Mrs May: Sock puppet of Whitehall

Olly Robbins, the grinning apparition you see at Mrs May’s side in Brussels, part of Whitehall’s ‘Beating Heart of Remain’ was given a bonus of £20,000 above his annual salary of £160,000 for his ‘good’ work in negotiating Britain’s withdrawal from Europe. I suspect it is for his influence over Mrs May.

I wonder whether Mrs May is his sock puppet, or just stupid. Stupid people are often stubborn, and the fact she is still clinging on to her Chequers proposal when Brussels has rejected it out of hand suggests either she is really low on cerebral wattage, so low she must have a problem starting up the neurones in the morning, or she knows something we don’t.

Perhaps, as an ardent Remainer, she has been told secretly by Brussels that they are going to suddenly agree to Chequers, after all it is a much better deal for them than were Britain to remain: we pay their tariffs, obey their courts, give up the notion of new trade agreements with other nations, and surrender our vote in the European Parliament.

We will become a colony of Brussels. Only the Treasury and its brain dead fools could have dreamt up that one.

She has to go.



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2 Comments on Mrs May: Sock puppet of Whitehall

  1. She has to go. But it won’t be of her own accord. So the question is: does the Tory party have it in them to remove her? Answers on a postcard to ….