May Must go

We have had Prime Ministers like the two candidates before

Tonight it was business as usual for Mrs May in her real home Brussels. According to Sky News, she was able to forget all about Brexit and the foolish people who voted for it, and sit down for an evening meal along with her fellow European leaders with, among other guests,  the Russian Prime Minister, puppet leader of a country whose hit men killed an innocent British woman in Salisbury with poison gas.





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  1. There is a place for this type of digital boxing john henry and Rogerinflorida, it’s called Twitter, where a social disease very similar to CJD or Mad Cow disease flourishes. Victims, and I have observed a few, go without food, human companionship and even sleep as they twitch a la Pavlov to each insult. We are a serious magazine and a good deal of work goes into articles we put up on the web, and while humour is welcomed, scoring off each other is not.

  2. Florida is a fine place to live if you’re an orange; but thank you for your Mrs Grundy-like (VR1’s head housekeeper) admonition.

  3. And where in Disney World is Roger Rabbit? Unforgivable that my comments were expunged, but Roger’s? Total madness. Cancel my subscription, Mr Editor…although I do recall a letter sent by one Dr Louis Prickman M.D. to William F. Buckley Jr (editor of ‘National Review’) back in the 1970s demanding that his subscription also be cancelled, to which WFB replied “Cancel your own damned subscription”…followed by a p.s: “Can I call you by your nickname?”

    • johnhenry, if Mr Harris or one of his innumerable staff of admiring minions has had enough of your endless pointless sparring with roger of florida, so much the better. If you step back and look at your discussions, even you must admit that they were getting out of hand. Internet flame wars may be fun for the participants, but they don’t offer much of interest to us bystanders. Please try to be less tiresome in future.