cities.

Sure, we have some great offices but we also have some of the cheapest housing in the entire Eastern Region because no one wants to live near those great offices. You can buy a large house for £100,000. Even people who work in Great Yarmouth, do not want to live there, because of the crime, the drugs, the gangs and the migrants attracted by cheap housing.

There are charities, who actively go out of their way to fill out migrants and ‘refugees’ benefit forms. being an example. These charities, then wonder why the local, white, working class have absolutely nothing to do with migrant groups and you can cut the atmosphere with a knife, if someone from the ‘wrong’ group, walks into the ‘wrong’ pub. These charities, are often funded by ‘nice’ people (I called them the ‘Waitrose Liberals’) who do not live anywhere near Great Yarmouth, usually in the wide, green, tree lined streets of Norwich, with it’s million pound houses, just twenty five miles away.

Brandon Lewis did not show the boarded up Marks and Spencers store in his little video, one of the many such stores in the central area of Great Yarmouth. People will no longer shop in the central streets because they are afraid.

Who do the conservatives think they are kidding with their glossy little adverts?

Maybe, as I said to Heather Wheeler, if the conservatives got a little more ‘popularist’, they might become a bit more popular.To which she replied, that I was part of the ‘angry 10%’. This, like almost everything the conservatives do, completely misses the point.[pullquote]

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17 Comments on Buying coke in Yarmouth – but not for your stove

  1. ‘Waitrose Liberals’ love it. In my little life, middle class Conservatives have become daft Lefties, I blame the Leftie universities for filling their silly heads with daft idea.

  2. Comments that include foul or abusive language will be deleted. Free speech is one thing, abuse is another. The Editor

  3. rogerindisneyworld:

    How can you take Paul Weston seriously? He’s never been a skinhead. He’s never tattooed the Cross of St George on his forehead. He doesn’t even have a Geordie accent. And he’s married to a Gypsy for crying out loud!

    And look how he’s arranged his bookshelves so we can easily see books with titles like “America Alone”, “Closing of the American Mind”, “Suicide of the West”, “Eco-Fascism”, “Alien Nation”; but you have to have very good eyes like mine to spot “How to Pull Women” by Ed West. Very pretentious and false.

  4. Has Editor Harris anything to say about the release of Tommy Robinson?
    Clearly TR has been starved and tortured during his prison stay, of eleven weeks or so, he looks gaunt, like he has lost 30-40lbs.
    How do you people feel about living, without any rights or freedoms whatsoever, in a fascist bureaucratic state, where TPTB can inflict such injury on an individual without even one question ever being raised in the House of Commons?

  5. To be fair to Wheeler, she, like whole generations of Europeans, has probably been brainwashed by economists using the usual beguiling, short-sighted arguments into believing that mass immigration is fundamentally a good thing. What she and many others do not see, and dishonest economists refuse to acknowledge, is that mass immigration is a Ponzi scheme.

  6. It doesn’t matter whether you are from the angry 10% or the angry 90% because the complacent political/media class will decide what events qualify as crisis and whether they are important enough to inform “the public” about.

    Virtue signalling and moral hygiene (showing oneself to be free of the taints of sexism, racism and the usual forbidden “phobias”) are more important to our media elite than facing the truth about the ugly and dangerous transformation of our communities and our public life.

    Every story on TV news and current affairs that purports to deal with the immigration question inevitably concludes that problems lie with the British failure to properly provide for the migrants and help them to integrate.

    The popular liberalism that arose in the 1960s has run its course. The left are showing signs of totalitarian ambitions (will failure to celebrate diversity become a criminal offence on their watch?). Seriously lacking in this country is an intelligent and determined conservative movement.

  7. May I suggest that the quickest way of bringing home the folly of mass immigration to these deluded MPs and members of the House of Lords is to encourage the establishment of vast permanent refugee/immigrant camps outside their houses in Maidenhead, Chipping Norton, Matrix Chambers and Worth Matravers (on the scale of Darfur, Calais or Lesbos)?

  8. Well, it seems that Great Yarmouth and England in general is also Kurdish fag smuggler compliant!
    The cocaine is probably trafficked by Albanians, the heroine by Pakis, the marijuana by Jamaican yardies, and the local pre-pubescent white girls are trafficked by everyone, probably including members of the local police force.
    So Sharpe, you are one of the angry 90%! It hasn’t gotten you far has it?
    I was angry in 1975, angry enough to get the hell out, which I did.
    My grandchildren are Americans, a fact for which I am hugely grateful.

    • Good for you Roger, but running away is not an option for many of us. Besides, the problems Catherine describes are burgeoning all over the Anglosphere. The walls – physical and spiritual – are down and nowhere is safe.