Apartheid USA.

Feeding time at the Grievance Industrial Complex

In 2012, Charles Murray, the American author, famous for the book, ‘The Bell Curve’, wrote a new and similarly controversial book called, ‘Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010.’ In it, he examined the American, white working class, losing all the traditional values that had previously held them, their families and their society together.

At the same time, Murray saw wealthy Americans segregate themselves further and further from other ordinary Americans. Not only do the wealthy share few values with the working class but they never inhabit the same space, never the twain shall meet.

Time has moved on. Now even the white working class have been largely replaced in cities by a motley bunch of blacks, hispanics and latinos of every description, colour and country, as well as Muslims in their headscarves and an infinite variety of poor Asians.

Never before have I seen the groups Murray described so physically near but so socially far apart as in downtown Boston. Just one physical wall or a plate glass window, separated their gulf of differences.

‘Wendy’s’ is a small American burger chain. I used to particularly like their burgers because they made each one by hand that tasted more like a current ‘gourmet’ burger, rather than the ‘stewed’ version you get in a Burger King. Not in this branch. Outside a $1 chicken burger special was being advertised.

Inside, the lighting was dim, the floor was grubby, greasy and littered with used burger wrappers. Patrons were buying ‘dinner’ in the queue,  Everything about them said, ‘underclass, poverty, paucity of ambition, education and self-esteem’. Obese girls were bulging out of skin tight leggings showing every part of the genitalia. Demanding voices rang out. Kids screamed and shoved people. Race did not matter. There was little difference whether they were white, latino or black. None had any respect for the place, themselves or their bodies. Every customer had a colossal ‘big gulp’ drink, 64 fluid ounces of pure, sweet, sugary crap: 526 calories and the equivalent of 36 teaspoons of sugar. It was watching social destruction in action.

After having had my rather greasy, sordid burger, I passed the cafe next door.

‘Sweet Green’ (https://www.sweetgreen.com/our-story/) ‘Our mission is to inspire healthier communities by connecting people to real food.’

It sounds really nice until you discover that all that means is a salad of a few greens and a bit of sweet potato, lovingly hand stirred, costing £9 and served in a plastic takeaway container without a drink.

The place was heaving when I went back for lunch the next day to try it. Everyone was thin, really thin. Everyone was smart, professional, educated, intelligent and probably Democrat. People in preppy chinos, pressed shorts, smart jackets and expensive suits mixed with people in designers tee-shirts made of organic linen. To fulfil the correct diversity quota there was a representative single black, single hispanic, single Muslim professional in the crowd of about an hundred. They glowed whilst lunching on their chia seeds. As the website says, it’s all about ‘creating meaningful connections every day’. Meanwhile they enjoyed the pristine white space and designer lighting, where ‘each space is a reflection of the community, it’s part of.’

Greasy Wendy’s wrappers from next door fluttered past the pristine glass in the wind.

Outside, on the streets, in front of ‘Sweet Green’ were 5 star hotels, charging £600 per night, (without breakfast), lived an even lower community than the one in Wendy’s: The homeless underclass. Pregnant, scared and scarred, drugged white girls mixed with demented older black men. Weird and lost people of all descriptions wandered about. Panhandlers and beggars frequented every street corner.

This was not surprising given that accommodation in central Boston was ridiculously expensive. The H hostel charges £75 for a single bunk bed, in a shared dorm with three other complete strangers. For that price, you get bare concrete, pictureless walls and a bathroom shared by many.

Of course, all the inhabitants of the £600 a night hotels, shared the same, democratic party, globalist, liberal, elitist, views of the world, as did the hostel owners and their residents. The only Trump voters in sight would have been in Wendy’s.

On the wall behind the reception of the hostel, a glowing, lite up sign, in big capital letters declared, ‘Room for everyone. No place for Hate.’

Except that there wasn’t room for everyone – only room for those that paid $90 for their shared bunk room.

Meanwhile Charles Murray is regularly, ‘no platformed’ at American universities including those in Boston.

Do the ‘smug 101’ students from Harvard university, as well those students from the other 35 higher education establishments in the Boston area, walk around with their eyes closed and never go into a Wendy’s? Can they not see the devastation liberal, globalist, open border policies are causing?

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7 Comments on Apartheid USA.

  1. As further proof, suppose one of the elite’s lawyer daughter wants to marry another lawyer. Her parents would not only not object, but be proud, if he is black, or Muslim, or bisexual, or belongs to any one of the approved opressed groups. It shows how open-minded and non-judgemental and multi-cultural little Becky had grown up to be. They will also be OK with Becky coming home with *her*, so long as *she* is a lawyer.

    But imagine if Becky comes home with a *subhuman* boyfriend. A welder, say, or a skilled auto mechanic. Panic stations! All inclusiveness is off, open minds slam shut, and every possible pressure will be put on Becky to break off the engagement. Becky will surely be warned, among other things, that *that* sort are not only inferior and subhuman, but terribly racist, too.

  2. “It is not so much that they don’t see it, but (coming from the same “elite” background I assure you this is true) they hardly consider those not in the elite to be human.”

    Perhaps because of my good fortune and ‘elite’ occupation I have, up to now, found it difficult to say what I think about the attitude of so many of my fellow elitists to the ‘white working class’. But I think I can now ‘come out’ and agree with you. Wholeheartedly.

  3. It is not so much that they don’t see it, but (coming from the same “elite” background I assure you this is true) they hardly consider those not in the elite to be human.

    They view them more as pets: benevolently, wishing them well, but not as creatures whose experience or opinions about anything matter in the least. Only those who have a *real* career (read: professional or in academia) or a *real* education (ditto) matter. The masses are seen, well, as masses – an undifferentiated mob of mental defectives whose lives are to be governed by the elite, as part of the elite’s less important duties. Attention to “social problems”, the life of the other 95%, is about as important to the elite as discussing the latest artsy film or big-name painter, far behind important stuff like their money, careers, or cars, for example.

    In short, the elite today have the same attitude towards the poor royalty always had towards the peasants. Hence the shocked surprise at Brexit and Trump: why are the peasants revolting against the just, natural order? It is surely the work of the devil and his minions, or of “racists” as we call them today. Don’t listen to his temptations, the modern priests – the media – keeps telling the peasants. Reject him and all his (racist) works. But the devil seems to be rather good at tempting people to sin, I mean to commit racist islamophobic homophobic acts like voting the wrong way.

    No wonder the elite in both England and the USA literally demanded a do-over. The law for some reason actually treated the votes of *real* people equal to those of the masses, an obvious flaw that invalidates the results.

  4. First of all, the trendy, wealthy liberals you describe are perfectly aware of the effects of globalist, open border policies but they simply don’t care.

    Secondly, I have never been to Boston and was thinking of going later in the year. I might give it a miss now as it sounds revoltingly familiar to much of the UK.

    (The abuse in this reply has been removed – Editor)

    Toodle pip.

    • Editor Harris: Tim Howar has directed abuse at Ms. Blaiklock?
      This is appalling. Please publish the deleted content, so that the Salisbury Review commenting community can judge Mr. Howar’s attitude to your most worthy contributor Blaiklock.
      Thank you.

  5. It is difficult to see the point of Ms. Blaiklock’s articles, perhaps they are just poorly titled. “Apartheid USA”? When was it that the wealthy, powerful and privileged actually mixed with the lower classes, in the USA or anywhere else?
    There is no doubt that globalization, particularly of manufacturing industry, has hit the formerly industrial areas of the USA, and the inhabitants thereof, very hard in terms of reduced standard of living and has shaken their faith in the American system. The election of Donald Trump is a clear indicator of the frustration that American working class people feel.
    The world is changing, and while the changes that globalization has wrought have undoubtedly impacted the US working class negatively, it is also accurate to point out that hundreds of millions of people across the globe have been lifted out of poverty by the same processes.
    “Wendy’s” is hardly a small chain, I have eaten at Wendy’s establishments in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Florida and other places. Unfortunately, with the death of founder Dave Thomas, the quality of the Wendy’s product went down very quickly, I would not eat there now, and I would never consume any food served in an establishment like that Ms. Blaiklock describes. But then I suspect that she did not either, the whole thing is a concoction, like the article itself.
    The level of arrogance in determining who votes for who based on their social position is quite astounding. It is most likely that the people Ms. Blaiklock describes in her visit to the Wendy’s do not actually vote at all, although their votes are probably added to the democratic party totals by the utterly corrupt creatures who run the that party. The most likely Trump voters in the place would be the owner and the people working there, trying desperately hard to make their living.
    The assumption that the ignorant unwashed are Trump supporters is also a huge conceit. If that were so why would the democratic party be so keen to bring in millions more?
    The students and professors who object to persons such as Charles Murray are the ones in the affirmative action programs that have exploded in US universities. These departments have been created to provide “degree” studies for students who are completely unsuitable for higher education. Students in Harvard’s STEM subjects would be far too busy to participate in such idiocies.