The Border. Where Irish Eyes are averted

Irish Border at Killeen Digital cameras will inspect your shopping receipts and demand your credit card ?

The stage is set for our re-entry to the European Union possibly in the next two weeks.The only difference between our previous full membership and this one negotiated by Mrs May, is that from now on we will be a colony of Brussels with no vote in the Council of Ministers. In addition we will pay Brussels an annual of tribute £8 billion year over and above the fine of £39 billion Mrs May negotiated last year as a punishment for Britain having the gall to even think of leaving the criminal cartel.

The Irish question? If you stand on one of the main border crossings from France to Switzerland you will see massive streams of traffic moving each way, despite the presence of a hard border. Switzerland also has a frontier with several European states, often marked with nothing obvious to the observer. Yet you would be foolhardy to try any serious smuggling. Swiss electronic eyes are everywhere.

In comparison the Irish border apart from a few main road crossings, is a network of tiny country roads frequented by tourists, perhaps more than the odd truck load of illegal fags, the ones you smoke, and green diesel smugglers moving tax free agricultural diesel from the Republic to the North. The Irish are fond of these old Spanish Practices and a hard border would upset them, and in truth is there any need to ?

The final humiliation will be May being feted by drooling members of the Conservative Party for her ‘pluck’ in selling her country. She will then go on to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with a 12 seat majority for Corbyn at the next election. The latter has only one question he needs answer. Will he sell arms to Saudi Arabia and Jerusalem at the same time? To neither, or only the the blood stained killers in Riyadh?


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  1. You may need to look at this from at this from a different angle: If PM May can negotiate a deal whereby Britain remains in the customs union and therefore continues trade with the EU and all the countries the EU has trade deals with, about 68 in all, and can keep the UK together, and can protect the City of London from EU investigators and regulators, she will have done the deal of the millennium.
    All that nonsense about “Global Britain”, “regain our sovereignty”, etc, is just that, a load of nonsense.Britain cannot make, build or manage anything, you need foreigners to do all that for you.
    There is however, one thing that Britain has that is world dominant; The City of London. The City and its satellite stations; Hong Kong, Cyprus, Gibraltar, the Cayman Islands, etc. actually process/finance about 25% of world trade. The worlds wealthiest 1% control 50% of the worlds wealth, you can bet that most of those people use the City to hide, protect and secure their wealth.
    EU bureaucrats have long wanted to investigate and regulate the City, there is no Remembrancer in the European Parliament. Brussels would love to get the details of City activities, most of the politicians and bureaucrats in Brussels are socialists, private property is an inconvenience to them.
    The situation looks chaotic, but perhaps there is more to it than meets the eye.

    • ‘All that nonsense about “Global Britain”, “regain our sovereignty”, etc, is just that, a load of nonsense.Britain cannot make, build or manage anything, you need foreigners to do all that for you.’

      And that is precisely the attitude that painted the 2nd largest net contributor to the EU, plus its largest, internal market, as supplicants in the Brexit negotiations. You think like the jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none ‘professional political class.

      The morning after the referendum result, we needed a businessman – a Trump, if you like – a Manhattan street hustler.

      We should have informed the EU that our default position was to leave on WTO terms. At the same time (with an eye on your salient point that we no longer make things on a national, industrial scale) we should have informed them of our intention to abolish tariffs and all economic barriers to international trade and, at the same time, we were going to slash business rates and corporation tax to ‘token’ levels.

      We should then have advised them that if they wanted to mitigate their immediate and future losses, caused by our leaving, then we were open to discussion…in London – and only in London.

      The incompetence of this Tory government has passed beyond astonishing. It is now an embarrassment!