Kiss me Hardy. Britain’s gay Spies

Penal battalion Russian front. Sent to certain death

A report in this morning’s Daily Telegraph, ‘Secret lives of Britain’s spies’

‘The spies talked of the difficulties in leading secret lives, where only their closest family and friends could know the truth. John said he had worked for SIS for 6 months before he told his husband.’

On competition between MI5, MI6 and SIS:

‘They’re things like, ‘Where do you figure in the Stonewall rankings, or who had the best Bake Off?’

Reading this nonsense, one wonders how much control equality commissars have over the running of our security services.

There is a historical precedent. At the height of Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa, with the Russian Army desperately fighting off the Wehrmacht, the most important individual in a Russian company was not its commanding officer, but the Party Commissar, whose duty it was, at whatever cost in lives, to root out those suspected of being disloyal to the party line. Such interference in military planning which caused the loss of many best officers, cost tens of thousands of Russian lives.

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