Lord Carney of Twaddle

Why do I keep getting confused between Mark Carney and Fred Karno? I think it must be something to do with their shared intellectual incapacity – about which more in a minute.

Fred – I mean Mark, I think – has been singing love songs again into the ear of his bosom pal Theresa May. He has just told her that house prices could fall as much as 35% if Britain ends up with a no deal Brexit

He added that mortgage rates will spiral, the value of pound will collapse and inflation will fall. Millions of homeowners will be left in negative equity. Fred Carney also shared his “thoughts” with the Financial Times –aka The Daily Remoaner – which duly reported that “…all Mr Karno’s predictions are grim and chilling.”

Now, let me indulge in a spot of forensics and try to discover Governor Karno’s modus operandi. This is not difficult. He merely says to himself, “Who are the people – apart from the thickees, of course – who voted so enthusiastically for Brexit? I know, they are lower middle class folk who’ve been taught by the Daily Mail to worry themselves sick about house prices. I’ll launch my new project fear at them.”

As promised, I now return to Carney’s intellectual ineptitude – to which might be added moral turpitude – best demonstrated by his affection for logical contradiction. His Oxford DPhil thesis was entitled The Dynamic Advantage of Competition. This must be why he thinks Britain should belong to a protectionist superstate whose rules create the most severe impediments to our ability to compete in the wider world.

Governor Fred has a nice-looking wife who, like her husband, is a fastidious practitioner of the dismal science. The Guardian admires her as someone, “…pleasingly edgy about the environment and equality of income.” Mrs Fred admonishes us: “Having stuff doesn’t make us happy.” She should know! I’ve no idea what she earns – or rather what she is paid – but the Karno household is certainly not short of “stuff.” Her husband is paid £624,000 for telling Mrs May what she wants to hear.

This said Fred is seeking British citizenship. I do hope he is successful in this ambition. Then he will be eligible for a peerage and to sit in the House of Frauds with his fellow remoaners.

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  1. “This said Fred is seeking British citizenship. I do hope he is successful in this ambition.”

    If’n I was ever to seek British citizenship and the Feminist Atheist Agnostical Lesbian Home Office Bi*ch (not Caroline Nokes – someone lower on the greasy pole) looking at my application ever saw my comments on this blog…

    The only country I know I’ve an absolute right to immigrate to is Finland. Grandpappy fought the Red Finn Russian Commies there in 1918 and the White Finns won. Thank God (you may well say) because otherwise I wouldn’t be commenting here today.