It’s that Old Diversity Rag !

The film 'The Matrix'. Swallow the red pill for reality the blue for an artificially constructed illusion

We should never underestimate the public service value of the BBC’s ‘Question Time’. Last night it excelled itself. The black performance poet George Mpanga, who was on the panel, castigated a young white man in the audience for outrageously suggesting that the UK was one of the ‘least racist societies across Europe’, because he had only recently been stopped and searched on his own doorstep. He suggested that no-one ‘of colour’ would have made such a remark – which was soon disproved when a couple of Asian men made precisely the same point as the young white man. But then an angry bespectacled woman in a hijab rounded on the same man for being white and saying there was ‘no racism’, at which a white woman accused her of being a racist for making the remark. Things were warming up nicely when Dimbleby stepped in to restore order.

It just needed someone to shout out something about Pakistani grooming gangs, or jihadis, or better still, ‘Why are you dressed like a post box?’ for a full-scale race riot to break out.

Of course, whether said black poet or Muslim woman personally experienced racial abuse or discrimination is beside the point. Since all whites (according to diversity theory) are the inheritors of white guilt over slavery and colonial oppression, unconsciously and constitutionally racist, and all people ‘of colour’ are oppressed and in need of liberation through the destruction of Western society, then whites who value their cultural inheritance, which includes the right to speak freely, are necessarily locked into a battle for survival against people ‘of colour’. Racial segregation, or apartheid, or separate development, it seems, is the inevitable outcome. How Britain will be carved up, and by whom, remains to be seen.

We should be grateful to ‘Question Time’ for ‘celebrating diversity’, and in so doing showcasing where the multicultural multiracial society is headed.


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3 Comments on It’s that Old Diversity Rag !

  1. “I think it would be well for historians to publicize…”

    Mike, I admire your courage when you type “publicize”. Most Britons (this is an English website, after all) would type “publicise” even though the OED says “publicize” is standard. Very pukka of you, Sahib.

    I’ve not yet actually read my 8 volume edition of Gibbon’s “Decline and Fall”, although I know how it ends. What’s your opinion of Theodor Mommsen’s “A History of Rome” and Livy’s “History of Early Rome”, both said to be pot boilers?

  2. I think it would be well for historians to publicize how the ancient Romans dealt with assimilation and controlled the ingest of immigrants through their borders. Its only when their borders became porous and they dismissed their time honoured procedures, for expediency purposes, in processing the influx of people did their culture and political system start to fall apart. Wise to learn the lesson of poor emperor Valens.