The EU Con Trick

Air Chief Marshall Sir Hugh “Stuffy” Dowding was commander-in-chief of the RAF during the Battle of Britain. On 16th June 1961 – twelve years before Britain joined the European Economic Community (EEC) – Sir Hugh wrote a letter to Lord Beaverbrook in which he said: “What a terrible menace the EEC is! All the unemployables of Europe will invade us and succeed where Hitler failed.”

The EEC was a con trick to conceal the deceit perpetrated by the European political elite who claimed that this organization was only about trade, when really the intention was the abolition of national sovereignty and the absorption of European nations into a political union (EU), a centralised bureaucracy, an unaccountable super-state whose rulers – the commissioners – were unelected and could not be turfed out at the ballot box.

Sir Hugh was right. What Bismarck failed to achieve by force of arms in 1870, the Kaiser by the same means in 1914 and likewise Hitler in 1939, Angela Merkel has achieved without firing a shot. For what is the EU except German hegemony – the Fourth Reich in all but name.

From Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor in 1933 until his invasion of Poland six years later, the British government pursued a deceitful and disgraceful policy of appeasement. Dowding, no less than Winston Churchill, knew that this policy would never succeed and that Hitler would have to be confronted sooner or later or else Britain would become a vassal state.

They say that history repeats itself: the first time as tragedy and the second time as farce.

This is what is now happening. Theresa May’s Chequers plan by which she pretends Britain is to leave the EU is in reality as capitulation to Brussels, an abject surrender and a gesture as phoney as Chamberlain’s piece of paper which lied in its promise “Peace for our time.” Her Chequers plan amounts to our continued membership of the EU, only by another name. Here are some of its details:

We shall be bound by a “rule book” which will prevent our striking trade deals with other countries. This is the straitjacket of the customs union, only called something else: “the combined customs territory.”

The interpretation of the rule book will be administered by the EU which has warned us that dissent will “have consequences.”

Future disputes will be settled by a “joint committee,” but the procedures of this committee to be determined by forty years of the EU’s precedence.

We shall still be obliged to collect EU tariffs

Our banks will lose their pass-porting rights to sell their services to countries remaining in the EU.

Memorably, Boris Johnson has described this sellout epigrammatically as “British taxpayers forking out £40billion for two-thirds of diddly squat.”

May is Chamberlain mark II. She has been taken in by Barnier as Chamberlain was deceived by Hitler at Munich in 1938. In fact this time things are much worse for, while Chamberlain was genuinely deceived, May is complicit with the EU officials with whom she is in total sympathy. When a prime minister thus sells her country down the river, is it any wonder that many have the words “treachery” and “treason” on their lips?

In 1940 Britain had had more than enough of appeasement and lies and so sent for Winston Churchill who, by the efforts of Dowding and the RAF, led us to victory in the Battle of Britain.

Today we are in a new battle for Britain.

Send for Boris Johnson.





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8 Comments on The EU Con Trick

  1. I wasn’t going to comment on this post because I have a different view that may be regarded as confrontational and anyway I don’t in England anymore.
    There are however, several errors and fallacies in the article that need to be addressed:
    Probably least significant, is that Sir Hugh Dowding was chief of Fighter Command during the BoB, not Commander of the RAF. After the battle he was retired (sacked), for many reasons, not least among them his willingness to co-operate with the Army and the RN.
    The EU, from the start, and I mean from the establishment of The Council of Europe in 1950, the project was always meant to lead to political integration.
    I, at least fully understood this in 1973 when Britain joined, and that eventual aim was one of the reasons I voted remain in 1975. If there was a “con trick” it was perpetrated by Edward Heath.
    The situation now is a complete disaster, a fact that PM May appreciates all too well. Enough of the English people voted to stick it to Cameron, without appreciating the consequences, that BREXIT passed, those consequences are going to be appalling and tragic.

  2. I agree with the tenor of the article, but would like to point out that Bismarck certainly did not seek to control Europe in 1870. He was the last German politician of any foresight. Wanting a balance of power on the continent, he fought in 1866 to exclude Austria-Hungary from Central Europe; 1870 was similarly designed to cut France down to size. He made peace on generous terms with Austria-Hungary and Russia.

  3. My recollection is that de Gaulle vetoed Britain’s EEC application in 1963. What an irony! He was full of anger at and mistrust of the British and the Americans, and bitter about e.g. the treatment of the Free French after Wavell’s 1941 invasion of Syria (another irony: Vichy fought back fiercely, killing and wounding many Allied soldiers, including Cutler VC – won in action against, err, the French!). The irony being that he (unwittingly) did the UK a huge favor – the Brits should have thanked him.

  4. The unelected panjandrums of the EU, and those elected by a circuitry specifically designed to thwart representation, have connived with our vacuously busy Prime Minister to obstruct the clearly expressed will of the British people. The Revd. Mullen is correct the German (and French) technocrats are behind much of this, and we Britons need a leader who will both represent us, and be alert to the tactics and strategy of the EU.

    • It’s a humorous vernacular like “forking out”. I don’t think Boris – for all his faults – is short of the right words.

      Dowding was wrong about “unemployables”, but they figure largely in our uncontrolled immigration, principally from Africa.

  5. “They say that history repeats itself: the first time as tragedy and the second time as farce.”

    Not “they” – Marx actually and indubitably…and possibly the only thing he ever said worth repeating – hence “They say”.