Comrade Corbyn offers us a cup of socialist Kool- Aid

AD 2050
“Thanks Hugo Chavez for showing that the poor matter and wealth can be shared. He made massive contributions to Venezuela and a very wide world……………..President Maduro has shown the world there is a better way. It’s called socialism. Venezuela is inspirational.”                         Jeremy Corbyn

According to The Latin American Herald Tribune, armed police in Caracas have attacked crowds who were protesting about the lack of medicines and bandages. The Venezuelan health service is in chaos: the numbers of amputations and mastectomies has increased alarmingly owing to the chronic shortage of the routine treatments of serious diseases. This is only the latest horror story from a people brought to disaster by the “inspirational” Marxist regime there.

Scores of patients are stacked up on hospital trolleys and large sections of the central hospital are boarded off because of the disastrous shortage lack of doctors, medicines and supplies. One doctor, reporting that a patient had died, said, “We have no needles.”

Hospitals are operating with a fraction of the staff as hungry medics have gone on strike demanding higher pay while others have just given up. One doctor told a British TV channel, “I am paid about five million bolivars a month, but a packet of eggs costs four million.”

Millions of Venezuelans have deserted the country in the hope of relief in surrounding states.

Still Jeremy Corbyn – very likely our next prime minister – remains full of praise for Venezuela’s leaders who have turned that country into a hell on earth. Corbyn’s social and economic policies would quickly bring Britain to a similar catastrophe. Here are a few details which show us what we might be in for…

Miguel Rodríguez Torres, a Venezuelan general who served as President Maduro’s interior minister in 2013 and 2014, recently warned that his country is on the verge of civil war. Large riots and protests have intensified in every major city, including the working class neighbourhoods which once firmly supported Maduro’s government.

The protests began after judges supportive of Maduro attempted to dissolve the opposition-controlled Congress last March. This move, combined with starvation because of shortages of everything from food to basic necessities such as toilet paper, has made Venezuela dangerously unstable. Schools are in chaos because the teachers have not been paid for months.

Venezuela – Jeremy Corbyn’s “better way” – has a higher murder rate than any country on earth. There is widespread brutality by the police and the army, imprisonment without trial, often followed by torture. A few weeks ago a Venezuelan journalist reported, “People just disappear.”

Three-quarters of Venezuelans have lost critical amounts of body weight, and women are making themselves sterile in order to avoid having another mouth to feed

All this is happening in a rich country which has reserves of oil greater than anywhere else in the world, including Saudi Arabia. It is not difficult to identify the cause of such a catastrophe – the establishment of a Marxist dictatorship by Hugo Chavez and its continuation by Maduro.

I have already written about the parlous state of Venezuela, but I am compelled to do so again because the terrifying events taking place in that country could, very easily and very quickly, happen in Britain. All that is required is a Labour government under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn – not an unlikely event. Owing to the stupendous incompetence and ineptitude of Theresa May – particularly demonstrated by her alienation of traditional Tory support by her disastrous election manifesto – Corbyn’s party is ahead in the opinion polls. The minority Conservative government is extremely precarious and it could be defeated anytime in a vote of no confidence. This would let in a Corbyn government so far to the left that it would make Michael Foot’s extreme socialist manifesto of 1983 – “the longest suicide note in history” – look like an agenda paper of the Conservative Monday Club.

Corbyn’s socialist utopia may not be far off: brought about by the present shambles of the Tory party and the votes of Momentum, an infantilized youth movement of snowflakes so politically ignorant that its members regard Corbyn as a charismatic leader and a man of principle. This agitprop rabble – ready to take to the streets anytime – is made up of those 300,000 extra members who were allowed to affiliate to the party at £3 a time.

So we ought to examine these principles. Corbyn and his cronies, allied with a militant trade union movement, have more than once declared their intention to sponsor “a season of co-ordinated strikes” which would install the Labour leader in Number Ten. Corbyn’s punitive taxation proposals, profligate public spending policies and wholesale renationalization schemes would bankrupt the country in quick time.

And that is not the half of it. Britain has a nuclear deterrent, but Corbyn has told all our potential enemies that he would never order its use. When is a deterrent not a deterrent? When it’s Mr Corbyn’s deterrent. Corbyn regards the state of Israel as a pariah and he has repeatedly made known his distaste for Jews generally. There is worse. Only months after the IRA’s Brighton bomb of 1984, designed to wipe out Mrs Thatcher’s cabinet, Corbyn invited its perpetrators, the Irish Republican leadership, to visit him in the House of Commons. Corbyn is a supporter of terrorists of many hues – refusing to condemn Palestinian violence against Israel and affectionately describing the terrorists of Hamas and Hezbollah as “our friends.” And, to return to Venezuela, Corbyn says of the architect of its destruction Hugo Chavez, “He did a lot of good for Venezuela and the wider world.”

Corbyn stands in a long line of vicious ideologues going back to Lenin and Stalin, continuing through Ceausescu and his beloved Chavez and currently represented by the murderous Maduro

All it needs is a general election victory for Corbyn to condemn Britain to the catastrophe and devastation which we see today in Venezuela. In jihadist, imperialistic Islam, we face an external enemy. In Corbyn and his gang we are beset by the enemy within.    Subscribe from £12 a year

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5 Comments on Comrade Corbyn offers us a cup of socialist Kool- Aid

  1. I follow that Corbyn’s own ideologies match those of Chavez and Maduro probably point for point. But getting outright Marxist policies through Parliament and with the operational consent of the British institutions may be more difficult than one might think. On the other hand, part of me can’t help revelling in the idea of the rotten British political and institutional establishment being finally confronted by those who revile and despise them in the fullest sense. Frivolous I know but I can’t help it. The establishment has betrayed Britain – accordingly, their well being is no longer relevant.

  2. But I wonder how much, if anything, is due to US sanctions and embargoes? The hard core of Momentum will always say that, and it is bound to be the Corbyn response? Nevertheless no matter what comes out of that benighted country the loony left are convinced that Britain needs the Venezuelan option.

  3. Vote for UKIP. Every time. In our disaffected millions.
    UKIP voters shook the Elites to their rotten core and they can do it again.

    • Agreed and I have voted UKIP more than once. But the British have not yet woken up to the realities of their future. When or if that happens in the numbers necessary, it may well be too late for purely electoral solutions.

      I suggest no political and institutional establishment can ultimately demand (as the British establishment is doing) that a people and a civilisation de-territorialise in the name of globalisation – without violence. That is where this is heading. Perhaps the establishment just believes it will win.