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9 Comments on How the BBC lies about almost everything

  1. And thank you, Brother, for pointing out an earlier version of the phrase “widow’s mite” than I was aware of. Catholics are more generous. They expect even widows to cast two mites into the temple treasury:
    “And looking on, He saw the rich Anglicans cast their gifts into the treasury. And He saw also a certain poor widow casting in two brass mites. And He said: ‘Verily I say to you, that this poor widow hath cast in more than they all’.”
    Douay-Rheims, Lk.21: 1-3

  2. Don’t be too upset, Myles. My comments are often meant mainly in jest, but sometimes intentions are difficult to decipher online unless one is using those twee smiley faces.

    Anyroad, you’ve shamed me into spending a “widow’s mite” for the online edition of your excellent organ, which will be a welcome diversion from reading the truly asinine comments by RogerintheFloridaEverGayBlades

  3. “America is THE lead culture in the west in ideas, literature, theatre, film, science and politics.”

    If Salisbury Review – not just Myles Harris – actually believed that, I would cancel my subscription. If I had one.

    • It is not a question of me meaning it, the facts speak for themselves. A literate man’s bookshelves will have dozens of copies of US writers who have had a major influence all around the world. His house will be filled with US inventions, the car he drives originates with Ford, the planes he flies in are more often than not US built. He probably uses a PC or an Apple computer. The classic films he watches on TV are from Hollywood. The value of the money in his pocket depends on the dollar. Man’s next destination space has been led by superior US technology. America greatest contribution however is to modern thought and politics.

      I am sorry you cannot contribute a widow’s mite to the running of the magazine, but I see no reason to offer a free web platform to somebody who is just taking advantage and is rude as well.


    A good English website descending into American neologisms? The “Red” and “Blue” distinction is exactly opposite in all civilised countries. Sad.

    • Oh dear! Another Americanophobic. A lot of little Englanders are unable to face the fact that America is THE lead culture in the west in ideas, literature, theatre, film, science and politics. The Matrix, from which the idea of the red pill and the blue pill comes from, is an excellent example of a highly original idea, in film in this instance, which we no longer possess.