Vote Remain for a cheaper cleaner for your Islington flat.

Labour is tying itself in knots. The Conservatives are in an existential crisis. UKIP is in danger of tearing itself apart.

It’s all about class again.

Labour is really the funniest – nowhere does the British class system rear its ugly head more than in the current day labour party. There you have Corbyn and McDonnell, old Trots, who believe in permanent revolution, standing in front of thousands of young middle class Momentumite remainers who want to stay in the European Union.

To Corbyn and McDonnell’s credit, they completely understand that it will be the European Union that will stop them getting most of their craziest policies through. What is shocking is that all their young acolytes really do not have a clue how the European Union works – protecting bankers, global crony capitalists and technocrats. Most of their policy proposals will immediately fall foul of the EU’s 187,000 rules.

As Ambrose Evans Pritchard, writing in the Telegraph says, ‘’Brussels became the debt-collector for private banks, forcing taxpayers in the peripheral crisis states to take on Troika loans to repay creditors at full value. All that mattered was to save monetary union and the European banking system. As the IMF admits in its mea culpa, Greece was sacrificed for the euro.’

Why does Momentum love the bankers so much?

A more simple way to put it is this: Labour’s trade unionists and working class people, especially from the Northern towns, simply want better wages, more money and better jobs – and they see the way to do that is to stop immigration, stop the bankers, stop the globalist companies like Amazon whom they see as paying no tax and providing dreadful working conditions and bad wages. To do that, they need to escape the EU rule book and become a free nation and stop immigration that directly competes against them for jobs.

Against Labour’s working class, are the middle class Islingtonites who think the EU is wonderful – houses in Tuscany, liberal sexual rights, booze cruises in Majorca and a whole raft of right-on liberal policies including things like the Erasmus program which helps students go to different universities across Europe.

It is they and their children, well established members of the middle class with a bit of trendy, right on, socialism thrown in, that think they will benefit from remaining in the EU. These people and their concerns, have absolutely nothing in common with white working class men from Mansfield.

Meanwhile over at UKIP, similar eruptions are taking place – again often drawn down class lines.

Last week, The Earl of Dartmouth, MEP resigned from UKIP. Now you could not get more blue blooded than William Legge, the 10th Earl who is actually a step brother of the late Princess Diana of Wales.

He was an avid Brexiteer and a long standing member of UKIP. He resigned last week ostensibly because of what he said was the perceived veer of UKIP to the ‘far right’ on Islam and homosexuality. In fact he really resigned over something much simpler – the leadership of Gerard Batten who has attended rallies with The Football lads alliance and has suggested that Tommy Robinson be invited to join the party, even though it is specifically against the current party rules.

Tommy Robinson is your archetypal working class hero. The working class love him, especially in the Northern cities, who have been at the brunt end of grooming gangs and Muslim ghettoisation. On the other hand, Nigel Farage is your classic ‘respectable’ ordinary man in the street hero. Mrs ‘Bouquet,’ lady of the house, otherwise known as Mrs Bucket from Keeping up Appearances would vote for Nigel – and most people, to be honest, do want to keep up appearances.

Anyone who they think leads groups who might hit police horses or who look like a pile of football hooligans, will not get their vote.

Tommy Robinson is perceived by many as a thug who gets arrested who you would really not like your daughter to bring home. Nigel on the other hand, is considered the respectable face of rebellion as are Boris and Rees-Mogg. It’s simple and sums it up.

It will be interesting to see how these class divisions play out but what is clear is that the working class still hold votes – and anyone who can get that vote in places like Stoke-on-Trent and Mansfield South may hold some of the keys to power.

Ironically from a strategic point of view, if UKIP can forge a wedge in some of these key working class, marginal seats and target Northern labour seats, they might be able to stop a Corbyn government. Whether they have the vision to do that or if that is their aim remains to be seen.

Whatever happens, all these existing parties are in danger of tearing themselves apart. There is a real possibility that if Brexit does not happen, the two party system, might for the very first time, be vulnerable.

Mrs May should take note but sadly she will not.


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4 Comments on Vote Remain for a cheaper cleaner for your Islington flat.

  1. Yes, as usual with England it is class, class, class all the time. It is not just the Tories who are in an existential crisis, it is the entire English political system. That system has degenerated to the point of being a totally dysfunctional pantomime.
    “Working class people, especially from the Northern towns simply want better wages, more money and better jobs”. They are not going to get any of those things, BREXIT will ensure that wages will fall, there will be less money and damned few jobs. It is incredibly ironic that the most disadvantaged areas of England, who stood to gain the most from the EU taking over the administration of Britain, were the ones most likely to vote Leave.
    The BREXITEERS are already planning to gut England’s already pathetic product, environmental and labour regulations, all in the name of “competitiveness”. It is beyond the imagination of the English elite to compete on the basis of skill, education or innovation, they will just proclaim that our serfs are cheaper than your serfs. Same with the BREXIT premium, it is all going to tax relief for the already fabulously wealthy.
    The EU’s 187,000 rules are mostly WTO rules, which you will have to follow anyway, but without the help of the Brussels bureaucrats.
    So Gerard Batten is courting the Football lads Alliance and Tommy Robinson, and probably the EDL as well. It is clear to anyone that England is headed to political violence, probably similar to the chaos on the streets of Germany in the 20s and 30s. UKIP needs an Ernst Rohm and an SA, Labour has antifa and it’s union thugs as a street force, the Tories and the establishment have the military and police forces.
    Nigel Farage is just a tory. We all found his juvenile speeches in the European Parliament very amusing, but he did not do Britain any favors in making them.
    It is essential that UKIP destroy the FPTP system, that is not going to be easy but is possible if they can get enough votes to cause a hung Parliament and jamb up the whole legislative process. But don’t be surprised if the establishment mobilizes the Guards Brigade to stop it.

  2. The Salisbury Review often provides a good alternative perspective, but the proofreading and general standard of English is going from bad to worse. You will simply invite mockery if your standards are so slack – and surely good accurate English should be an important value for an intelligent conservative magazine. ‘Acolites’, ‘Ambrose Amber Evans Pritchard’ (!!!) – wake up all of you!

    • ” ‘Acolites’, ‘Ambrose Amber Evans Pritchard’ (!!!)”

      I didn’t see the word ‘Acolites’ when I sped red this peace, Ms Galway, but ‘acolite’ is a reel word, don’t you no? Nor did I sea ‘Amber’ included as won of Evans-Pritchard’s names.
      I suppose Ms Blaiklock has done some judicious editing ex post facto. Hard to explain ‘Amber’, but it’s know more than a miner fowl.

      Now as for acolites/acolytes, its (!!!) knot a bazaar misteak. More of an oral/aural/digital disconnect often maid by typists who are homophonically challenged, as wee all are from thyme to thyme. Have you never scene someone wright “shoe-in” or “here-here!” when they clearly new better? You should give this writer a brake for such a little laps in judgment. Their but four the grace of God…etc.

  3. “What is shocking is that all their young acolites really do not have a clue how the European Union works – ”

    That is certainly true of the young Corbyn enthusiasts I know. In Corbyn they see a rebel challenging the established order (and the young are always suckers for a rebel). The shallow, simple-mindedness of the social justice warrior stance always appeals to those who imagine that politics is just about righting wrongs an ensuring equal outcomes for all.

    These people see Brexit as a right wing project which, for that reason alone, must be resisted. Brexit support in the Labour heartlands can be explained away as the result of the unsophisticated “low information” (but still salt-of-the-earth) working class folks being deceived by anti-european charlatans with their false promises.