There are lies, damned lies and then there is Theresa May’s conference speech

Theresa May’s conference speech was a master class in deception and the political commentators loved her for it. It was a long speech in which lie followed lie from start to finish. But I think Mrs May believed every word of it. She has turned political leadership into a form of paranoid psychosis. Let me start at the top…

She promised, “Security for the nation with strong defences. We must keep our defences strong.” But our armed forces are weaker and more depleted than ever.

She said what the Conservative party wants to do to business has been described in “…a four letter word of Anglo-Saxon derivation ending in the letter ‘K.’ That is true and the word is ‘back’.” Is that why, under her government corporation tax perpetuates its stranglehold on companies? Is that why she refuses to abolish stamp duty? Well, ***k me!

She said, “We already spend more a year on debt interest than on our schools.” Is that anything to be proud of?

She said, “In our schools we are keeping standards high.” So why, according to the Education Department’s own official figures, do 43% of our children leave state education after eleven years of full time schooling unable to read, write and count efficiently?

She said, of the catastrophically unreliable railways, “On some routes the service is not good enough. We will fix that.” When? The train service has been useless for years. I rely on Southern, so I know what I’m talking about. There has been no improvement and under May there will be none.

She said, “We will get councils building again.” Thus she confirms her innate and obsessive socialist inclinations. Doesn’t she know that a core value of Conservatism is the property-owning democracy? I suspect she does, but she is not a Conservative. In all her utterances on domestic policy she is a socialist. And it was May who denounced Conservatives as “the nasty party.”

The most outrageous lies were, of course, her excuses for what she is doing with Brexit.

She said, “We will honour the result of the Referendum.” But she has relentlessly betrayed it. The people voted to leave and by this they clearly meant that Britain should be free to govern itself. But May’s Chequers policy chains us to the customs union by any other name.

“She said, “We shall strike new trade deals with other nations.” Under the terms of her Chequers plan, this is precisely what we shall not be permitted to do – on pain of crippling financial penalties.

In all her policy decisions she is a traitor to the spirit of Conservatism: far worse, she betrays the British people. In the New Testament, the devil is called “the Father of lies.” And in this May is her Father’s favourite daughter. Her speech was lie after lie, fraud followed by fraud and one smirking, dancing betrayal piled upon another. Unaccountably this morning, all the newspapers love her for it.

It makes me want never to buy a newspaper again.


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9 Comments on There are lies, damned lies and then there is Theresa May’s conference speech

  1. What Britain needs to do now is to sidle up to the US umbrella and get under it. Conclude a trade agreement that gives in to everything that the US demands. Rolls-Royce and Bae will thrive, the US banks will have total access to the City of London world wide web of finance, they are salivating at the prospect!
    There is no independence or sovereignty in this world, ally with the winner.
    This is what we should have done in 1950!
    The Federal Reserve will support the pound, your living standards will be assured, you know it is right, get it done!

  2. Oh dear, you people are in a bit of a pickle. The funny part is that you have no idea of the severity of the pickle you are in.

    • I imagine that most readers of The Salisbury Review very much imagine the pickle England is in.

      Do please elucidate for us all though Trump’s messianic leadership in America having just signing a budget bill obliging every single Democrat demand, and bending over backwards to nominate a Supreme Court whose record of jurisprudence affirms a positive right to illegally enter the US, and that abortion & gay “marriage” are wholly settled, unassailable precedents. You’re losing decades-long culture wars overnight without batting an eye.

      England may be damned (barring a coup of May), but you have it little better.

      • M: You are right of course, we too are in a pickle, but the US has fantastic advantages that no other country has: To our North we have Canada, virtually uninhabited (for good reason) but a fabulous storehouse of raw material and resources. To our South we have Mexico, an almost unlimited supply of cheap but hard working labor. The US has the world’s reserve currency and the top 10 (at least) of the world’s best universities. None of this means we cannot mess it up, if Hilary Clinton were President we would be well on our way to becoming Brazil North by now.
        It should not be a surprise that President Trump proposes a budget that please the Democratic party, he is, after all, a Democrat, or was all his life until about 30 months ago. It is my opinion that he seriously considered running for the Democratic nomination but realized that Hilary had it sewn up. He then looked at the sad sacks vying for the Republican nomination and decided that his chances of winning the Republican nomination were very high, and who can blame him looking at that line up of losers!
        Thus we had the most extraordinary political situation; a potential front runner for the DP, Bernie Sanders, would have won the nomination were it not for the machinations of the Clinton machine, despite the fact that he wasn’t even a member of the DP! Trump won the RP nomination despite being known as a lifelong Democrat!
        The unfortunate reality is that for a leader of Britain to succeed they must get pretty much everything right. Whereas for a leader of the US to mess up they must get pretty much everything wrong.
        As for us losing the “culture wars”, perhaps. I suspect you are a believing Christian and therefore comfortable with the concept of evil. As an atheist I am not. I know there are good things and bad things, and that there are very good and very very good things, as there are bad, very bad and very very bad things. I would place homosexuality as a bad thing, and abortion as a very, very bad thing. But after all marriage is really just a contract, to be entered into by two parties, I do not wish to limit people’s contract making opportunities.
        The illegal immigration issue has been touched on the USSC, but I think only to affirm that people must be treated fairly and with respect.
        As for abortion I cannot, in all conscience, insist that women be deprived of their right to control their own bodies, if they do not have that right then what freedom do they have at all? Particularly when I will never be in a situation where I am forced to carry a baby to term. Was it C. S. Lewis who said that he particularly disliked being told to do something by someone who would never have to do what he was ordering others to do?
        Of course, these are just my opinions, and they count for nothing. Most of the time even I don’t care what I think.

        • I think you have made some very interesting observations. The USA, for all its faults, has been the truest friend of the UK and Europe, and the closer we are allied to our traditional friend the better I applaud my son’s decision to move to the USA as soon as his circumstances permit. I am also an atheist, and align myself to your beliefs, excepting late abortion.

          • Cor, blimey, brother! You draw the line at “late term” abortion, whatever that is? What’s wrong with postpartum killings in your philosophical view, if you have one, which I doubt?

            As I’ve mentioned here before, I was born a bastard, so I’m sort of prickly when people who might have put me down if I hadn’t reached the month or day in utero that dovetails with their definition of humanity say what they *think* about prenatal homicide.

            Just today, I was reading…oh never mind. I hope Brett Kavanaugh, heavy drinker though he may be, lives up to his Catholic roots and re-criminalises your abortionist friends.